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  1. When I look at this situation, it has the makings of a huge upside. Nothing people don’t already know but a great offense, 1WR already hurt, another WR with a history of injuries, a player with a skill set designed for that offense who was free (until the first injury). At the end of the year, there may be few games where starting Hardman made sense. But how many players competing for a roster spot on the typical FF team would have as good an opportunity as Hardman does right now?
  2. Picking him up obviously depends on league and roster size. But I’d rather have Brown than Davis. That may not be saying a whole lot. Maybe saying more about Davis. I agree with the thought that maybe Brown is what they wanted Davis to be. And if so, he could be a flex/bye week fill in.
  3. Is Mike Davis better than Montgomery and Cohen? i get it’s easy to criticize from afar. But come one.
  4. holy crap.....a new Rambo movie. my life is complete
  5. Jordan Howard is watching this with a woody.
  6. Read some experts saying Anthony Miller is gonna take a leap this year. Dude is behind Patterson in the pecking order.
  7. Rodgers says....yeah, let me just be me.
  8. You know, you’d think that being the first game, Thursday night wouldn’t matter. But no. It’s a slog fest. Montgomery looks good though. I know it’s a new offense against the Bears, but Packers look boring.
  9. Probably. But unless someone has one of the few consistent TEs, maybe worth a shot at this point in the TE tiers.
  10. Ok, this Sanchez is awesome. They aren’t going to run it. We need to stop Sanchez.......
  11. Is it possible for players to make a tackle and not act like they just made the best play ever?