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  1. Stream Worthy? 9/18 - WHIR

    I picked up Holland for tonight. Looks like a good matchup, and I don't think you need you be desperate to make this play. I think it's good strategy to roll out good streaming matchups in the playoffs.
  2. Bell or Bellinger

    Bellinger: .261/23/71 with 11 SB Bell: .262/10/58 with 1 SB Unless you know something about Josh Bell, I would take the player who is clearly better.
  3. Trade Mahomes for Brady?

    2 games in and they are dumping Brady? I could be wrong but I would get Brady. When things settle down, and they usually do, you won't believe how lucky you are to own Tom Brady.
  4. Drop Burton for any FA TE ?

    I would hold. Too early to give up on Burton.
  5. Wilson or Rivers

    Thanks. Went with Rivers.
  6. Philip Rivers @ Buffalo Russell Wilson @ Bears
  7. I like the McCaffrey side.
  8. Trade Thielen for McCaffrey?

    I like the McCaffrey side.
  9. Stills vs Goodwin

    Thanks. Anyone else?
  10. I have a chance to get Kenny Stills for my Marquise Goodwin. Get Stills?
  11. oops. ravens? Showing my age
  12. You are over-thinking this. Start the Colts.
  13. En mass drop

    What are your options? Are you commissioner? If so, lock out the owner. OK he is gone. Now put the players back on his roster and proceed with all his players on his bench so that team cannot get into the playoffs. Now proceed as normal without that team. No one should get access to the players on his roster.
  14. Worth adding Mahomes?

    You don't need Watkins. Go get your BU QB. He looked good.