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  1. Is it fair to say it's not Cishek now?
  2. The Atlantic is usually pretty reliable on sports :-)
  3. Folty sat a long time between the 5th and 6th too
  4. Depends on your league-type I guess, I bet Davis gets another shot if he shows something.
  5. so not on yahoo yet? or clark is really him?
  6. yes, lost greinke, franmil and roark, tough deadline day
  7. are all these trades final or is there still a chance that medicals muck something up? Not anxious to drop Greinke.
  8. I still find this whole thing quite befuddling. Not even something like 2 starts per week. It's crazy.
  9. Worth a shot in deeps, drop in a few days probably, too much IF talent in Col
  10. Davis now has four (4) consecutive perfect innings with 5 Ks.
  11. He's gonna be hard to roster even in deeps but let's see if the SS re-injures himself.
  12. Now truly the natural successor to Kershaw as fantasy's best SP 🙂
  13. Just seems like must-sit situations have risen from 3 to 15 this year