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  1. Still a solid kicker, despite the one miss. (Anyone complaining about the free kick, come on) I’ll probably keep him thru bye.
  2. Interesting, so if he would have made it ... no points?
  3. Oh, why couldn’t Slye have made that? Would have been so cool. 😄
  4. gonna try to do the same. Walker is old, might be hurt, not getting targets, offense/coaching not great. He started off with a great game. All the others have been bad. The Jax game, he saved his night with most of his catches on the final garbage-time drive.
  5. I actually sprained my ankle today and am in a boot. No joke. No need to worry! Here’s the blurb: mjkp64 is out for Sunday’s matchup with Miami with an ankle sprain. Simply devastating. Mjkp64 was walking his dog and missed a step going into the backyard. It is believed to be of the high variety. We expect Austin Ekeler to receive the bulk of the carries with the now returned Melvin Gordon possibly mixed in.
  6. If he is active, I could see some goal line work.
  7. Bad showing last night. No way I’m using them on the road vs. Dallas.
  8. I’d go with Brown who has emerged at Allen’s go to option. Cin has given up some good games to receivers. Scary Terry is also a consideration
  9. I’d have to say Johnson or MVS if you truly want to keep him. Hyde is getting a lot of carries and Murray has looked pretty good and should only get better.
  10. PPR and RET yards count the same as receiving. Scary Terry vs Chi or Hardman va Bal
  11. I think it’s pretty good. I think Voit will have a good season and he is starting off on your bench. I like your starting pitching. Don’t have one of those top 10 guys but good overall depth. I like all the Cardinals there, as I am a fan too. But I could see you needing to replace someone like Bader. He will play good D and runs well, but his hitting is a ? from a fantasy perspective. Obv. hope I’m wrong though.
  12. We can keep a max of 6. It is a 10 person league. Standard head-to-head. I currently have: Ronald Acuna Jr Aaron Judge Javier Baez Juan Soto Blake Snell Aaron Nola Other possibilities: Justin Verlander Carlos Corrasco Corey Seager Justin Turner Daniel Murphy Mitch Haniger Keep this as is, or make any changes? WHiR
  13. Headache. I’ll bet a lot of people will draft him fairly high next year based on his two or three big games with Dallas. No thank you.
  14. Dammit, Lisa! I guess I’ll take 5 for 58 since he was at like 2 or 3 points most of the game. My other option was Baldwin who will blow up now.
  15. As long as Keenan iced his hip and took some acetaminophen, he should be good to go.