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  1. Chris Godwin 2018 Outlook

    Did Winston even target him once against CHI? It seemed like he was peppering Humphries with targets as soon as he entered the game. I know that CHI D and ATL D aren’t comparable, but I would be hesitant to start Godwin this week.
  2. Chris Godwin 2018 Outlook

    Are people on here really suggesting that Godwin is not worth picking up? In-season roster management is what separates the successful owners from perennial losers.
  3. Corey Davis 2018 Outlook

    This will be the first offseason together for Davis and Mariota.
  4. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    Why are people assuming that Mahomes will favor Kelce/Hill/Hunt over Watkins?
  5. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Axe Elf is clinging to that RG3/Nick Foles mentality.
  6. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

  7. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    Why can’t we just take away all of his carries, catches, and TDS for the whole season?
  8. Chris Godwin 2018 Outlook

    I love the note on Jackson’s first injury!
  9. Corey Davis Season Outlook 2017

    Oakland's secondary is a huge liability. I'm very tempted to start Davis week one.