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  1. They are easily the worst AL lineup in the league. I couldn't find a way to sort stats, season/30 days/14 days/7 days, that they weren't sub .700OPS. The Mariners .388 OPS, not average, in August is pretty hilarious.
  2. Right handed 3B/OF for the Pirates has been getting some starts since Dickerson left town, and he's been very good at the plate. Al Melchior's NL lineup analysis says he's going to be Moran's platoon partner at 3B and get some starts in RF. With the Pirates being in, what should be, rebuild mode I think there's a decent chance he gets more looks in the OF over Melky. Since shortly before the trade deadline, July 28th, Osuna is #1 in baseball in wRC+. Very small sample sure, but he's doing what he should to force the issue. In a little larger sample, on the season he's 6th in the league(wRC+) among players with 100+PA's. The current success seems to be backed up by his statcast numbers with a 90.1mph exit velo, .527xSLG, and 43.4 hard hit %. Fangraphs has him with a 13/52/35 soft/med/hard contact rate and he makes contact at 78%. Throw in a healthy BB/K(which he's done in the minors as well), and he's definitely a guy to keep an eye on in deeper leagues. He's always hit a ton of doubles, and is at the age where they could start to turn into HR especially with the way the ball is flying. The cherry on top is may also have 5-10SB in him over a full season. The last two years in AAA there haven't been alarming L/R splits either, carrying an .800+ OPS against both during both years.
  3. I would love to hear how that negotiation went down. Being that it was done about 7 seconds before the deadline, I could see both sides scrambling to assess whether to include/exclude someone, and Rojas could very well have been the guy that Houston finally gave in on.
  4. Joshua Rojas 2B AZ, the "other guy" in the Greinke deal is interesting. Four months ago a look at his fangraphs page is a 24 year old with a 99wRC+ in AA, pretty boring. Take a look today and he repeated AA for 44 games with a 167wRC+, hmmmm. No juiced balls in AA, but still a little old for the level at 24. Turned 25 about a month ago, and was called up to AAA shortly before that. How'd that go? A 136wRC+ in 53 AAA games with Houston. Has continued raking since coming to AZ in AAA, 2 doubles and a HR in 3 games. The BB/K has stayed consistent at each stop as well, and he consistently hits for a high average. His totals across all levels this year: .330/.417/.592./1.009 21HR/33SB/31 doubles .83 BB/K In 100 games/397AB's That's a 550AB pace of 29HR/46SB/43 doubles and the OPS over 1.000 A couple recent callups that are about the same age, Aristides Aquino and Travis Demeritte both have lower wRC+ than Rojas at AAA. Ty France who was mentioned above and Yordan Alvarez are the only guys younger than him that have outperformed him in wRC+ in 250+ PA's in AAA this year. The only problem is where he'll play. I've read he can play either corner OF spot, 3B, and 2B. With Escobar/Lamb/Walker/Marte/Peralta/Jones/Flores they already have 7 guys fighting for PT at those 4 positions, and Marte, Escobar, and Peralta are essentially guaranteed playing time. I think he may be next guy up if any of them get injured given his positional flexibility. They're 2.5 games(and 3 teams) behind the wild card, so if they slip a little further out maybe they sit Adam Jones some to look towards the future. Very murky situation for PT, but he's certainly making his case for it.
  5. There’s no telling what the Dodgers are going to do with any of their pitchers. Even 100% healthy guys could hit the DL any day. I think Urias could handle 50ish pitches to begin stretching him out, but again who knows what the Dodgers plan to do.
  6. Theoretically you could get infinite holds in a single game.
  7. Is it Ervin or Vanmeter to get the AB’s in Cincy?
  8. His K-BB% is right in line with where he was is in AAA and he’s got a 2.64 FIP on the year. I think we can get a sub-4 ERA, 1.2ish whip, and a K/inning which isn’t bad this year.
  9. OAK is middle of the pack as offenses go, but I’d wait and see outside of points leagues. The A’s are a much more patient team than the Mariners so it’ll be an interesting test.
  10. The scouting report I read had me less than thrilled saying what you did, in that he was high 80's and relied on deception. Turn the page and he's averaging mid 90's, now that's something to get excited about. Hopefully it's not first start juice, and he comes back down but adding 6mph for being amped up in his debut would be pretty crazy. I'd say he's at least 92/93+ currently, even if there was a debut boost. Edit: he did pitch one inning a few weeks ago, but I imagine the same adrenaline was flowing for his first start.
  11. SP Toronto Blue Jays- 25 year old righty was a 37th round pick(not a typo) by PIT in 2012. At 6'6" 225lb he's a big dude. His FB has improved lately and has averaged 94mph in the majors this year. A scouting report from 2017 says he sits 91-94, so averaging 94 is a pleasant surprise. From scouting reports I've read, he's got a funky delivery and needs one of his breaking balls to take a step forward to be successful. This quote from 2080 baseball has me envisioning a right handed Alex Wood.... "Waguespack’s delivery is full of moving parts, with a deep stab in the back and a big wrap, an extra-long arm action, shoulder tilt, and a drop-and-drive push that lowers his release point dramatically, all but eliminating the advantage of his big frame." I'm sure we're all collectively saying "who?" but in leagues where there's nothing on the wire, he's someone to watch tonight to see how it goes. In his only two starts this year he's faced @TB and BOS, and is lucky enough to get BOS again tonight. He's in the AL east though, so he better get used to it. In those two starts he's gone 9IP with a 1.11 WHIP and 11K's. The ERA is at 5 but a 2.88FIP and 2.81SIERA are a little more promising. The K's look semi-legit looking at his MiLB numbers, but there's control issues that could pop up. If he limits the walks and HR's tonight and shows a decent pitch out of his curve or slider, then there may a little something here. I'll be watching and eagerly awaiting @ST. STEVEN's review.
  12. I'd give him a 66% chance of being on the DL by Friday. If he does, is Hasely the guy who gets the PT with Kingery to SS?
  13. Anywhere but COL was a park upgrade, and the offense is miles better than BAL. Could be a semi-useful guy in the 2nd half
  14. He’s one of the better buy lows out there, especially in non-redraft.
  15. Any idea what his role is after the break? They have Allen and Quantrill to put in the 5th spot, and I have no idea who wins it. They both need innings to continue to progress so I'd guess one gets the gig and the other to AAA. Putting one in the bullpen seems like a waste of time in terms of growing as a pitcher. Hopefully J.Castillo's return sometime soon, lets them put one in AAA.