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  1. I was offered a trade I’d be getting Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin..........I’d be giving up Cooper Kupp. PPR league. It sounds OK to me but wanted to make sure. Thanks
  2. Kurt cousins had 302yds not 299. Will be added by Thursday.
  3. Hopefully Cutler makes a better broadcaster than he is at playing QB.
  4. I benched Gurley today.... I thought it was a tough matchup...
  5. Told you guys this old man was gonna bring you to the Championship,
  6. I guess last weeks Green Bay/Carolina game was much more important last week than I thought being a Keemun/Theilen owner. If Green Bay would have won Arron most likely would have played keeping this game more lively.
  7. This guy is gonna have a party this week and win you the championship! Potentially his last two games before retirement.
  8. I wish I was playing you in the championship!
  9. Split the winnings and play for 5$ a point......if you win by 20 you get a 100$. If he wins by 40 he gets a 200$. If you win by 6 you get 30$.....and so on. Keeps it competitive until the very very last game even if it just a kicker. And now you have something to play for. and splitting is probably expected or considered normal in most leagues.
  10. Pulling my hair! I’m worried about them pulling Keenum in the second half if the score gets out of control. The cold weather doesn’t bother me.........DAK has been hit or miss, but should help Zek is back........I’m leaning towards Foles at home vs. Oak.........What would you do?
  11. Same Situation, I just can’t pull the trigger.
  12. Williams didn’t even fly with the team! 86 rushing yds, 92 receiving yds, 8 receptions, 2 td.