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  1. Robby Anderson is must own with Darnold back. I drafted him late and held on this whole time. Not sure if that makes him valuable or me smart, but I am pretty sure I am not stupid...
  2. I am liking the Fuller trade as well. Robby Anderson has a little boom bust to him but I think a higher floor and lower ceiling. I hear you on Allen. His schedule is ripe right now and I am not in a position to think about the playoffs right now.
  3. Surprised at the responses to stand pat. Was not expecting that given dismal state of my RB group. Am I higher on Kerryon than most or is Thomas too much to pay?
  4. What are your lineup settings? RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR Flex?
  5. Cousins is probably going to stay on the WW, right? Drop him. Who else is out there if you don't want to play Allen? I think you can carry both DST this week and stream them a little bit. The Chargers have some appeal with Chicago and Oakland coming up. But they don't offer much outside those two matchups. Help me out here?
  6. What's your record in this league? This is kind of a swing for the fences play. CMC is undeniable but you lost some depth. If you are 5-1 or something maybe lean standing pat. But if you need to win now then you take the trade. Help here?
  7. I think this is a good trade for you. You upgrade your WR corps without much, if any, impact to your RB depth. Help me out here?
  8. I think they are fairly even but the Lions are a better team so give the edge the Kerryon.
  9. Mods, Please move this to Asst Coach forum. Had two tabs open and posted in the wrong one. Thanks.
  10. My team has had a fairly rough go of it and trying to shake things up. Leave a link and WHIR, as always. QB - J Allen RB - Ingram, Montgomery, M Brown, Walton WR - M Thomas, Julio, Chark, R Anderson, Fuller, Beasley TE - Herndon, Henry Was offered 3 trades from the same owner. 1. Wentz and Kerryon for M Thomas and Allen. I need RB help and have WR depth, but is M Thomas too high a price for this? QB upgrade is obvious. 2. Ekeler for Fuller 3. Kerryon and Auden Tate for H. Henry and Chark. I get RB help and don't lose any depth. Leaning this one.
  11. How much of his success can be attributed to Stills not playing? I know it is a small sample size, but Stills is so one dimensional and defenses just sat on top of everything and the line doesn't hold up. With Keke in the lineup the offense seems much more balanced and capable of getting the ball out quicker. I am not an NFL head coach, but neither is Bill O'Brien.
  12. Is Stills playing ahead of Keke making that much of a difference? They have too many routes that take too long to develop and Watson is getting killed. Defenses are just sitting on top of everything. Like you said, a lot of this is the same as last year but that is the major change. I don't think Lamar Miller is the X factor here.
  13. Marvin may have the higher floor but I like Will Fuller this week. Keke and Stills should be competing for snaps with each other. Fuller still played 97% of snaps in week 1. RB is tougher because each has their own question marks. I think McCoy is the better play. Thompson might be too reliant on garbage time. Thanks for mine.
  14. Likely need to shake things up as several picks have turned out to be duds or have major question marks thus far and I am staring down 0-2 after starting Cam and OJ last night. WR needy team offered me his Wentz/Kerryon for Michael Thomas and Cam. I think that is too much to pay for Kerryon but not enough to get DJ from him. Not sure what the right price is because it is so early in the year. Looking for advice on a counter offer. Leave a link and WHIR. Thanks. Newton/Rivers Ingram/Montgomery/Penny Julio/Thomas/Fuller/R Anderson/Chark/Shepard OJ/Burton Wentz D Johnson/Ekeler/Kerryon/Da Williams/Mostert/Freeman D Moore/J Ross/MVS/Kirk Hooper
  15. Holy dumpsterball is this terrible all around.