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  1. Live auction>Live Snake>Online auction>Online Snake ---. My 2 cents. Auctions just allow more strategy. If you like convenience over strategy then Id rank them just the opposite.
  2. IMO its worth getting the league to pony up an extra $5-$8 or so for each player to use Its light years better for a serious league. I still like as a free offering for something like a work league with little or no buy in.
  3. I have no flex. I also have Lindsey and Ballage... Can only pick 2. \ I was starting Lindsey and D Will
  4. Indys D for sure. I think the Jets will have to run the ball. Who knows what GB will do. I couldnt start Foles over J Winston just because its so risky. I think I would protect my floor in the game and start Cousins.
  5. Gut is telling me without ODB Giants will do nothing and Barkley could flop. D Will with Ware being hurt has to be a safer play. ...BUT for sure Barkley is most talented.
  6. Pick 2 Barkley Kelly Ballage Lindsey D Williams
  7. Yes dis is the answer. You cannot start a guy thats been on the Rams 5 days longer then you have in the champ game.
  8. CJA isnt going to get enough carries to matter. Hell I would purposely leave him on the WW and pray the other team picked him up.
  9. I think you could flip a 3 sided coin and all be winners honestly. I think I would sit Carson....but man its close. Mainly due to Mike Davis. (assuming Ware is out)
  10. S.O.B. I wish someone would have told me that in August. Baker, Landry, Samuels. Baldwin missed practice on Weds but if he is 100% I could lean towards him over Landry.
  11. AJ. is Baldwin even 100%? It seems like Foiles really likes AJ.