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  1. Hope he is okay, also devastating to my team that is trying to claw out of a assist hole at the last second to lose him (if Concussion)
  2. Increased pressure leading to more TOs, less capable assist completers, quick blowout leading to Caruso getting the bulk of minutes I need some hope here, I'm being murdered in the playoffs in 2019 by Rajon EFFing Rondo lol
  3. Does Lebron sitting out tonight, help or hurt him tonight?
  4. Does he go Boom tonight with Paul out?
  5. Is it him or Mudiay that will finish the week strong with DSJ sidelined?
  6. Lowry out, FVV still not back anyone putting Lin in the spotlight? Only Norman to challenge him for the position
  7. what's a good Monte stat line look like? Need to stream assists the latter half
  8. Embiid will eat him up, but If he can stay out of foul trouble he’ll put up stats
  9. Not sure what to expect going forward, but I made a hard call between keeping him and Olynyk this week... I stuck with Dwight (mostly because I trust his minutes more). Hope that doesn't come back to bite me...
  10. His late start to the week makes me lean towards streaming the spot...