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  1. Lol this is such a lazy take. Somebody is going to catch the ball on that team regardless of how good Lamar Jackson is/isn't. There have been far worse QB's in that NFL that have still had players catch their s---y passes. Lamar tended to lock onto Andrews at times last year and the reports on Andrews out of camp are glowing. I'm interested.
  2. Do you know what RUSHING title means? Ezekiel Elliott - 1,434 rushing yards Saquon Barkley - 1,307 rushing yards Who had the rushing title?
  3. You realize he didn't have the rushing title last year, right?
  4. I don't think he'll do much this year but it is worth noting that his skillset as a long athlete with wheels and jumpball ability profiles favorably with Foles' love for pushing the ball down the field. Interesting dynasty guy.
  5. Lol so Keenan Allen isn't a target monster and Mike Williams isn't rising?
  6. He'll get 6 games minimum. If I was going to wager, though, I'd put money on 8 games to a year.
  7. It makes a difference when he's taking the spot of a dude that was an undrafted free agent. Context is a thing.
  8. You can doubt it but it's certainly possible. Nobody thought Adam Humphries would be as good as he was. Dude was an undrafted free agent. Justin Watson had elite college production, is an incredible athlete, and the organization thought highly enough of him to actually spend draft capitol on him.
  9. He was a TE1 before he got hurt last season. Stop being obtuse.
  10. Lol if you think Miller or Gresham can even sniff OJ's jock. OJ is in the Gronk, Jimmy Graham, Gates, Kelce tier of talent. Do better.
  11. This Bruce Arians argument is so tired. He has never coached a TE even remotely close to the talent of OJ. Arians is too smart to not use the 2nd most talented pass catcher on his team.
  12. Except the WR3 (Adam Humphries) did a lot last year and you are assuming that everyone will stay healthy.
  13. Good luck predicting TD regression for a guy that we have a 2 season sample on and has 7 total TD's on 200 career targets. If he had shown the TD prowess of OJ Howard (11 TD's on 87 career targets) then I would say you were on to something.