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  1. Guess one guy's vote didn't matter.
  2. Some "just turned on the oven, so it ain't hot" news that I'm sure most have heard: Parra to the Giants on a minor league deal with invite to ST. They are also in talks with Cameron Maybin. Giants brass had said they wanted to go after a couple veteran OFers, so I guess here we are
  3. I was trying to look around for anything, couldn't find any potential numbers. Might have tried 40-45 on a 4 or 5 year deal. Who knows. Hopefully we get some inkling of it, regardless of where he signs.
  4. 2019 League Settings Discussion

    I play in a league where we have QS over wins and I prefer it that way. It, IMO, puts the outcome on the pitcher. deGrom, for example, would have been completely hosed last year in a wins league vs QS league. I just don't like to feel like the offense has to aid in my pitching category. Also, we are moving from saves to saves+holds. Haven't tried it before so I can't personally comment, but from what I have read I think people like the added holds, especially with the way the game is going with closer by committees and such. Just my .02 on everything.
  5. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    It might only be the browser I am using (and it is a small annoyance), but when I am on the home page and click on forums it now pops up an entirely separate browser page.
  6. This one makes me laugh.
  7. Random side note: the company that makes Sweethearts (and Necco wafers) got bought out and they will not be available this year for V-Day. But they will be back by next year.
  8. Universal DH thread

    Just read that this isn’t likely until the 2022 season.
  9. I actually read this morning that this won't be happening. The Niners are not expected to waive their territorial rights to the city. It was also getting a lot of push back from the mayor of SF as well.
  10. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    I wasn't really saying it would be an upgrade for the Yankees. The OP was for Machado's fantasy outlook.....
  11. Manny Machado 2019 Outlook

    Yankees would be one of, if not the, best spot for production. Would have very productive hitting around him, great home park, stays in the AL East so he would have familiarity with the other parks (as well as continuing to play a good amount of games in Toronto and Baltimore) and pitchers.
  12. Looking for Roto League Winning Totals

    I would post this question in the Fantasy Baseball Resources thread. It is located just at the bottom of this page. You might want to 1) Scroll through that thread from the beginning to see if anyone has posted about it and 2) If you don't see anything useful, then pose this question. But putting this post in the proper area will help you get more useful answers. You can also search the forums using certain keywords that might hit on roto league information. Hope this helps.
  13. Mike McCarthy 2019 Outlook

    His relevant outlook for 2019. /end thread
  14. Divisional Round Predictions

    Lost my pool last week, so with a heavy heart I will say all of the favorites win, but the losers cover the spreads.
  15. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    League 1: Need Wilson to outscore Bailey by 2 points (this should happen). League 2: Need 16.5+ from Diggs in half PPR. Man I want this one to happen so bad. I would give my soul to the fantasy gods for this happen.