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  1. Is this what MLB has become? This is Harper speaking about the Home Run Derby: “I woke up this morning and talking to my wife, I was like, I just want to enjoy it, win, lose or draw. That's all I can ask for, and to have the crowd show up like they did and to have the support of my family, like I said, and my D.C. family, and Dave Martinez out there fired up as all-get up. “I have one of the best managers in all the baseball, glad to have him at our helm. He's a guy I would run through a brick wall for, and I was trying to do that for him tonight.” Mission accomplished. How sad is this? So he can hit a baseball off what is basically a little league tee. Is that something to really be proud of? You are hitting .214; 100 points lower than Andrelton Simmons and Albert Almora. Contests are nice to win but they don't help me in fantasy and they don't help your team win championships. Will Harper turn it around in the 2nd half. Time to get what I can for him?
  2. Kluber-Machado Trade

    I like the Gleyber/Kluber side on this one.
  3. Before you panic, make sure that you don't have an 11 day week next week. Yahoo combines the next 2 weeks because of the short All-Star week.
  4. Buy high on Muncy?

    Points leagues are difficult regarding advice. My suggestion would be to compare their points from June. McCullers is not likely to improve over his June stats (his best month). 2-0 with a 2.81 ERA and 34 Ks. Muncy on the other hand just keeps getting better. Muncy projects to similar stats to another Dodger from last year: .276/38/76 with OBP of .415 and OPS of 1.032 Bellinger's 2017 stats were .267/39/97 with OBP of .342 and OPS of .884 Every month, Muncy has improved. I would strongly consider getting Muncy.
  5. Rendon vs Dozier ROS? WHIR

    Dozier is on pace to hit .230/26/76 Rendon is on pace to hit .284/26/76 Give me the guy with an extra 50 points on his batting average. The SB for Dozier have declined significantly. (projected at 9). Last year Minnesota was 10th in hits and 7th in OBP which led to additional opportunities for runs and RBIs. This year they are 21st in both cats.
  6. Start Robbie Ray today?

    This borders on the ridiculous. You don't dump an arm like Ray's because of a bad spell. He has had 2 bad games AND he is pitching in Coors tonight where the Rockies just scored 19 runs yesterday. You would have to be a masochist to start him tonight. Nothing wrong with sitting him tonight. If he has a good game, then he is probably good to go after the All Star break. Good luck.
  7. I would do this.
  8. SP Sits/Starts

    Skaggs - Tough match-up against Paxton, but he has been great this year. I would start him. Price - I haven't trusted him in 5 years. Start him at your own risk. Ray - I never like starting a pitcher who is @ COL. Ray has given up 10 runs in his last 9 innings. Rocky bats are hot. Might work but looks like a SIT to me.
  9. Help with drop

    Need a drop (Team 2 in signature) to get Bryant back in the lineup. I have a glut of OF and probably prefer to let 1 go. Prefer to keep pitchers in tact but all ideas are welcome. Thx in advance.
  10. Help with drop

    Don't have Inciarte. Maybe you saw Encarnacion which has similar letters. Leaning towards moving Rizz to 2B and Encarnacion to 1B. Wish I could get some value for KDavis or Harper. There are a lot of HR there but nobody wants them. Davis has been riding my bench and Harper just kills me most days.
  11. Syndergaard or CMART

    I would like to wait to see how he pitches on Friday. Hope Friday the 13th is not bad luck for him.
  12. Foltynewicz vs. Gonzalez (WHIR)

    I agree on Folty. He is capable of giving you a stinker every once in a while, but he has been mostly outstanding, especially in Sun Trust.
  13. Correa for Strasburg

    In all likelihood, you will be losing value. I would want Correa by a large margin.
  14. No squatters!!

    Keep Sal. He is slumping. History says he will turn it around.
  15. Nola 4 Altuve? WHIR

    I agree with Darin that you need Nola more, but you cannot pass up getting Altuve. If your pitching doesn't hold up (and there is good reason to think it won't), you could trade him for any pitcher you want.
  16. Drop Hosmer for Schoop WHIR

    Not sure what you mean when you say Hosmer is great in other formats. Hosmer has sucked big time this year in ALL formats. Picking up a hot Schoop is not a bad idea. He was excellent last year and there is no reason to think that Hosmer will be any better ROS. You have my endorsement.
  17. Acuna or Soto which to drop ? WHIR

    No way I would be holding Pham in an 8-team league. Keep Acuna and Soto.
  18. Is this trade fair?

    Get the needle out of your arm. You only get Goldy for Berrios in the Bizarro World.
  19. Who would you rather have ROS? WHIR

    Don't love anyone here but Quintana and Pham are easy choices with upside.
  20. Activate Cueto?

    Drop Camargo and Winker. Or if you prefer a pitcher, Heaney.
  21. drop Marco Gonzales for Kingham?

    I would prefer Marco. Kingham hasn't done much since his first game.
  22. Harper Trade

    I think I would do this. Harper has issues every year, and he is killing me this year with his .217 BA. This is his 7th season, and while he always shows glimpses of greatness, he has never had 100 RBIs and only hit more than 29 HR once. He had 1 great season (.330/42/99 in 2015). Bryant and Sale will give you plenty of great seasons and Guerrero is still unproven.
  23. Pick one ROS...WHIR

    You need a good OF. Pick up Kemp. He is way better than Nimmo, Herrera, and Choo, and is quietly having a great year.