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  1. Hows that working out for you?
  2. Well rookies in general are late round lottery tickets.
  3. It's never too early to make a list of guys that you think will be underdrafted expecially when it's possible to predict around where adp is for most players. I do agree it's better to have next seasons predraft rankings but it's not 100% necessary to make predictions.
  4. Now that the season is officially over, lets start a list of sleepers that I think will exceed their draft position given what I think the stock will be vs end of season value. Richaun Holmes - He's a great handcuff to Joel and is a big that can shoot freethrows, expect him to go late in the draft because of the crowded philis front court despite averaging 3rd round value for the last 2 months of the season. Seth Curry - I was wrong about him, he's a great shooter with great efficiency, that alone is enough to put him in 40th value over the last 2 months. He could easily keep those stats up for a whole season, either playing off of point for the mavs. Josh Richardson - Super inconsistent this season but turned it on last few weeks could be a 3-d guy for the heat Larry Nance- He's better than randle fantasywise, not sure about real life given I haven't watched many lakers games, but he's 3rd round value given 29+minutes. A nice punt points play Tyler Johnson- 8th round value for the season and fell off a cliff for the last 3 months, I'm targetting him late rounds because he's a glue guy that doesn't do anything spectacular, but doesn't hurt you anywhere Rondae Hollis-Jefferson- I drank the coolaid this year, but if I can get him last 3 rounds next year I think there's a chance he'll be a real nba player, but no midround target for me. Aaron Gordon-He was really good late in the year, I'm targeting him anywhere reasonable. Cody Zeller- top 80 this season with good efficiency, for some reason ft% fell off a cliff, but I think that's a temporary thing Malcolm Brogdon- My ROY, he's going to be a good late round flier next year given he put up 8th round value last 3 months. Boban Marjanovic- his per36 is off the charts, if he gets 20+minutes a game he'll be worth 8th-9th round value Jamal Murray- PG of the future for the nuggets, well that's Jokic.
  5. I'll start: I played 21 $20 roto leagues on yahoo and outright won 1 tied for first in 2, got second in 2 and got third in 4 for around $570 with an investment of $420 dollars. Not really worth it financially, but so much fun. I've made so many mistakes this season, but the one thing I regret was playing so many leagues. At that point your goal is to know the hot pickups/players to drop on your roster and play the games cap. I don't even know whose on my roster in any given league and it's more of making good decisions with add/drops and injury management. I want to say I would have made more money playing less leagues, but I played 14 last year and made $140 so it's questionable. All I know is that I missed out on IT, Gobert, Beal, Otto, etc in all my leagues (BBM didn't have them on sleepers) and drafted RHJ/Jokic in all my leagues and still managed to pull off a "winning" season. I was bottom half in all my leagues for the first half of the season because of that, but managed to pull off a comeback in to be top half or better on pretty much all the leagues. That itself is an accomplishment.
  6. Jokic the shot blocking machine!
  7. From reddit: Carried.
  8. Are you calling Jokic a liar?! But seriously, he just had all star weekend off. If he was fatigued I would imagine seeing it earlier not directly after the break. But I guess beat writers like TJ McBride knows how Jokic is feeling better than what he himself said.
  9. I'm pretty sure you didn't read the article I linked... But after the Grizzlies handled the Nuggets 105-98 Sunday, Jokic said fatigue hasn’t been an issue. “No. I’m not tired. No. I’m not tired,” Jokic said. “I’m playing the same way.” He's the most efficient guy from the field in the league. He's bordering on Shaq status in efficiency plus 80+% ft shooting. If the nuggets want to win his usage should be through the roof.
  10. Meh, I'm just saying that what he's doing before is way better than what he's doing now, that's why he's "slumping" even though he's putting up TDs. Also http://bsndenver.com/nikola-jokic-says-he-isnt-tired-so-what-gives/
  11. 3 triple doubles is good and all but I didn't know it was a category in fantasy. I'd rather he do what he did in january than put up triple doubles ros.
  12. Jokic is untradable...
  13. Bebe has been putting up top 70 stats this year, I don't know if Willy can put that up ROS.