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  1. July Closer Thread 2018

    Wow back to back taters for the BS by Allen.
  2. July Closer Thread 2018

    So is Hand droppable? Bad enough he pitched the 7th, let alone gave up a two run dinger.
  3. 7/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Ramirez is the 4th player to hit 30+ home runs and steal 20+ bases in his team’s first 100 games.
  4. 7/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Hey at least he hasn’t developed 3 more blisters.
  5. July Closer Thread 2018

    Yeah I was gonna ask the same thing. Was Strop warming up in the BP before the Cubs extended their lead?
  6. Post All-Star Break Rotations

    Giants currently have it listed as Rodriguez, MadBum, Cueto for the weekend. Suarez Tuesday after a day off Monday.
  7. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Whoops lol yeah they are @MIL. Well you knew what I meant
  8. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    By this week, do you mean this weekend? Or like next week? I would think he will play. I'm sure he is already in LA at this point, and it's not like football where you have to learn a playbook or anything.
  9. July Closer Thread 2018

    Yeah I was more just commenting on the current dynamic if no moves were made. I am really interested to see what they do. Nice to get some talk of buying though following a 98-loss season (although injuries and such helped aid in that). Familia has been a name I have read. Still just a little sour about how badly the Melancon situation has gone given the money that was spent there after the disaster of 2016. But yeah they could make some small splashes in the next week and a half.
  10. July Closer Thread 2018

    I think it still remains a little fluid. I don't really think much has changed there. Could still see Melancon in there sometimes, but Smith is the most established in the role at the moment IMO. It has been a little while since they have had a save opp, so really just throwing darts at this point. But I don't think neither Smith nor Melancon has really done anything to change the status quo.
  11. July Closer Thread 2018

    It just depends on your league dynamic. If it is a very active, "jump on guys" type of league, he may be worth a grab if you can do it, regardless of the ratios at the moment. SD may not make anymore moves and it could just be Yates sliding in there. But, as mentioned before, he could be dealt as well and it could be Stammen. Or both dealt and watch out for Maton. For some leagues, information like Maton could be a difference maker if it were to come to fruition. But, if you can't afford the potential wasted roster space or guys don't really pay much attention, you can probably wait to see how things shake out a bit.
  12. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Had to run a quick errand for work. Before I went into the store, noticed the Hand news and saw Yates available in the league I have Hand and wanted to grab him but couldn't figure out my drop just yet. Decided I would wait till I got back to work so I could look a little closer. Of course, in the 15-20 minutes it took me to grab the item and get back, he was taken
  13. July Closer Thread 2018

    Look at above. Literally just have to go one page back and read.... And since you are the first post on this page, it was the most current page when you posted that.
  14. July Closer Thread 2018

    24 saves now becomes a potential setup man.
  15. July Closer Thread 2018

    So is Hand droppable for saves only leagues?
  16. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    That bolded point has been a hot topic on Bay Area sports talk regarding Bumgarner.
  17. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    Oh lol. Well yes to me the league minimum is a lot of money lol.
  18. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook Pretty interesting read. I doubt Manny will bat leadoff.
  19. 7/19 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Hey at least games are back! Go baseball!
  20. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    So after seeing the haul the Os got for a rental, does this light a major fire under the Mets to move deGrom?
  21. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Yeah I meant the Dodgers #4.
  22. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    I actually meant it is really cheap. Did you read that I said 1.88, not 18.8?
  23. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Yeah I think that I read Diaz is only their 4th ranked prospect?