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  1. I have a feeling he’s going to end up the better pick up in PPR leagues. Every one is going to go crazy on TJ, while McKissic goes under the radar.
  2. I have some big deals on the table.12 team PPR. First my team QB:Rodgers (Allen) WR: Julio, OBJ, John Brown (A. Tate, Josh Gordon, Tyrell Williams RB: Cook, Mack, White (Mattison, Henderson) TE: Kelce There are two trades: Rodgers/Williams for AJ Green/Gallop Gordon/Allen for Wentz My thinking, AJ would give me a very good big 3 at WRS. My team is 5-2. Rodgers playoff schedule is Chicago/Minnesota and Wentz gets Washington and then Dallas at home. Any thoughts? Could I get more for Rodgers? Leave a link! WHIR
  3. Thanks for your help! I’d go with Coleman. You need a RB and have the depth at WR
  4. Due to roster constraints, I need to drop one. I have cook, so I feel Mattison gives me more. WHIR
  5. Thanks for your help on mine! I’d do it. Gurley scares me and Woods will rebound
  6. I was offered Lesean McCoy and Alshon Jeffrey For Philip Lindsey and Golden Tate PPR 3 WRS, 2RB and Flex WRS: Julio, ODB, Gordon, MVS, Tate RBS: Cook, Mack, Lindsey, Mostert, Mattison Any thoughts?!? leave a link, WHIR
  7. Thanks for your help on mine. That’s a good idea but his WRS don’t match well. He has Evans, Watkins then guys who are barely startable.
  8. Thanks for your help on mine! I’d do it! I think your team is strong enough to survive SB’s absence. I’m honestly not sure how you don’t have a better record
  9. My team is currently 3-0 and Barkley’s owner is 0-3. He can’t really afford to wait 4-8 weeks for Barkley to return. Realistically he could be out until after the buy. He said he’s open to making a trade but we haven’t discussed names yet. PPR: Start 3 WRs, 2RB and a flex RB: Cook, Mack, Lindsey, Mostert, Mattison WR: Julio, OBJ, Gordon, Tate, MVS My thought is offer him Lindsey. I think Mack is too much and Cook is obviously off the table. In this league, I’ve finished #1 in points the last two years but failed to win the championship. I’m confident I can mix and match enough until he gets back. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Leave a link! WHIR
  10. I started him over Rodgers this week and got mocked by my opponent. He put up 8 more than Rodgers and I’m up 90+ points. His rushing ability give him a nice floor! I think he’s top 10 ROS, he also gets to play Miami twice!
  11. Thanks for your help on mine. It’s close but in a 2qb league I say yes. Is there any serviceable QBs left on FA?
  12. Agreed with everyone. Do the deal. Not bad even if Gordon comes back soon, a no brained if he’s out longer! Thanks for your help on mine!
  13. Pick one: PPR Mostert vs Pitt Valdes-Scantling vs DEN Lindsey vs GB
  14. I like MVS but I’d hold onto Samuel. I tend to lean more on not overreacting over one game! DK has a ton of upside too.