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  1. With 2 guys going on the DL, they have the room now. Maybe he gets the Kingery treatment. I don't know. It just seems odd. Maybe it's a message to Kinsler.
  2. Really hard to believe he's going to get much time as the Padres' IF seems locked. Can’t imagine giving up on Kinsler so quick. I bet he's back down soon unless an injury happens.
  3. I think we can all agree that Greg Holland is the unquestioned greatest player ever.
  4. Anybody know what's going on with Andrew Miller this year? Why such bad results? Haven't seen him pitch this year. Thought he would close a dozen or so.
  5. I've noticed but hey the position flexibility tho ...
  6. I've been offered greinke for one of jake lamb, Mikael franco or franmil reyes? Two concerns: (1) Greinke's utter embarrassment on opening day may signal injury or bust year, and (2) in NL-only, hitters that play are very hard to replace unlike SPs. Would you do make the deal? And if so which hitter would you most easily give up?
  7. Greg Holland, #1 on the player rater (ok, probably not) and #1 in our hearts!
  8. Holland looked very, very good. Sat at an easy 92. Solid control.
  9. Quite a black eye for the NBA Imma still naively hold out hope it's a return from injury thing lol
  10. That may be the most nonsensical rw blurb I have ever seen.
  11. has he done any basketball activities yet? i'd hate to drop him and see him back in 10 days