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  1. 09.17.2017 - Bears @ Bucs

    I was already imagining Fox benching him and getting asked after the game if he watched the Chiefs game last Thursday after losing by 40 points.
  2. Pick 2 of 3 RBs WHIR; Howard/Hill/Martin

    Any concern about the weather with Howard?
  3. 8-2 team, ride Bortles through playoffs?

    I have no clue how your team could be 8-2... Add Wentz now and drop Asiata.
  4. Pick 2 of 3 RBs WHIR; Howard/Hill/Martin

    Bump because racecar.
  5. Trade Dilemma (100% WHIR)

    Thanks for mine. You're pretty solid here and I think you are good without either trade. Possible to upgrade at QB? Hill and Kelley for Stafford or something?
  6. Stick with what you got.
  7. Need 2RB and 1 flex (WHIR!)

    Howard, Kelley, and Adams. Howard and Kelley are both higher floor and ceiling than Hyde.
  8. Right now I have J Howard @ NYG, J Hill vs BUF, and D Martin @ KC I can only start 2 as my other RB spot is Ajayi. Leaning Martin and Howard as I think the floors are much higher, but who knows how bad the Bears are going to be tomorrow. Leave a link.