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  1. Probably. But unless someone has one of the few consistent TEs, maybe worth a shot at this point in the TE tiers.
  2. Ok, this Sanchez is awesome. They aren’t going to run it. We need to stop Sanchez.......
  3. Is it possible for players to make a tackle and not act like they just made the best play ever?
  4. I’m still holding. But I’m in a 14 team league with little in the wire. Not going tonplay him but what what if he plays and gobbles up targets from McCoy? i can see dropping him in smaller leagues though.
  5. I’d go with the chargers, hope Gordon gets at least a TD, and win this week.
  6. Tough one. How does your opponent look? Safe bet would be Gordon and Allen. But if you think you need upside to win, go with the chargers