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  1. Have Samuel in there but I feel like Baldwin’s matchup is better and while underwhelming at best he might be the safer play. So far matchup is pretty even so I don’t necessarily need a home run but he’s got some dangerous players going at 4.
  2. I was just trying to decide whether to drop John Brown for him. He’s had some boom weeks but recently a few busts. It feels like Flacco has regressed as the season has progressed and also that other targets like Crabtree, Snead and the TEs are getting more looks. I think I’m pulling the trigger.
  3. 12 Team PPR. Currently 4 and 4. Been strong at RB with Barkley, Gordon, Mack, and Ingram. But very weak at WR with Hilton, Baldwin, John Brown, Sutton ( just lost Fuller). My only QB is Watson. With Barkley, Mack and Hilton on a bye I’m looking at a loss this week. So would you trade Mack for Cupp and Luck? Gives me a decent WR that I can start this week (looks like he’ll play) and a QB for next week.
  4. Standard league. Devonta Freeman - 3 back committee? Will Fuller - seems certain he’ll play but does he exit early? help!
  5. Seems illogical for QBs to have statistically worse numbers but WRs be unaffected. Can you explain?
  6. My situation exactly in my biggest money PPR league. Went RB, RB and then ended up with Hilton and Baldwin. Not super exiting and didn’t really plan it that way but I’m optimistic.
  7. Got him at 10 in a 12 Team PPR. Took Gordon on the turn. I feel good having 2 3 down backs that catch passes.
  8. Drafting in a 12 Team PPR league tomorrow that has the following positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB / WR / TE), D. Any thoughts on what this means for Top tier TEs? Just rank them like WR? Any resources that would do this for me? for example does this move Gronk down a round?