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  1. One more bump here... Draft is tmrw... Still leaning Robinson, but just really feel like Brogdon is gonna have a big year
  2. Came super close last year in an 18 team, points league. Barely lost in championship and Dame was my anchor. Also had Aldridge, MitchRob, Sexton, Middleton. Kinda learned, atleast from my league, that it's about getting guys that are gonna play, get minutes, and produce. That's Dame.
  3. Wow. With keepers that good does it matter who the last one is? I guess I'd fo Murray. Or Durant because you're prob gonna win the league this year with those first five alone
  4. Thanks! Considered not keeping Aldridge, but other than DeRozan, Aldridge is there best scoring option, especially in the front court. So I'm expecting similar numbers from him this year. I also have Sexton and Knox, but they both have teammates to battle for usage.
  5. 18 team, 4 keepers. Head to head, points. Already keeping Lillard, Aldridge, Middleton.. Should my last keeper be Mitch Robinson or Malcom Brogdon?
  6. Who do I start this week?? TEN, DEN, or CLE?
  7. Evans is a top 10 wr, with top 3 potential on any given week. Gonna take more than a week or two to take that away. Evans all day.