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  1. Learn what? To behave? Pop does an excellent job maximizing his team's potential. But I don't see many, if any, examples of Pop maximizing individual talents. Derozan, Aldridge, Leonard, SJax are some examples of players who played for the Spurs and all had better numbers(more impact) on other teams. As mentioned, above, Cousins is status/post achilles and quad tear, at age 29, at 6/11 270. History isn't in his favor for (achilles and his size). I was surprised with how well he played, considering both injuries. Defensively, he's going to be a massive liability going forward. Durability concerns are valid and real. He will latch on somewhere, but it's no surprise he's getting no real offers.
  2. Why would they sign DAJ w/ Allen on the team? DAJ's worth on the court has taken a nose dive in the last few seasons. Outside of rebounds, he doesn't block shots, his defense is average (at best) and his offensive game is even worse than it was with the Clippers. Are we sure Brooklyn is a playoff team next season? As for the Knicks, what a shame. Another year of disappointment. It's going to be tough for a guy with the ego as James Dolan to swallow this pill, again. It's you, bro.
  3. It's not. Kawhi was awesome, but i think he appreciated the type of grind it takes to lead a team to a title with no other stars. He had an assortment of injuries he was dealing with, even with his load management of 20 games. Not sure he wants that type of responsibility for another 4-5+ years. Kawhi's proven he can win as part of a team (Spurs) and as the man (Raptors). He has nothing else to prove. He either wants to return home and play for the most marketable team (and win) or make as much money as possible (Raptors).
  4. No, it doesn't. Freak accidents are not prevented by sitting games out. It's one thing if he tore his achilles or his hamstring. Breaks, fractures, are completely random.
  5. I try not to be an unreasonable fan, but mercy. What is the purpose of limiting MRob to 13 minutes while losing??? What is the objective here?
  6. When he started splitting minutes and keeping Whiteside on the bench in the 4th, had to know this would eventually happen. Could easily tell Spoelstra wasn't a fan of Whiteside. Plus the emergency of Adebayo and it's over. Horrible timing.
  7. Revisionist history. He's helped usher Love, Bosh, and Irving into hall of fame consideration. He's enhanced their careers. Each of those guys, even through reflection, would all love to play with Lebron again.
  8. Is this up to date analysis, or just recycled analysis from pre NO Okafor? In particular the "absolute black hole" reference.
  9. I stopped at "ethics," and "beauty of the sport." Dynasties and NBA stars dictating what they want has been a thing since the 70's. The only difference now is access to players and their agents have opened up 100000%. This isn't fantasy. It's no different than those in business, hospitals, law firms, public officials holding office. The *stars* of each industry usually do dictate where they work and with who they work with. That is life. Stop expecting professional athletes to hold a higher standard. You're going to be disappointed. Also, don't forget, NBA teams, leak information about wanting to get rid of players and coaches all the time. It's really not a big deal.
  10. I don't understand this at all. NO had 7 years with AD. If he wants to move on, move on. I'm not really sure why this is an issue. The NBA seems to be the only major sport, I can think of, where superstars teaming up with other superstars elicits so many negative emotions.
  11. I don't know what happened to me, and others for that matter. We knew Rivers was a bad player. Real and fantasy. Then for a millisecond, he was allowed to "blow up" with the Clippers last year. Fake news. I picked him up, as did others. And as I watch this game, I'm asking myself, "what the **** was I thinking?" Immediate drop. I recommend others do the same.
  12. Hassan Whiteside. The prototypical contract chaser. The energy and intensity he used to play with when he first came on the scene has completely disappeared. It's tough as an owner, watching him play, knowing that Bam is the better fit for this team.
  13. I focused more on the Eagles pass rush.. But yes, still foolish on my end