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  1. Trade Lonzo for Lowry (dynasty)?

    I could be wrong, but I don't see Ball as a future NBA prime-time player. Cut your ties and get what you can from the older, but talented Lowry.
  2. This is not close. Lillard side by a mile.
  3. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    I would take AD despite my concern for reduced minutes. The truth is Simmons is just not that valuable in 9 cat. He doesn't shoot 3s, he is a FT% killer and gets a lot of TO. At 75%, AD is way better, and there is a chance that we get even more than 75% (I am praying because I own him in 2 leagues) from AD.
  4. Kanter joins Blazers......

    I am guessing he will be worth owning in most leagues. My projection: minutes in low to mid 20s, 15/10/2 with an occasional block.
  5. Good lord, is Millsap my drop?

    Kleber is playing his best basketball over the last 5 games. In those 5 games, he has averaged 10/6/1 with low stocks and low percentages in 25 minutes. If you cut off 1 of Millsap's legs and sat on his shoulders, he would be better than Kleber.
  6. Who's the pickup? WHIR

    White has a 4 3 4 PO schedule, and he is the best player.
  7. Sabonis or WCJ? ROS

  8. Markkanen or Russell

    Depends what you need. Their stats are pretty even except with Russell, you get more assists and steals. Markkanen gives you better rebounds and blocks, and also less TO.
  9. Sabonis or WCJ? ROS

    Carter won't be back till the season is over. Did you mean WCS?
  10. Trade help WHIR

    What do you need? Drummond side gives you rebounds, steals, blocks and FG% Kemba side gives you points, 3P, assists, and FT%
  11. Trade advice... WHIR as always

    Harris, although I do expect his points and rebounds to take a small hit.
  12. My Anthony Davis for Jokic?

    I wouldn't give him away, but I would take Jokic.
  13. Kenrich Williams?

    Williams is a nice streaming option while AD, Randle, Moore, Mirotic, and Payton are all injured. When his minutes disappear as the injuries heal, so will his value. Don't drop a valuable asset for a short term fix.
  14. The Greek and the rook. Booker and Leonard spend too much time in the infirmary.
  15. They are similar value so it depends what you need. Otto gives you some 3s and steals. Sabonis gives you great rebounds and FG%.
  16. AD worth the risk? WHIR

    I would do it. AD says he will play hard for Gentry until any trade and I believe him. Every night, he lets the game come to him and you can pretty much count on 30/15/4 with 1-2 3P, 2-3 steals and 2-3 blocks. Did I mention his great percentages? On a side note, if you are dumping Kyrie, I would trade Kawhi for a top PG to give your roster and stats some balance.
  17. I agree with the GOAT except for the part about it being close.
  18. Jarrett Allen for Clint Capella? WHIR

    If you can afford the loss for another month, you will be riding high by the middle of February with Capella.
  19. I would pick up Kanter and drop Bryant.
  20. Start or bench ayton? Whir

    It would be good to know who you would throw out there if you benched him. Based on the team in your signature, you can always substitute Al Jefferson or Jared Sullinger at Center.