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  1. Everyone knows you don't touch the Pats in South Beach, especially early in the season. Panthers at home tonight is the play for me.
  2. On the fence with both Fried Egg and Plesac. Who's rolling em out?!
  3. Curious what ppl are thinking about him going forward? Wasted year as folks have mentioned. Still high on him going forward? Not to get Bench Coachy but love the insight I find on here. I still believe in the talent and the park and I think PT opens up for him provided he takes the opportunity when presented. Is he a still a shiny new toy or has he fallen out of favor?
  4. Give me the Bregman side. I see more reliability and stability there. Tatis side I see flashes of brilliance but with instability and injury worries. Can't really go wrong, though.
  5. it being a roto league, I think he's desperate for a living and breathing C in terms of trying to win it. He also has a great staff, so Kluber is a whatever for him. It'd be a move where he's going for it this year and I'd be taking Gary for the future. My dilemma is, is Gary even better than Contreras? I've never been a Sanchez believer, per se. Thanks for the input, man. Dilemma!
  6. Keeper Auction League ($250 draft cap)/ROTO. I'm currently in 5th this season and prob can't win it, so I'm sorta looking at next year. I trade my Wilson Contreras ($11) for Gary Sanchez ($22 next season) and Kluber. What side are you taking?
  7. what's up with CBS? Both the app and website are not showing who's starting and where they're batting...anyone else having this issue?
  8. ppl firing up Padd or being cautious?
  10. curious ppl's thoughts on seags thus far? Have been on his bandwagon for years and I can't tell if I'm underwhelmed or just had too big of expectations. Of course he's coming off a missed year. Am I being too harsh?
  11. first thing I thought when I saw the video was, "looks like a Mookie swing and hand speed." I like.
  12. Hernandez is expected to be the Dodgers' starting second baseman, Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times reports. Hernandez is tremendously versatile, having started everywhere except pitcher and catcher last season. That utility role got him 462 plate appearances last season, but it sounds as though he could be in line for even more this year after hitting .256/.336/.470 with 21 homers in 2018. Chris Taylor will start less frequently at second base but will still get starts around the diamond, particularly in left field.