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  1. Russell Wilson 2018 Outlook

    ummm he had 3 TDs and 90 yards rushing this week scoring 27 fantasy pts...that is what we call a 'boom'
  2. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Except he is actually a higher end RB2 but can still close the thread The Packers are still a throwing team despite all the noise about Jones, however if he starts getting 15-18 weekly carries in ARodgers offense, might have to revisit what I just posted and he could sneak into the top 12.
  3. Marcus Mariota 2018 Outlook

    Marcus is a highs and lows QB, he is setting everyone up to believe you can count on him. Just tread carefully, don't bench QBs on better offenses, he still makes very questionable throws/plays at times and the Titans had some inspired games that I feel are not the norm. ( nearly 80% converting 3rd down vs Dallas and a home cooking big time revenge game for Coach vs NE ).
  4. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    I am not saying drop Gronk at all, I am just saying he is meh this year because he is not catching TDs and the Pats offense does not give him opportunity for many catches and yards because they no longer throw throw and throw some more, they are balanced attack now. Gronk is still useful but he won't return proper Gronk value or Gronk fantasy pts until he starts catching TDs again and I don't even think he has but a handful of Red Zone TARGETS since like Week 1...
  5. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    Gronk needs TDs. Pats have too many mouths and conservative game plans to inflate his rec yards and catches so he really needs TDs...which he isn't getting the targets in Red zone for. That's the big issue here.
  6. A.J. Green 2018 Outlook

    He is listed as OUT on ESPN wut lol
  7. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Oh you are right, I got tricked by how they were listed as I am tired. LAC should be fine they have been making big plays on D all year check out the worksheet for more stats about their D.
  8. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    go with Ten if you have Luck to hedge your bet so any INT or fumble Luck has is a net 0 pts for you however this is the safe play, if you feel Luck will destroy that D ( I kinda think he will move the ball fine vs them ) I would go with LAC out of those uninspiring choices as Keenum is usually good for 2-3 sacks and an INT while Den won't put up huge pts/yardage. Ten or LAC would be my choices but I hate that all your choices are road Defenses, that is usually something I avoid when I stream.
  9. Tyler Boyd 2018 Outlook

    I feel he's a near lock for 8 targets at a minimum this week. He had 9 catches last time these teams met, I know AJG blah blah but Bengals had a 'back to the drawing board' moment last week and you gotta start with what works. Dalton to Boyd has worked this season and they will lean on what works to beat the Ravens. ( I am also forced to use him this week so there's that )
  10. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    this - Penny is a stash as we have seen the coaches grow in their confidence of him if he were trust into a bigger role and could be huge if Carson and MDavis each get dinged up because Sea loves to run run run as does Petey ( unless its on the goaline in the SB )
  11. Lamar Jackson 2018 Outlook

    CSB incoming but I picked up Tebow and Kaep each of those seasons and rode them to Superbowls births and guess who I picked up this week Totally hoping owners strike lightning in a bottle just like those two instances as this is very similar where a raw QB can put up nice fantasy pts because of their rushing prowess.
  12. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    Yep I saw it because my opponent had Evans so I was very happy it was a crap target. Just saying though, he had it in his hands, coulda been a catch for a guy as good as he is so better days ahead I doubt he is held to 2 or 3 catches often regardless who is covering, his targets are still sky high.
  13. Mike Evans 2018 Outlook

    He is also gonna be shadowed by Jenkins who is no slouch. He should be able to burn him though bc Evans is a beast but I could also see some INTs coming as well. He dropped a surefire TD last week and woulda had a much better stat line.
  14. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Outlook

    Their season is over and this is a home game. Rosen should look the best he has all year because his pocket should be kept clean so I imagine the Cards are going to want to score some points and not sit on a 3 pt lead vs the Raiders. Hopefully their D keeps the Raiders offense on the sideline and the Cards run a ton of plays producing fantasy pts for everyone! I do feel that the Cards vs the Raiders compared to like the Rams vs the Raiders will have a different dynamic as a Rams type team will want to do just enough to lock up a win then rest their guys while the Cards who have nothing to play for are going to want to blow a team out to feel themselves a bit. At least that's what I would think a young head coach would want to do...
  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick 2018 Outlook

    This is pretty funny, even the writers at the same website can't figure out what Koetter should be doing. One says stick with Fitz, the other says bring back Winston. These articles were written/posted on the same day and they say literally opposite things lol