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  1. Lowry for Klay? Whir 100

    Wha? Not sure what you are watching but: Last night, they were blowing the Bulls out so bad that he hardly played in the 2nd half. He had 30 points with 2 steals and 7 3P in just 25 minutes. The game before that he had 43 points with 2 steals, 2 blocks and 7 3P!! Oh and he averaged almost 60% from the field over both games. Over his last 6 games he has averaged 28 points, 4.5 3P, 2.5 steals and 1 block with great percentages. Why would you consider this a low point?
  2. Your guys are way better. Hold.
  3. Fournier vs D.White ROS ?

    White has emerged and there is no reason to think it's a fluke. I see no reason to settle for the mediocre Fournier.
  4. Who wins? Whir

    Point leagues are hard to judge, but I bet if you look at the avg points over the last month, White and Warren would be way ahead.
  5. Gordon Hayward for Thomas Bryant

    I would not give up Hayward for him.
  6. Trade Just proposed to me. WHIR

    He certainly will help your rebounds and FG%. Just be aware that you will lose 30 points and a few steals every week, and your FT% will suffer some.
  7. Lowry for Klay? Whir 100

    I like Klay if you are punting assists. Boogie should have no effect.
  8. Who should i Stash?

    LeVert is due back in less than 2 weeks. If healthy, he is clearly your best bet to improve you team.
  9. Big Trade! WHIR 100%

    I don't like it. White has really stepped up his game. You will gain a few points and a few steals, but you may lose some blocks and rebounds, and will definitely hurt your FT%.
  10. Give me some R&R; Rudy and Richardson.
  11. It would really help to list your league settings LouWill and Ingram have much more value in deep leagues. In any normal size league, you want Fox. You did well to draft him. Keep Fox.
  12. If I was voting, I would not veto this. However, it's a free country, and if your league rules allow for league members to vote on vetos, then it's vetoable. If you have a strong commissioner, then you should change the rules to allow the commissioner to make decisions on vetos. It works much better.
  13. Drop Kanter for Cousins?

    Even if he only plays 25-28 minutes, Boogie could dominate if he is healthy. I would go for it.