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  1. A grade 1 turf toe injury represents a stretch injury or sprain of the plantar capsuloligamentous complex. Typically a patient with a grade 1 sprain may finish the game or practice and report pain in the MTP joint, but may not recall the exact play during which the injury occurred. Diagnosis is usually supported by mild to moderate tenderness upon palpation of the plantar aspect of the MTP joint and pain with passive terminal dorsiflexion of the joint. Weight bearing is usually tolerable and swelling minimal. A grade 2 turf toe injury reflects a partial tear of the plantar capsuloligamentous complex. These patients present with swelling and pain during weight bearing and often guard against passive dorsiflexion. A grade 3 turf toe injury represents a complete tear with avulsion of the plantar plate from the metatarsal head. These players present with increased swelling and ecchymosis, severe tenderness, and are often unable to bear weight on the forefoot. Treatment of turf toe in football is dependent on the grade and severity of the hyperextension injury. Athletes with grade 1 injuries often miss little or no playing time. These athletes are treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). Immobilization is rarely necessary. Athletes can often return to play with a combination of “turf toe taping,” shoe wear modification, or application of a more rigid insole. Taping is performed by bringing loops of a 1 to 2 cm wide piece of athletic tape (reinforced with moleskin) from the dorsal surface of the great toe to the plantar surface to prevent dorsiflexion beyond 30º. Athletes with grade 2 injuries often are more comfortable with a walking boot for a few days followed by progressive mobilization by the athletic trainer. The typical football player with a grade 2 turf toe injury will miss one to two weeks of competition but may have persistent symptoms during games or practice upon returning to play. Grade 3 injuries documented on MRI will need a period of immobilization and protected weight bearing (with or without a cast in slight MTP plantar flexion, and may require four to six weeks before return to play. In general, the return of painless passive terminal dorsiflexion is an indication to progress an athlete to running followed by cutting and drills. Hard running should be painless prior to sport specific drills and cutting. Since skill position players (e.g., wide receivers, defensive backs, running backs) may tolerate less in the way of shoe modification and modalities, they may take longer for a full return to competition.
  2. Few things working in Mixon's favor yesterday, so this outcome was not surprising. Any time a player doesn't practice all week and then basically a game-time decision, against a formidable defense (49ers are legit), you have to bench him. Next week they play at Buffalo which isn't much easier, but hopefully Mixon will be closer to 100% and worth starting. The passing offense has shown some great signs, and Mixon will have a break out game sooner than later.
  3. DJax and Wentz have had a very strong connection all offseason, and it's been well documented in various articles and reports. While he might not explode for 150 and 2TDs each week, he's got a very high weekly floor and a solid high-end WR2 this season. Anderson is nowhere close in my opinion.
  4. First drive of the game. Cam hit him on the sideline for a 1st down, and got the ball punched out as he was trying to push through 2 defenders for extra yards.
  5. They only scored 28 on offense. But it was Delanie Walker that stole the show in a game where Mariota only completed 14 passes. Davis is not an essential piece to this offense. They are going to win with defense and Derrick Henry. Everyone else on this team is pretty much a weekly dart throw.
  6. Winston is not in the same universe as Rodgers, Cam or Big Ben. Too early to tell with Baker. He's regressed every single year, and while he can't get much worse -- we all know he won't get much better based on his track record. Evans and Howard didn't exactly do him any favors, but even an average NFL QB can overcome some adversity during the game. He'll be benched sooner than later, as this team has way too much talent on offense to be held back by a lame-duck QB. More significantly, Tampa's defense looked better than advertised -- meaning there will be far less shootouts than most expected. That means the only player holding this team back from the playoffs is likely Winston. He has all the makings of Josh Freeman 2.0
  7. Minshew is definitely a gunslinger. Almost like a more accurate Jake Delhomme. This passing offense is going to be better than anyone expected. Even though it wasn’t close in the 2nd half, these young guns showed a lot of potential.
  8. So.... How many of you guys starting McCoy week 1 at Jacksonville?
  9. Here's a good read that summarizes Gruden's situation. It's not great.
  10. Haha... nice article, but Jay Gruden is also the most likely candidate to get fired if the Redskins start slow. He's in the final season of his contract, and has an overall record of 35-44-1 (.444) over the past 6 seasons. There's a very high probability AP will outlast Jay Gruden this season.
  11. I'm holding AP until Guice proves that he's worth the hype, and that he can stay on the field. With Guice's injury history, running style, and projected workload based on Gruden's comments, it will be interesting to see how long he can make it as the feature back. I still suspect Peterson will be startable this season at some point.
