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  1. I was high on him but I was able to flip him in a trade. I would felt a lot better the dolphins drafted him or if he was signed “long term.” The coaching staff seems to prefer him but if he struggles. He’ll have a shorter leash. I still feel he’s a volume based RB3 if he stays the number 1 option.
  2. Thanks for your help! I agree with everyone. Kamara should be back this week, sending Murray back to the bench. The wag NE uses there backs can he frustrating but Michael is still a startable back.
  3. Me and my brother are debating on which of our teams is better. We have the two best teams in the league. Help us settle this. 12 team PPR TEAM A: QB: (1)Jackson, Stafford WR (3): Thielen, Lockett, Evans, Fitz, Desean Jackson, Gallup RB: (2) Kamara, D. Johnson, Edmonds Flex: Fournette TE: Henry DEF: Pittsburgh Team B: QB: (1) Rodgers, Newton WR: (3)Julio Jones, OBJ, AJ Green, John Brown, MVS RB: (2) Cook, Mack, Mattison, Henderson Flex: James White TE: Kelce (Njoku) DEF: Patriots
  4. I have a feeling he’s going to end up the better pick up in PPR leagues. Every one is going to go crazy on TJ, while McKissic goes under the radar.
  5. I have some big deals on the table.12 team PPR. First my team QB:Rodgers (Allen) WR: Julio, OBJ, John Brown (A. Tate, Josh Gordon, Tyrell Williams RB: Cook, Mack, White (Mattison, Henderson) TE: Kelce There are two trades: Rodgers/Williams for AJ Green/Gallop Gordon/Allen for Wentz My thinking, AJ would give me a very good big 3 at WRS. My team is 5-2. Rodgers playoff schedule is Chicago/Minnesota and Wentz gets Washington and then Dallas at home. Any thoughts? Could I get more for Rodgers? Leave a link! WHIR
  6. Thanks for your help! I’d go with Coleman. You need a RB and have the depth at WR
  7. Due to roster constraints, I need to drop one. I have cook, so I feel Mattison gives me more. WHIR
  8. Thanks for your help on mine! I’d do it. Gurley scares me and Woods will rebound
  9. I was offered Lesean McCoy and Alshon Jeffrey For Philip Lindsey and Golden Tate PPR 3 WRS, 2RB and Flex WRS: Julio, ODB, Gordon, MVS, Tate RBS: Cook, Mack, Lindsey, Mostert, Mattison Any thoughts?!? leave a link, WHIR
  10. Thanks for your help on mine. That’s a good idea but his WRS don’t match well. He has Evans, Watkins then guys who are barely startable.
  11. Thanks for your help on mine! I’d do it! I think your team is strong enough to survive SB’s absence. I’m honestly not sure how you don’t have a better record
  12. My team is currently 3-0 and Barkley’s owner is 0-3. He can’t really afford to wait 4-8 weeks for Barkley to return. Realistically he could be out until after the buy. He said he’s open to making a trade but we haven’t discussed names yet. PPR: Start 3 WRs, 2RB and a flex RB: Cook, Mack, Lindsey, Mostert, Mattison WR: Julio, OBJ, Gordon, Tate, MVS My thought is offer him Lindsey. I think Mack is too much and Cook is obviously off the table. In this league, I’ve finished #1 in points the last two years but failed to win the championship. I’m confident I can mix and match enough until he gets back. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Leave a link! WHIR
  13. I started him over Rodgers this week and got mocked by my opponent. He put up 8 more than Rodgers and I’m up 90+ points. His rushing ability give him a nice floor! I think he’s top 10 ROS, he also gets to play Miami twice!
  14. Thanks for your help on mine. It’s close but in a 2qb league I say yes. Is there any serviceable QBs left on FA?
  15. Agreed with everyone. Do the deal. Not bad even if Gordon comes back soon, a no brained if he’s out longer! Thanks for your help on mine!
  16. Pick one: PPR Mostert vs Pitt Valdes-Scantling vs DEN Lindsey vs GB
  17. I like MVS but I’d hold onto Samuel. I tend to lean more on not overreacting over one game! DK has a ton of upside too.
  18. Thanks for your help on mine. Tough but I’d drop Coleman for Montgomery. High Ankle sprains seem to linger.
  19. Thanks for your help on mine. Sanders is the only player with a lot of upside. Keep him
  20. Thanks for your help with mine. It’s close. My first thought is Big Ben too. Then I tried to convince myself Allen is the better start. My thought is if it’s a coin flip, go with the proven option. Which is obviously Ben
  21. I’m being offered OBJ, Marvin Jones and Drake for Jeffrey, Fitz and Lindsey PPR, start 3 WRS, 2RBS and a flex WRS: Julio, Jeffrey, Fitz, Gordon, Tate, MVS RBS: Cook, Mack, Lindsey It would hurt my WR depth but give me a crazy good starting 3 WRS. What do you think?!? Leave a link! WHIR
  22. Hello, who should I keep, Guice for an 11th or Kelce for a 3rd. We can keep players 3 times and they increase by a round each year. I kept Kelce once. Guice has the upside to he a top ten back and getting him locked in at that value would be huge, but his injury scares me. Kelce on the other hand isn’t amazing value but he is almost a guaranteed blue chip player. I selected Guice last year and hid him on IR all year with the mind shot to keep him. Any thoughts?!? Leave a link! WHIR!
  23. 12 team PPR. 1TE, 3WR and Flex. I’m 6-1. I was offered Amendola for Greg Olsen. I have Kelce, so I don’t really need Olsen (except for Kelce’s bye). Here are my current WR’s AJ Green, Edelman, Woods, Boyd, Sanu and Amendola (start 3 and possible flex) I just picked up Amendola this week and when I first saw the offer I was about to accept it. But now I think Amendola is the stronger play as I’ll never start Olsen over Kelce and Amendola will likely out score Olsen ROS. and Amendola is averaging around 16 the last 3 weeks. Any thoughts?? leave a link! WHIR