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  1. My opinion is based solely on LeVert missing most of the season. Brogdon has been playing really well, and he is getting all the minutes he can handle. If you think he is border-line rosterable in a 14-team league, you are not paying attention. Paul's percentages are down this year and Rudy is playing well and his FT% is up to 70%. If LeVert comes back by January, I prefer his side. If he comes back in March or later, I am a holder.
  2. I responded to Twhite but I was talking to you. You really could go either way. I like Gallo but I can see the other side if there is an injury. I gave you all the good info. Now son, be a man and make that good tough decision.
  3. OK Jamaal, you are on your own. I will reserve judgement. Ibaka had a couple of nice games this week and if his blocks and FT% improve, he would look better to me. His usage rate is up this year but he doesn't shoot 3P anymore which reduces his value. I guess because I own Gallo in 1 league, I am optimistic about his health. Gallo is playing really well.
  4. Overall value, I like Gallinari. He's getting a ton of minutes and he will help you significantly in 3 cats: points, 3P, and FT% and to a smaller degree, assists. Rebounds are actually very close, but you will lose about 3 blocks/week and FG%. If you can afford the hit in blocks, I like this deal for you.
  5. I wouldn't break out the campaign yet. The reason this was accepted in 15 minutes is that this is no slam dunk, and could easily be a win for the other side. It's an ok deal at best and I don't see where you gain much. Much of Harris' value came from steals and 3P which are down this year. McGruder's minutes are holding in the 30s despite Winslow and Ellington returning and Wade playing well. So Dion Waiters is the only one left to steal his minutes. It's possible. Brogdon has improved his FG% (Open shots with Alphabet getting triple-teamed) which adds to his value. These were 2 decent pieces that you gave away. Good luck.
  6. Help at TE

    Any more opinions? Njoku is going against KC - 6th easiest defense for TE Rudolph is playing the Lions - 8th easiest defense vs TE
  7. Help at TE

    I was starting Njoku and then I find out Diggs is out. Is Rudolph a better option now? Thanks in advance.
  8. I like Gobert and Derozan for LeBron.
  9. AD vs JOKIC. WHIR!!!

  10. Accept this? Whir

    A top 50 guy. Draymond, Jrue, Mirotic, Hardaway, Middleton, Gasol, etc.
  11. Accept this? Whir

    You would need a much better 3rd piece than RHJ to make this deal work.
  12. Kemba for SimMons.. WHIR 100%

    Kemba gives you way more points, 3P, and great FT%. Simmons on the other hand gives you rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FG%, and DD. Hard to argue with 6 cats to 3. Simmons has increased his FT% this year from 56% to 65%. If this holds or improves, Simmons would be a steal. Either way, Simmons looks better here in most circumstances.
  13. So you would be giving Harris, Ayton, and Parker? No way.
  14. Embiid or Gobert?? WHIR!

    I don't like it. You definitely pick up some blocks and steals, but your loss in points and FT% is too large, not to mention a drop in 3P.