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  1. I think it’s pretty good. I think Voit will have a good season and he is starting off on your bench. I like your starting pitching. Don’t have one of those top 10 guys but good overall depth. I like all the Cardinals there, as I am a fan too. But I could see you needing to replace someone like Bader. He will play good D and runs well, but his hitting is a ? from a fantasy perspective. Obv. hope I’m wrong though.
  2. We can keep a max of 6. It is a 10 person league. Standard head-to-head. I currently have: Ronald Acuna Jr Aaron Judge Javier Baez Juan Soto Blake Snell Aaron Nola Other possibilities: Justin Verlander Carlos Corrasco Corey Seager Justin Turner Daniel Murphy Mitch Haniger Keep this as is, or make any changes? WHiR
  3. Headache. I’ll bet a lot of people will draft him fairly high next year based on his two or three big games with Dallas. No thank you.
  4. Dammit, Lisa! I guess I’ll take 5 for 58 since he was at like 2 or 3 points most of the game. My other option was Baldwin who will blow up now.
  5. As long as Keenan iced his hip and took some acetaminophen, he should be good to go.
  6. Me too. This analysis from the teen health website. I mean, if Lisa could be back in action for the next varsity volleyball team game, Keenan should be good to try to win the division. https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/hip-pointer.html Lisa finally got the chance to start for the varsity volleyball team, and she really wanted to impress the coach. But on one play she got overeager and collided with a teammate while going for a spike. She landed flat on her side on the hard gym floor. Lisa felt a sharp, strong pain in her hip and had to be helped off the floor. After being taken out of the game, Lisa iced her hip and took some acetaminophen. But the next day her hip still hurt and was swollen and bruised. Her mother took her to see the doctor. It turned out Lisa had a hip pointer, a bruise to one of the bones of her hip.
  7. I don’t see how you can bench Cohen at this point.
  8. I'm a Rams fan, so I am following the relocation saga closely. This analysis is awful. Spanos approached Kroenke about partnering, and apparently Stan bought the Inglewood land behind Dean's back. Dean has also come out and said he will not partner with Stan. Charger and Raiders in Carson and Rams in StL is still a strong possibility at this point, which makes the final line laughable. Owner Stan Kroenke has proposed making a second team a full partner with the Rams in Inglewood. Kroenke had previously rejected the idea of sharing his Inglewood stadium with either the Chargers or the Raiders, but now realizes he may have to be open to it in order to get his wish to get his Rams to California. The team that is expected to join forces with the Rams is the Chargers. Kroenke and Chargers owner Dean Spanos have a long history together and make a sensible match. The two teams coming together, with the Raiders, St. Louis, and San Diego left with nothing, is the latest expected outcome in the race to Los Angeles.
  9. DeAngelo Williams rushed 17 times for 54 yards and caught one of two targets for 15 yards in the Steelers' Week 10 win over the Browns. Williams went into halftime with just three rushing yards on seven carries. He was obviously much better after the break, though a good portion of his yards came in the fourth quarter with the game already well in hand. We may have jumped the gun a little on Williams after his stunning 170-yard effort against Oakland in Week 9. He’s still getting plenty of volume and should settle in as a high-end RB2 going forward. He’ll get the Seahawks in Week 12. Pittsburgh has a bye week before that. -------------------------- So Williams went from a top 5 RB 1 to a high end RB 2 in one week.
  10. There's a blurb right now about Andy Reid not giving up play calling duties. They list his title as: Andy Reid - OT - Chiefs OT? Offensive tackel? Is that a fat joke?
  11. So what, are RW blurb writers giving shout outs to each other? Read the last line.
  12. Buffalo made Shawn Greene look decent earlier this year. I'm rolling with Powell in what could be a nice matchup at home b/c of the lack of other options. The only thing that kind of worries me is the presence of Howling ... how will the carries be split? Part of powell's value would seem to be his pass catching ... hope LSH doesn't steal it.