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  1. Well, Fitz had people believing in magic. Threw for 400/3 - shoulda coulda been 5 TDs ( and like 6 ints ) - safe to say hes still the starter?
  2. Two Godwin couldnt squeeze for 6 ouch.
  3. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    0 pts from my kicker back to back weeks is a new low in my fantasy career lol Also had Amari Pooper - Drake - ced kicker spot combine for less than 6 points, thats my RB2, my Flex and my 'dependable' kicker position. Went against Matty Ice after I trashed his deepball in his thread, I guess he reads these forums
  4. Dan Bailey 2018 Outlook

    This really made me mad. The 2 pt conversion did nothing to change the outlook of the game, let your new kicker get a kick in ffs.
  5. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Next Troy Williamson. ( just kidding) He reminds me of DeSean Jackson tbh. He doesn't seem super polished WR yet and feels sorta 'lazy' at times. If he can clean that aspect up, not give up on plays and fight for the ball. He's gonna be a star.
  6. Josh Rosen 2018 Outlook

    Is Rosen any good though? I have seen a TON of backup rookie QBs get hyped up only to be worse than the crusty old NFL incumbent vet. Does Rosen have some good talent? Lively arm? Great accuracy? Whats this kid do, I am too lazy to look up videos but QB videos of their college throws only shows so much anyway.
  7. Sam Darnold 2018 Outlook

    He is somewhat startable in 2QB leagues. First two weeks he had 13-15 pts and one of those weeks he had 300 yards passing, other week 2 TDs. I have seen WAY worse starts to rookie QBs careers ( for fantasy ), this kid might be usable albiet with a lowish ceiling. No one should have expected much from him last night for the first Thursday game of his career, after playing the first game of his career on the first MNF of the season then another game 6 days later then another game 4 days later. There was literally no time for him or coaches to prepare him for much of anything. He had some impressive throws last night and was poised/didnt take heavy amount of sacks with pressure in his face all night. If last night was his 'floor' then his season should be pretty successful rookie year, his future is bright all things considered.
  8. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    He's not a very good WR. Bad hands, runs sloppy routes, cries for the ball, is not exceptionally fast and now 30 years old. He was a great prospect coming into NFL because of his size etc but he pretty much squandered it and after Romo left that was his best bet for a big contract.
  9. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    He's great depth but dont expect consistent WR2 #s weekly with a rookie QB. Drop him if you dont want him, I will pick him up.
  10. I feel Hue might stick with Tyrod next week if hes cleared for some reason.
  11. I swear that last kick missed did they show a replay?
  12. Man, at the draft I was slightly mad I missed out on Tyrod ( mostly bc of Gordon ) his stock stumbled crazy fast ever since Gordon left town
  13. Waiver Wire - Week 3

    Depends on the size of the league because I play in a 2QB league. Typically when the QB is trash and only offers like 12 pt upside you sometimes actually dont need to play that second QB if the 2QB league you are in is a superflex ( like mine). Some young QBs should not be played even in 2QB leagues especially their growing pains rookie years. 200 yards 0 td 3 int games will lose you a week when the other guys flex is a competent qb or even an average timeshare RB.
  14. Waiver Wire - Week 3

    but is Rosen good?