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  1. lmao teams don't do that....maybe week 16 or 17 They risk mutiny of their fanbase. Hace you ever seen a team do anything close ?
  2. I'm not too scared of them if Lamar Miller can drop over 100 with that s---y oline, Macks gonna do fine.
  3. I was offered fournette in a 12 man standard league where there it's hard to find a healthy usable back.
  4. Thoughts Vs NE ? .....Holding Denver right now cause the play Arizona but tobe honest I might feel better playing CHI vs. Brady after what happened to Denver against the JETS.
  5. Shipped him for Trey Burton(guy has ertz starting I have engram) still have a little faith but need to wait til week 8 to find out what we've got here. He'll have a couple big games with 2 tds most are gonna be his usual 18/50
  6. Wells down for most of the season and Williams out for the whole season....let's see powell LIGHT IT UP !!!!!
  7. That's how you hit guys like Cruz last year or Austin the year before....sure it could be a fluke and good chance it is a fluke....but every once in a while that guy sticks around for a beastly season, and if you get him your sitting much prettier with a 12th waiver spot, than the #1 waiver spot with bad players
  8. Powell touched the ball almost 50 times in college. We have a potential stud on our hands, PER GAME?!?!?! or lifetime LOL
  9. after seeing Williams out cold I snagged powell thinking he might be a nice filler against buffalo if Williams had to sit.....their O line is brutal, their schedule is not particularly nice, but how much talent does this kid have,any chance he busts out now or is it RBBC time?
  10. football day WOOT WOOT