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  1. He's on pace for 5,600 yards and 60+ tds! He is the #1 scorer thru 2 weeks in all my leagues. These are 6 pt leagues, btw.
  2. Yep, there’s a reason for that. He was decent in Denver but every time I watch him I see nothing special.
  3. Agree with this. Watch Sammy get off this week. I am passing on Robinson. I don’t need the headache.
  4. Still holding this dude in 2 leagues. He is electric in the open and Edwards doesn’t scare me at all. Ingram has never been the epitome of health either.
  5. And people actually pay for that info. 26th best? Has this guy even been watching games?
  6. I get it but why would that matter? I know I have had a few heavy beers today but I am just not following. An IR spot I guess? Damn I hate those.
  7. Heck no that isn’t the deal. Some people...
  8. Ankle injury or not, it’s apparent something is wrong with Cam. He looks noodle armed out there. Dropping him for Josh Allen. Cam was my bench guy anyway.
  9. [Removed Cool Story] He throws a good looking ball and has good placement. No reason he can't sneak into qb2 territory when he gets some weapons back. Most notably Tate.