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  1. It was all in fun. Good luck this year.
  2. Interesting. Rizzo has one of the lowest 2 year totals (57) and he played 310 games. Sanchez had only 6 less HR over the last 2 years and he played in 100 less games. You guys certainly could be right and I appreciate all the responses. Any other takes?
  3. Pick 2 hitters from the following list who will hit the most HR this year: Encarnacion, Blackmon, Freeman, Rizzo, Schwarber, Shaw, Sanchez, Carpenter Thank.
  4. You have been given the golden ticket and you don't even appreciate it. Shame, shame. First pick in a 10-teamer is a gift from G-d. There are a ton of great choices coming at 20 and 21. Looking at the names from my 10-team draft, you had Stanton, Baez, DeGrom, Goldy, Lindor, Blackmon, Verlander, Story, Kluber, Bryant, just to name a few. If having Trout plus 2 of those listed doesn't excite you, you should try a new hobby.
  5. I believe in a balanced roster strategy. I got my ace (Snell) in the third (28) and then I was happy to get Paxton in the 6th (53) , and my SP3 (Wheeler) in the 9th (88). Then I waited a few rounds and got Bieber in the 13th (128). I think it is wise to have 3 solid starters and then some promising middle round guys to fill out your staff. If you wait til #50 for your first pitcher, you will more than likely be disappointed.
  6. Yep, you goofed. You can't win a 5x5 roto league with your current starting pitchers. Time for a trade.
  7. I would veto this in a heartbeat. He could have had any pitcher in baseball with the #4 pick and instead he drafted Altuve and dumped him for Greinke? Are you kidding? It's a ridiculous trade. Get your money back if you can. It's going to be a long season for you in this league.
  8. Fantasypros has Puig at #59. This looks about right.
  9. I actually picked Acuna ahead of Jram in the 8 slot and I am mildly questioning myself. That said, I am a big fan of Snell (who I picked in the 3rd round) and I would take the Snell/Jram combo.
  10. I agree with the Bandito. If Syndergaard stays healthy, he could win the Cy Young. But the "IF" is too big. The risk outweighs the upside here. Besides, even if they are both healthy, Carrasco is likely to give you more wins, Ks, and a better WHIP.
  11. Conforto should be better but I like Abreu.
  12. Marte, but if you need power, I have no problem with Abreu. Murph's age may be catching up with him.