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  1. Any concern about the weather with Howard?
  2. I have no clue how your team could be 8-2... Add Wentz now and drop Asiata.
  3. Bump because racecar.
  4. Thanks for mine. You're pretty solid here and I think you are good without either trade. Possible to upgrade at QB? Hill and Kelley for Stafford or something?
  5. Stick with what you got.
  6. Howard, Kelley, and Adams. Howard and Kelley are both higher floor and ceiling than Hyde.
  7. Right now I have J Howard @ NYG, J Hill vs BUF, and D Martin @ KC I can only start 2 as my other RB spot is Ajayi. Leaning Martin and Howard as I think the floors are much higher, but who knows how bad the Bears are going to be tomorrow. Leave a link.