  12. I may be in the minority, but I just can't get excited about this guy any longer. He has shown very little progress in 4 years (actually regressing each year), and while he has all the talent around him for this to be a top-5 offense, he is the weakest link. He's looking more like a Josh Freeman / Blake Bortles / Marcus Mariota than a true franchise QB. Capable of having big games, throws it around ok, but is generally a poor decision maker and just can't seem to put it together consistently. With Tampa's new coaching staff, I suspect Winston's leash will be fairly short. Unless something very unexpected happens, Tampa will be in prime position for a top-5 draft pick, putting them in prime position for a QB in the 2020 draft.
  13. Jay Ajayi Damera Crockett Darrel Williams Rob Gronkowski DJ Chark
  14. I'll also add that 1-2 weeks ago, Brown's ADP was in the 3rd round which was an absolute steal. While it's rebounded a bit, I still see him as a substantial bargain.
  15. A few key points: Winston and Carr's career trajectory to this point have been nearly opposite. Carr has improved each year, Winston has gotten worse. A better coach? That's debatable. Arians offenses have clicked when he's had a good QB. Carson Palmer. Big Ben. Anrdew Luck. Winston is not close to those guys, and they brought in Blaine Gabbert (who already knows Arians' system) as a backup. What's Evans' stat line going to look like with Gabbert at QB? Evans is sharing targets with breakout candidates Godwin and OJ Howard, where Brown is the unquestioned focal point of the offense. Allen, while he doesn't have the QB issues, he's on a clear decline. Maybe the injuries he sustained early in his career are catching up to him. Maybe the emergence of Mike Williams and Travis Benjamin have Rivers' spreading the ball around more. Henry Hunter is coming back this year, and there's a decent chance Allen finishes with under 1000 yards. Meanwhile, AB is in great shape despite the drama, and still has a lot left in the tank. It's fair and reasonable to expect a slight drop off going from Big Ben to Carr, but there's no question Brown is by far the most talented player on that roster. He has very little competition for targets, and an ascending QB (career high completion percentage and yards last year). And yes... I believe Pettis, Samuel and Goodwin are an improvement over Bourne, Trent Taylor and a 40yr old Pierre Garcon. It's an easy decision.
  16. Ha... no, I traded for him. Got him for next to nothing, because guys like you want dudes like Evans & Allen -- even though they are more expensive and arguably just as risky. As for Kittle, there were quite a few circumstances that led to his 'breakout' -- a dearth of receiving options and awful QB play at the top of the list. If you're counting on him to repeat, I'd say there's a high probability of a letdown. There's no way in hell I'd take him over Antonio Brown.
  17. All the same questions and doubts were cast on Terrell Owens as well, and he continued to post massive stats with the Eagles. While this is obviously a slightly different situation, it's easy to see how a HOF player can have another top-5 season at his position despite all of the reasons you listed. It's been done before. While Evans and Allen may have fewer question marks, they don't have the resumé that AB does. If you're seriously taking Kittle over AB, I don't know what to tell you.
  18. Or, it could be an investment to have a proven startable TE1 at some point this season. If you're using that spot for any other active player, you're essentially waiting for an injury, trade or some unforeseen development to make that player worth starting. For Gronk, we already know he'll be a weekly starter (regardless of what he did last season) if he rejoins the Pats. It's just like holding a backup RB and waiting for an injury to happen to the starter. Only with Gronk, we know that he's already guaranteed to have a major role if/when he comes back.
  19. Eh... while I'm sure it was a big enough problem in that it didn't get Darrel drafted, he's an excellent fit for the role that he currently has. With Hyde out of the picture, he's the only 'big back' option left. Which could mean short yardage and goal-line opportunities at a minimum, and a whole lot more if Damien doesn't hold up as the feature guy. Again Darrel looked good with his opportunities in yesterday's game. While everyone continues to hype up Damien and Darwin, Darrel is pretty much being ignored.
  20. Duke's rushing attempts have declined every year he's been in the league. He's basically a clone of TJ Yeldon or Gio Bernard. Good in the passing game, but doesn't have the vision, experience or talent to excel as a between-the-tackles grinder. It wasn't Cleveland's coaches that prevented him from earning a workhorse role -- his college tape and nearly every scouting report concurred on the fact that he's not a early down RB. If Houston gives him more opportunities, it will be out of sheer necessity... not because Duke has suddenly transformed into a 3-down back. That said, I think most expect Ajayi to get a workout here as the opportunity is an ideal fit for his skills. Whether the offensive line is good enough to make Ajayi more than an RB3 is debatable.
  21. A good write up a few days ago... Mostly speculation, but still an interesting read: Also Gronk was sighted yesterday working out with his brother at a Texas stadium. If he was truly retired, you think he'd be taking it easy...
  22. That's what I don't get. If you look at some of his highlights, he's clearly outrunning defenders. For instance, look at the 3:58 mark of this clip. He gets caught by the DB at the very end, but he looks plenty fast to me.