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  1. Who are the best reporters, analysts, etc to follow (for fantasy purposes of course) who cover the latest basketball happenings?
  2. If Draymond is out for an extended period, what do you guys think of Bell as a pickup? He put up some impressive numbers in SL and preseason. Could GS give him the bulk of the minutes?
  3. I could see Markannen having more value than Brown this year.
  4. I see a lot of new dynasty leagues starting up over at "Basketball LegueFinder Service". I also see many existing dynasty leagues looking for replacement managers. I'm joining a small $ dynasty league for the first time this year, and I'm wondering how long the average "non-friend" dynasty league stays functional?
  5. I'll play. Email:
  6. Is he even in the gym for part of the day putting up shots, or his he a total no-show at practice?
  7. Interested. Is this Leaguesafe? Please send invite to
  8. Is this a free league? Also, do we keep ALL players?
  9. interested:
  10. send me invite pls:
  11. very interested:
  12. Interested. Please email invite to:
  13. send invite to:
  14. brosephd, text alerts?? What service provides them for you?