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  1. Jordy Nelson 2018 Season Outlook

    True, they have to go to somebody. Assuming Carr throws 30TDs is not farfetched, but does Jordy have enough left in the tank to catch even 5? As much as Amari Cooper struggled last year, he still scored 7 TDs. For me, it's a safe bet that he scores 10+ this year -- which puts him right around 30% (same as last year) of those 30 TDs. Now lets factor in Martavis Bryant, one of the best red-zone WRs in the league. This guy has scored 17 TDs on 126 receptions in his 3-year career. If he gets 50 receptions this year, it's reasonable to expect another 8 TDs. Jalen Richard/Deandre Washington accounted for 3 TD receptions last year, so lets assume they combine for 5 based on Carr's increased productivity. Where are we so far? 23 TDs. But wait... what about the TE? Jared Cook has been talked up quite a bit by Gruden already, and stands to have an even larger role. Scored only twice last year despite posting a respectable 688 yards. It's safe to say he'll be in the 3-5 range this year. Seth Roberts, Johnny Holton, might get 1 or 2. So unless the projection is for Carr to throw 40 TDs, I don't see anything but scraps for Jordy. For me, I'd easily much rather spend that late round flier on Emmanuel Sanders, Rex Burkhead, Edelman, Hurns, Garcon, Crowder, Robert Woods, Devante Parker or even Kelvin Benjamin -- all of which have a LOWER ADP than Jordy.
  2. Jordy Nelson 2018 Season Outlook

    He's a DND for me... agree with SharkSwimmer. Seems like an exact repeat of Eric Decker. Big name that Rotoworld loves to hype despite all signs pointing to a major decline. From last yr: Eric Decker's one-year contract with the Titans is worth $3.85 million. Decker gets a $1.35 million base salary and $2.5 million signing bonus. Another $1.5 million is available via incentives. It's quite the pay cut after Decker was scheduled to earn a $6.5 million salary from the Jets, but he'll likely trade the pay cut for a better chance to win in a city where he's always wanted to play. Decker is a serious candidate to lead the Titans in catches and receiving touchdowns. BTW.... Decker is 2yrs younger than Jordy... and where is he now?
  3. Kuechly , wagner or Mosley?

    I'd pick Mosley. Kuechly is an injury risk, Wagner had a career best 2017 which means he'll most likely regress a bit.
  4. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm all aboard the Mixon hype train, but how about that schedule? PIT/BAL/CLE typically has some pretty stout defenses, and all 3 finished in the top-15 last year.
  5. League is full. Thanks for your consideration and interest!
  6. Invite sent! Please login as franchise 11. You can update your team name/location and we’ll have an updated icon for you soon. Also be sure to post your NCAA devy team on the message board. Welcome!
  7. You’re in! Invite sent. You can login (franchise9) and change your franchise name/location if you like. We’ll update your icon shortly. Also, please post your NCAA devy choice on the message board!
  8. Miami Hurricanes are now off the board!
  9. Oklahoma State is off the board! 4 open teams remaining, and lots of top 25 schools to choose from.
  10. Invite sent! Glad to have you. Please login as franchise 8. You can update your team name/location, and we’ll have an icon for you soon. Also, be sure to post your NCAA devy team on our message board.
  11. Auburn Tigers are off the board... down to 5 spots left!
  12. It’s a customized MFL league. The others don’t allow for most of these advanced options.
  13. We have 6 spots left... LSU is now off the board!
  14. Great.. Invite sent! (Login as franchise 6) NC State is yours.. You can update your team name and we’ll have a new icon for you soon. Welcome aboard!
  15. Clemson has just been claimed. We have about 7 spots remaining with lots of good Universities left!