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  1. People are not going to skip over CMC for like Chubb however he certainly will become some owners will pass over for better options if the choice is avail IE Zeke, AK or Gurley. An owner could be sitting there with the #2 pick and only Barkley off the board but still might pass on taking CMC 2nd for the variety of reasons posters are discussing. What shouldn't happen is CMC sitting there still available at pick 5-8 and you still skip him over. That would be dumb.
  2. I want to see CMC do it again before I draft him before Kamara or Zeke I feel a good portion of his appeal is snap count ( unsustainable at his position ) and usage ( unsustainable at his position) He will either burn bright next 2 years and fizzle out hard or he will be scaled back a bit. That's why I want to wait a see, no way he breaks his own RB pass catching record next year though unless the perfect storm of the Carolina QB situation occurs again.
  3. yikes I better get a top 7 RB next season or itll be RB2 fest as my RB1 all year
  4. Not if you are trying to sell jersys n tickets for the new Vegas Raiders AB could be the face they need to start in a new city
  5. No question Auction draft is the real way to draft a fantasy league
  6. Already feels like the hype for Chubb will be way out of control as we approach draft season. Unlikely I will be able to pay for this dude because everyone will be pegging him as 'upside' RB1 and you'll miss out on possibly a more surefire stud for the price. Chubb should be a surefire stud himself, we just don't fully know yet. Maybe year three I will be able to snag him...
  7. Why would Ware have control whether he plays or not? That's the coaches decision.
  8. Their football IQ is just garbage. They have physical talents to make most the throws they could ever want to make but their heads are clogged with too much bull**** or something that their reads are just awful or too scared to make a tight throw. That is likely a large chunk of coaches responsibility though as many posters are saying, rather than making the game easier for these young QBs the coaches just run their system rather than letting the QB dictate the type of system run. Linehan hasn't been good since the days of the Rams and Marc Bulger, its baffling he still is employed calling offense, one of the worst in the league. One of the best moments of the Cowboys season was when Cooper and Dak went off script, ignored Linehan's hook route call for Amari and Amari just went deep with Dak throwing it to him. 75 yard TD later Cowboys are in driver seat to beat the Eagles at home thanks to ignoring what Linehan wanted to do lol
  9. Darrel is a can he already be 'the immortal' in his first season lol wtf Can't wait to draft Dwill next year however if KC wins the SB and Damien continues to impress on the national stage he won't come cheap next year I'd love to get him as my RB2 with like a 3rd or 4th round pick but it feels like it's going to take a second round at this rate.
  10. I feel this phrase was used ad nauseam this season and the vast majority of the games predicted to be high scoring shoot outs turned into defensive battles where both teams were waiting for the other to blink first.
  11. Damien Williams top ten pick in 2019?
  12. ATL not really a great team to gauge RB success on during Sarks tenure. It was all about Matt Ryan after his MVP season w then OC Kyle Shanny
  13. JJ = Julio but you are correct DA and Evans also should go before people consider JuJu.
  14. No way he falls til the 4th round. Soon as the top 10 RBs go, owners are going to be giving Cook a hard look because of his potential.
  15. Juju gonna either be even bigger monster 120-130 catches OR he struggles to reach 80 catches Gonna be quite a 2nd round pick for some owner. Likely Juju will be forced upon someone after Hill, Odell, JJ, Hopkins and Thomas come off the board. After those 5 are gone all the other WR1s are very close with AB a question mark of his own.