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  1. First of all, let's get real here. This is not a slam dunk, in fact this is extremely close. Based on projections and 3 games a week, Irving and Collins give you 15 extra points, 5 extra 3s per week. and a significant bump in FT%. Jrue and Ayton give you 1 extra steal and 1.5 extra block per week. Assists, rebounds, FG%, and TO are almost dead even and too close to call. It's all about the math (and the accuracy of the projections). I used BBM projections which are in line with those from Yahoo and ESPN.
  2. McLaurin at home vs New England Robinson at home vs Indiana
  3. I was leaning towards this. Anyone else?
  4. Never thought in a million years I would ask this question. Rodgers @ Dallas Winston @ New Orleans Standard scoring
  5. You are definitely starting in a hole this year. (sorry to rub it in) Very few PGs are in the 14-24 range so I would try to get CP3 or Jrue or maybe reach for Westbrook along with a top big man. I like CP3/Ayton or maybe Rudy/Beal or some combination of those 4. Alternatively, you could take 2 great PG because there won't be many left by your next pick. Good luck
  6. Sounds idiotic to me. You might want to tell them you were just kidding and see if you can get the Bears back.
  7. It seems that life has passed you by. We have something called the internet now and cell phones to keep track of scores and control the waiver wire. Crank up your phone and call Milly at the phone company. Tell her you want to speak with the commissioner who lives over on Main Street next to Floyd the barber, and tell him that you have an idea of how to change your league. You can even watch porn when you are bored.
  8. I have a chance to pick up Walker for TE. I currently have Olsen who rarely plays a whole season. Who do you guys like today and ROS?
  9. Urias could be a monster but I'm still skeptical of him being able to pitch 6 innings, so I would go for Woodruff.
  10. PPR league. John Ross or DeMarcus Robinson?
  11. I picked up TJ. I'm a sucker for a breakout.
  12. I am looking to replace Cook. I missed out on Andrews. Who do you like between Walker and TJ in a PPR?
  13. Hey Darin. I would lean towards Andrews for team 4. He is clearly Jackson's favorite target. But be careful with OJ. He could bounce back.