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  1. Dropped players worth a pickup...WHIR

    I would agree. Amazing that Johnson was dropped. Have to find a space for him.
  2. Pick my QB

    Flacco safest play for sure. I think you have to go there. However, I would say 90% one of the other 3 outscores him. The question is who haha.
  3. Help with RBs this week...WHIR!

    Definitely dont sit DJ. I would start Coleman. Mixon and Howard is a toss up. Leaning Mixon, but I do like howard out of the bye.
  4. Conner & Carson for Hunt

    Looking to try and move Conner somehow before the inevitable. Was offered this. I have to accept right? Other RB on roster: CMC, Fournette, Ekeler, Morris.
  5. Pick up dropped K. Drake? WHIR 100%

    I would use it because of necessity. Not because i love Drake moving forward.
  6. Should I trade andrew luck for tevin Coleman?

    Freeman supposedly only out a week. However the inactives are piling up for him and Coleman looks good even when Freeman playing. Luck wont see your starting roster. Why not. Get points now and maybe more later.
  7. Would you accept this?

    My question is, how do you get the first 3 draft picks in most leagues on your team? You have Bell, Kamara, and Gurley? I understand how you could get bell for cheap. I just dont think ive seen Gurley and Kamara on the same team. Not even sure how that is possible. But I wouldn't do the deal.
  8. Do I Accept This Trade?

    If you had better depth at RB. Absolutely, I would take in a second. You dont, therefore you move on. Hard pass.
  9. Id let Baldwin figure it out on the bench for another week. See what happens. Go consistent points and play Shep.
  10. Zeke for Hunt/J Gordon

    I would. I like zeke more than Hunt. Gordon's name is thrown around in every deal as sweetener right now. He is perceived to have more value than actually does. Dont get me wrong JGo could go off and become a STUD. I love the guy, being a Browns fan. But, I am waiting to see it and decent chance it wont happen. I would do the deal.
  11. What Can I Afford To Give Up For Yeldon?

    Yeldon owners are thrilled with his production. They only see green pastures because they put minimal effort in to get. Drafted low as handcuff or waiver pickup and getting weekly play and performance. Therefore his value to them is great and have no problem cutting bait at end of run. They were dreaming of this happening because they didnt give up anything for him. Guys like howard, value wont be lower than it is now. It would be harder to pry yeldon from a owner than it would be to get Howard, Hyde, Lynch.
  12. CMC for Hopkins/D Cook .... WHIR

    Hopkins for CMC is close to accept depending on your team. Add someone with potential of Cook to entice. Yes please.
  13. My Hunt for Luck and Hyde?? WHIR

    Hyde's role wont change as long as he is healthy. Hes a two down bellcow with 3-5 carries mixed in for Chubb every game. Im not in love with luck, but there is alot of experts out there who expect Top 5 ROS QB. I'm def not there but can provide value especially in comparison to Carr. I obviously like the Freeman trade 10X better. But if you are desperate which you are this trade isnt too bad either. Push for freeman deal. Use this as fall back option.
  14. What Can I Afford To Give Up For Yeldon?

    Depends on your record so far. I personally wouldnt trade for Yeldon. Your giving up pieces to win championship for a 4 week rental. Yeldon will not be in your lineup come week 10, granted fournette comes back. I would target another RB. Say Lynch, Howard, Hyde who might have value ROS not just weeks 6-10 with fournette out. This is even more true with you a Fournette owner as well.
  15. I wouldnt do this deal. David Johnson is still a beast. Hes getting legs back after missed season and finally getting 20+ touches a game. They really scaled him back in first 3 games. Hes going to outproduce Melgo rest of season.