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  1. Team one in signature 7-2 1st place what should i be looking to do? Trade for another RB - was looking at D Cook or WR was looking at D Hopkins, J Jones, or B Cook Who do you think are my most expendable, aka trade bait, players ... was thinking of packaging some combo of Chubb, Jones, Baldwin, Brown it is a 2 player keeper league, only player on my team not eligible to keep next year is M Thomas my roster QB: P Mahomes WR: M Thomas, K Golladay, J Brown, DJ Moore, D Baldwin, A Cooper RB: J Conner, J Mixon, N Chubb, A Jones, I Smith, D Freeman (IR) TE: T Burton K: G Zuerlein DEF: Chicago Thanks WHIR
  2. i stand pat thanks for your help on mine
  3. Duke all the way, the Raiders are a mess thanks for your help on mine!
  4. Team one in signature would you drop any of the following: DJ Moore John Brown K Golladay for any of the following: MVS Tyrell Williams John Ross Duke Johnson Mike Davis Thanks! WHIR
  5. thanks for your help with mine, i would also go lindsay
  6. heres my team: 12 Team ESPN H2H Son of Poomani ** 2015 League Champion *** 0.5 PPR Scoring Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR,1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 DEF, 1 K (5 BN, 1 IR) QB: P Mahomes RB: A Karma, A Ekeler, I Smith, N Chubb, J Richard, I Smith WR: K Allen, J Brown, M Goodwin, T Smith, C Sutton TE: T Burton, G Olsen D/ST: Panthers K: D Bailey IR: empty
  7. thanks for your help on mine, yes with ingram going out and hunt coming in
  8. TEAM 3 IN SIGNATURE 12 TEAM ESPN RB (pick two): I Crowell, I Smith, Gore, J Richard WR (pick 2): DJ Moore or T Smith, L Fitzgerald or M Goodwin THANKS WHIR
  9. Team 2 in signature 10 team yahoo league currently 2-5 Would you drop anyone of these players for Kenjon Barner? Buck Allen Hyde Sproles Ito Smith Thanks! WHIR
  10. either are that appitizing i just stay with johnson help me out?
  11. jeffery and mostert if breida out jeffery and baldwin if breida in help me out?
  12. I would say lean towards Cook ... havent heard anything about Gronk not playing but he is in the MNF game this week making it a tougher call for you help me out?
  13. TEAM ONE IS SIGNATURE 10 TEAM YAHOO Currently 6-1 in second place, other team with Gurley is 3-4 and in 6th (top 6 teams make the playoffs) ... in addition he cant keep Gurley after this year and goes back into the draft (also owns L Bell) UPDATE: i offered him Conner, Chubb and Brown for Gurley, it was rejected. So where do i go from here? Thanks! my roster: QB - P Mahomes WR - M Thomas, D Baldwin, J Brown, K Golladay, A Cooper RB - J Mixon, J Conner (other teams owns L Bell), R Freeman, I Smith, N Chubb, J Richard, D Freeman (IR) TE - T Burton K - G Zuerlein DEF - Chicago his roster: QB - M Trubisky, A Rodgers WR - A Robinson, G Tate, J Crowder, T Lockett, M Crabtree, P Cooper (IR) RB - T Gurley, B Powell, K Drake, C Thompson, L Bell TE - T Kelce K - R Succop DEF - Jacksonville Thanks and WHIR