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  1. Ekeler or Golladay? WHIR

    Golladay. I still like Ekeler alot but hard to trust this week. Esepcially with news floating around that Jackson might get lionshare. Id start Ekeler over someone with 20 carries on the year named Jackson. However Golladay is proven and the easy decision.
  2. Kicker dilemma...bench Lutz?

    Overthinking it dude. 1st of all: We are talking about a kicker. 2nd: Lutz is the play. Of the 3 he might not score the most points - but like you said hes the best fantasy scoring kicker in the league on best offense. Got to play the odds. Not get lucky with a subpar kicker having a good game
  3. Godwin or Landry this week PPR

    Toss up. I prefer Landry - Guaranteed catches - Might get 40 yards or 90. Who knows but will rack up 4-5 catches at a minimum. Godwin has been all over the place. Granted so has landry. But Godwin riskier for sure. Roll of dice.
  4. Need a win, who to start ? Whir

    Ware Ingram and Adams. Most people under me will guarantee say Mack, but I am not a huge fan. Two weeks over 14 pts all season. Ehhh. Will get touches but needs TD badly.
  5. I would go Sutton. Expect Balt to play from behind. Gus doesnt catch passes. Will limit run game and millions of mouths to feed in backfield already. If Balt can keep it close, Gus is the play - I just dont see it happening.
  6. Start Allen or Goff? (WHIR)

    Yes Crazy. Allen seriously might score more than Goff. He also has potential to put up 0.4 pts.. 130 yards and 4 INTS. The risk of Allen is not worth the reward. Take the for sure points and live another day.
  7. Bet Dispute - What's Your Take?

    Entire Season. without question
  8. Week 14 Playoff WR help

    Im leaning Ridley - however only scored more than 9.3 pts (ESPN) in 5 of 13 weeks. Hardly serviceable. Boom or bust for sure. But could be considered safer than Conley. Reynolds who the heck knows. I love his potential. Just only seen it one week and might not again.
  9. Which WR Do I Start? WHIR!!

    I would lean Shady. As much as Gus has been a surprise - Its hard to trust. Would agree, if KC gets up early its going to be difficult for Lamar and Gus.
  10. Wentz, Trubisky or Allen???

    I think starting Allen would be mistake of century. Just not enough consistency and cant trust him. Wentz - I think Philly actually wins this weekend in Big D. hes my choice and its not close.
  11. Would stay with Goff over Matty Ice. Tough matchup and tossup. But I like Goff personally. Also something to consider - DJ Moore in flex. With olsen out should get another few targets. I like the sneaky upside to this move and potential 20+ points. Miller getting chunk yardage but no other counting stats.
  12. Ertz trade

    I would accept. Helps win a championship this year and doesnt punt the future.
  13. Which DEF? HOU or DAL?

    Houston. I actually think Philly beats the Cowboys this week.
  14. Waiver pickup this week- 100% WHIR

    Ehh I would probably leave reynolds. I dont like Sanu for more than 4-50 at most. Reynolds has upside.
  15. Please help with Flex

    Leaning Gordon. Would rank: Gordon > Boyd > Ingram = Ware > Wilson All solid plays. But gordon and Boyd have highest potential.