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  1. Pretty amazing you got JoRam at #10 (and that Judge also fell to you) in a hitting-heavy league. Your offense is solid and you should definitely hit those cats well. Definitely some hopeful upside and question marks on the pitching staff, but you seem to already know that. As stated above, the WW should have some gems here and there as closer situations progress and, almost inevitably, someone gets hurt or loses their job. But you should win enough of the hitting cats with that lineup that you will only need a few pitching cats here and there. Thanks for the help on mine.
  2. Lol - well like I said it is only my 4th year playing and my first #1 pick. But thank you for berating me (but I do appreciate the list of names - I need to do some mocks now that I know my pick).
  3. 4th year playing FBB. First time getting the #1 pick and owning Trout!
  4. This is my 4th year playing FBB, and will be my first owning Trout (will be my pick with #1). Aside from ADPs and mock drafts, who are some general targets y'all would be aiming for at the 2/3 turn? It's a 10-team league, 5x5 H2H with OBP and QS instead of AVG and W. Aside from getting to finally own Trout, I am not overly excited with the #1 pick.
  5. I don't mind it at all. Rarity anymore to see a player stick with one team. From a fantasy perspective - obviously the Phils would have been nice. But he still produces the numbers where he is at to be a top 1-3 pick every year.
  6. I thought he is from New Jersey? Just a big Philadelphia sports fan.
  7. The Giants win the NL West. Bold....insane....the line is blurred.
  8. Lol Shepard and Engram had their brief moment of glory.
  9. Godwin (Winner) - DJax gone. Humphries gone. Dude is the clear #2 and should get plenty of action with defenses focusing on Evans. And ofc Arians.
  10. I wouldn't be so quick to rule out the Raiders. I'd imagine they will be in play for one of Ingram or Coleman. But, they'll probably ultimately sign Adrian Peterson lol.
  11. It's all clickbait at this point. Haven't heard a word from Schefter, Garafolo, etc...
  12. I could see the Raiders going after him. They need a RB, and he is the right age for a Gruden roster.
  13. I'd say a lot of the big name defensive FAs were signed - still a lot of offensive FAs out there.
  14. Yeah but there is so much time for it to grow before that. Lol
  15. To the Jags. 4 years, 88 mil. 50.125 guaranteed.
  16. This was posted after the news of the Kwon signing.
  17. This is the Raiders and Gruden we are talking about....
  18. I feel like it has to be. The only team with the mix of draft capital and stupidity.
  19. Yeah I don't know. Would be interesting to see some potential offers they've received (a la the report about the three players the Browns offered for OBJ).
  20. Well any reports can obviously be smoke screens, but it has been reported that Lynch has stated the Niners haven't reached out to the Steelers, and don't appear to have interest in Brown at this time.
  21. Could you imagine some of those potential AB/Gruden sideline spats? Lol
  22. Roto blurb that Keenum likely to be heading to Washington.
  23. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reports the Steelers are indeed seeking final offers in the Antonio Brown sweepstakes by Friday, and that they are not "first round or bust" in their compensation thinking. One way to interpret this: No one is offering a first-rounder. Per Fowler, there is "no definitive leader" to acquire the league's best receiver. The Steelers' ultimatum seems to be about both improving the offers on hand and bringing an end to months of drama. It's quite possible, if not likely, Brown has a new home in 24 hours. SOURCE: Jeremy Fowler on Twitter Mar 7, 2019, 2:09 PM