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  1. Last year his FB graded out as garbage with a nice change up and decent curve. So if the velo increase is legit, he could be an interesting breakout prospect.
  2. Good lord, fangraphs shows that Rochest Cruz stole 56 bases in 66 games. More SB’s than runs. More BB’s than K’s too. Wowza
  3. I keep a pic of Bryan Lahair near my computer as a reminder of how important ST is.
  4. How about Moises Gomez OF TB? Put up a 131 wRC+ in A ball as a 19 year old. Hit 19 HR’s in 122 games with 34 doubles and 7 triples. Has 50 speed as you can see by the triples but SB potential doesn’t look great judging by his success rate. 27SB to 11CS. However he seems to be a good athlete. K/BB is the only thing preventing me from really loving him. Fangraphs has him at an overall 45 grade with a future 50 hit potential and 55 game power potential.
  5. I think an ERA under 4 would be a pretty successful year for him if gets 20+ starts.
  6. Past tense yes. Not someone they’d want in CF on a regular basis now, but probably a decent corner OF currently.
  7. .280/20/80/90/5 is a realistic possibility, especially based off his previous two years. Very underrated in drafts currently.
  8. Even if they somehow stay dialed in for 32 starts, it’s gotta be difficult knowing that a 2ER start is probably a loss. For Baltimore, any runs given up could be a loss.
  9. Is there a thread for the top speculative non-closers? Guys with lots of skill, and sketchy closers in front of them. If not, would that type of thread be merged elsewhere?
  10. This was my first thought as well. The pitching he’ll see in that division is gonna be much different from what he’s currently getting.
  11. This is great news for keeper leagues, price is going down.
  12. I’ve never understood why people think it’s 1v1 past the first few weeks. Getting two aces on the mound is a rare treat. It’s be nice to get two of Nola-deGrom-Scherzer several times a year.
  13. Beyond the veto, the new owner has a very short leash if he wants to stay in the league.
  14. I’d work on moving your pitchers for hitters. If you can do Bieber/Widener to get Bichette, that’s the way to go. Maybe sweeten it a bit.