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  1. Might be Gustave for the time being in SF.
  2. He has a fracture in his left wrist....
  3. 1) I need Lindsay+Hopkins to outscore Kamara+Fairbairn in PPR 2) I need 9+ points from Latavius Murray in half PPR.
  4. Stand. As said above, AB owner was getting something in return for an unknown situation. AB could be searching for another team in 4-5 weeks for all we know.
  5. I personally think I would hold in all situations. Unless you have a clear-cut drop (which none of those are IMO), I want to see what this Raiders offense looks like sans Brown. Preseason only tells so much.
  6. Breida for sure. After that I would probably go with Jackson. We know he should be getting some share of a two-headed attack. I want to see how Philly shakes out a little considering they still have Sproles and Clement.
  7. I will be interested in what kind of rapport they have. Home game helps, but tough first test against Miller and Chubb. Carr will be getting plenty of pressure, and this will be the first game action for Brown.
  8. Well some people might care about the last part because California is a two-party consent state.
  9. I mean that bolded part doesn’t really tell us anything new. We don’t know how long the suspension will be. But this is just further escalation and a potential precursor for what could come. Brown doesn’t seem to possess the professionalism to just move on from this when (if) the dust settles.
  10. I'm not really sure how this paints the team as pushovers. Mike Mayock is a smart guy. And TB ended up deactivating Keyshawn Johnson after he had issues in TB under Gruden. That is the article that mentions it (roughly 4th paragraph down). I can imagine them giving him quite a bit of leash given his talent and what they invested in him, but being smart about how you handle something doesn't necessarily make you weak.
  11. Ah sorry didn't know you were being that specific. Thought you meant just injuries in general.
  12. Not advocating either over the other, but I think you might have this backwards.
  13. Yep. Cadillac Williams (the last RB hand-picked by Gruden) had 290 carries (310 touches) and 225 carries (255 touches) his first two seasons. And those were both 14 GS seasons. Granted he did have a lot more work in college, but still.
  14. When it's that time of year that you have to scroll all the way down to the third forum section 😭
  15. While I do agree with these points, and Brissett/Luck is no comparison, 2019 personnel and coaching >>> 2017.