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  1. I also have Nick Chubb as my RB. Does that make it easier to decide between Dak or Baker?
  2. I think I’d go Ballage here. I have Golladay and am not excited about his matchup with MN. Ballage is a beast that wants to explode. Jacksonville, as a whole, are a calamity.
  3. I think I’ve got it down to starting Dallas DEF. I’m good there. But........... I really want to roll with Dak Prescott at QB. Can anybody tell me why I should reconsider for Tom Brady or Baker Mayfield in my Championship? I’ve ruled out Brady... hard to trust with his regression and the Bills DEF. Baker has been good, but really doesn’t have an Amari Cooper to throw to. Dak does. And he uses his legs more than Baker. Tampa Bay and Cincinnati both suck. Am I thinking this through correctly? Dak right?
  4. Crazy, but Mayfield is a free agent on my waivers, which is why I ask. I’ve got Brady and Prescott currently. I need to add Mayfield...
  5. Michel and Johnson if that were my team. thanks for mine btw
  6. Landry is intriguing here, but if Fournette is playing, I don’t think I could just sit him. thanks for mine btw
  7. Doesn’t Buffalo’s Defense (shutdown corner) scare you here? Gronk playing poorly. Gordon gone. Might they ground and pound and eat clock? Brady didn’t do much last time he played Buffalo - zero td’s. Makes me really nervous to start an aging Brady against a good secondary. Thanks!!!
  8. QB: Dak Prescott vs Tampa Bay Tom Brady vs Buffalo Baker Mayfield vs Cincinnati DEF: Miami vs Jacksonville Dallas vs Tampa Bay Jacksonville @ Miami I’m losing my mind with this! Please help! Underdog currently in my matchup... gotta get these right! whir - leave link
  9. Trades should ALWAYS go through unless there is obvious collusion. I do believe there should also ALWAYS be trade deadlines in leagues as well, to avoid end of season stupidity.
  10. I'm leaning Royce Freeman btw, only because I was the idiot who drafted him wayyyyyy too high (listened to the fantasy gurus too much early on)! Is it the right call though? Royce does have a VERY nice schedule if something were to happen to Lindsay... Jackson is intriguing though...
  11. Yeah Yeah buddy! Thinking the same way here... looking for a confirmation.
  12. Looking to add some RB depth and blow-up potential for this year. Who would you rather have on your roster rest of season? John Kelly Corey Clement