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  1. He was a TE1 before he got hurt last season. Stop being obtuse.
  2. Lol if you think Miller or Gresham can even sniff OJ's jock. OJ is in the Gronk, Jimmy Graham, Gates, Kelce tier of talent. Do better.
  3. This Bruce Arians argument is so tired. He has never coached a TE even remotely close to the talent of OJ. Arians is too smart to not use the 2nd most talented pass catcher on his team.
  4. Except the WR3 (Adam Humphries) did a lot last year and you are assuming that everyone will stay healthy.
  5. Good luck predicting TD regression for a guy that we have a 2 season sample on and has 7 total TD's on 200 career targets. If he had shown the TD prowess of OJ Howard (11 TD's on 87 career targets) then I would say you were on to something.
  6. You're a stubborn guy aren't you? Brian Hoyer sucks and CJ Beathard also played in 2017. If you don't see the relevance then you're a fool. Nick Mullens stats in 2018: 8 games, 176/274, 64.2% completions, 2277 yds, 13 TD's, 10 INT CJ Beathard stats in 2018: 5 games, 102/169, 60.4% completions, 1252 yds, 8 TD's, 7 INT Now let's look at 2017: Brian Hoyer: 6 games, 119/204, 58% completions, 1245, 4 TD, 4 INT Still think Brian Hoyer is the tits? You're really bad at this and should stop before running your mouth with no substance backing up your arguments.
  7. Who was their QB in 2017 lol?. Jimmy G and Brian Hoyer both played 6 games that year and had the same amount of pas attempts so your argument is irrelevant. Dig deeper, they were 15th in passing yards last season. No lock that they are any better than that this year and you better believe they will still be a heavy run team with Coleman/McKinnon/Breida (the only team that finished above them in passing yards that I see falling behind them is the Giants). You can continue to cherry pick stats to try and confirm your bias but, again, you are blind if you are ignoring the strong possibility of regression for Kittle.
  8. Then you're blind. Just ignore the comp and pay attention to the fact that his target share is a mortal lock to take a hit, potentially a major one. It's simple math--there are only so many targets available and they will be distributed amongst far better talent this year (McKinnon, Coleman, Breida, Pettis, Deebo, Goodwin, Hurd). The year before Marquis Goodwin saw 105 targets, which will never happen again for similar reasons.
  9. You're still missing the point. I never said that he is worse or will regress to the exact same degree as Engram. Just that there are very similar signs that point towards regression. And please stop acting like Engram is some bum. He was a 1st round pick, he's legit.
  10. Yes, he had terrible QB's throwing to him but targets are still king in fantasy and he had 136. Niners QB's last year totaled 540 attempts for 4300 yards and 26's TD's which is a very competitive fantasy total. The point about a new QB is that we cannot count on him locking on to Kittle the way the niners QB's did last year. Jimmy G is better at reading defenses and will have more weapons at his disposal.
  11. I agree, that's not the point. We're simply talking about indicators of regression.
  12. I love your take re: George Kittle, and cannot believe more people aren't talking about this. Dude is a great player, no doubt, but the perfect storm of variables that came together for him last year were eerily similar to Evan Engram's rookie season. The guy was virtually the only player that was targeted on that team--Kendrick Bourne was second on the team in targets with 67. McKinnon never played a snap and is back this year, Marquis Goodwin missed 5 games and went from 105 targets the year before to 44 last year, Dante Pettis totaled only 45 targets with virtually all of them coming in the last 6 games (he will be a much bigger factor all season this year) and the niners added Tevin Coleman in free agency and spent significant draft capitol on Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd. Add in a new QB in Jimmy G and I just don't think we will see Kittle come close to his target share from last season. It's not to say he still isn't a high-end TE1, because he most certainly is, but I would not be surprised in the slightest to see OJ outperform him if he stays healthy.
  13. I'm only interested in dynasty. anyone assuming they will be getting numbers his rookie year is noob
  14. Remember some guy named Wes Welker. He was 5'9.
  15. Will not pay the going rate for Gurley for the rest of his career.