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  1. If there was an award for best post with least comments, making the biggest impact to the sir,win that award!!!! 50 extra interweb points for you today!!
  2. I think you can start Eckler with confidence this week. MG may return to the #1 RB on the team but I cant see it being his first week back. Example--Zeke's return, he played and got an e z touchdown but they didn't shove him into the bell cow role right away. After this week I think Eckler is more of a RB 2/Flex in PPR. Until Hunter Henry returns and Williams is 100% there are still a lot of pass targets to go around. Plus Charges D hasn't been lights out so there will be plenty of games scripts to keep Eckler active. I own each in different leagues so personally, I'm not rooting for this to go one way or the other.
  3. F- Aaron Rodgers' mustache. It's ruined his and D Adams stats so far this year.
  4. "He who drafts D Watson, is league champion"
  5. Depends on other needs and who else is on WW. 40% on a guy with one good game against the Tampa D seems a bit much. If you're in a 12 team 1 QB league, its hard to believe you don't have much cheaper streaming options.
  6. Im not in panic mode yet but I have pulled him out of the always play your studs conversation. If I have a lesser WR with a good match up, I'll be benching Adams without that guilty feeling of benching a stud.
  7. Well I don't know about the rest of you but I get bonus points for player with worst outfit during press conferences. Needless to say he'll be starting for me every week. I threw him out early in our auction for $1. I thought I had a value when no one spoke up and said $2. Guess my league mates are smarter then I thought. Pocket-Cam stinks. Unless we get running Cam back he is WW material.
  8. What is the thought process behind this one? I have Sony and will be putting him on the shelf for a while. Are you assuming they haven't played him to avoid injury since he was not needed? If he didn't score a TD this week he may have hit the WW.
  9. Might be a good week to drop you K and pick up CJ Anderson for free. Wouldn't cost anything and you can just drop before the weekend if he isn't signed. Gallman would be fine if you dont use FAB but I'm not dropping a bunch of money for the guy. I wonder if the Giants will be optimistic enough to not assume their season is over already at 1-2. Might be enough for them to make a play for someone. Maybe Miami finally gets a taker for Drake.
  10. Do we worry about Haskins coming in sooner then later with Redskins players? Case looked very good but how many games until a bad team gets really bad on offense?
  11. Had a league mate think Mitch Tribiski would be the 2nd coming of Joe Montegna. A week before season he offered me a $4 Eckler for my $2 Tribiski. Although now with Cam as my only QB the joke may be on me.
  12. Well I played Cam over Dak. So I obviously know nothing about FF but... I will give Cam one more week before dropping him. My main concern like already mentioned is his lack of running. I think we all agree he is never a 300 yard 3 td guy but 200 and 2 tds with his legs was manageable. If he will no longer run, I think we can no longer start him. I only upset with myself. I shouldn't have drafted a dude who put that much time into wearing clothes that look that stupid.
  13. You guys are going overboard with any real analysis from last nights game. I was week 1 and Chicago looked horrible. Are the folks jumping off the DM train also dropping D Adams? Cause well he didn't score much either. Dude looked really good on the limited touches he had. You have to assume they will see that on tape. Plus just MAYBE GB's D isn't as bad as it normally is from years past. As a DM truther I feel optimistic from last night. Dude passed the eye test big time.
  14. Arian Foster agrees. Eat meat or your done. Impossible Whoppers are proven to hurt your QB ratings.