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  1. If you can get Chubb for those guys, then definitely make the deal!!! Chubb is a potential top 5 RB and a big upgrade over Mixon. I don't believe Jackson will be "start-able" all year...even if Gordon doesn't return. Ekelar is the guy to own in that backfield in my opinion.
  2. I think you need to upgrade at WR and you have RB depth to do it. Flip either Montgomery or Freeman, along with any of your WR (not Evans or Woods) and get a better WR. Other than that, I like your team. I'm high on both Winston and Hunter Henry this year.
  3. Yeah the upgrade of Rodgers over Kyler is significant and the downgrade from Hilton to Moore is probably minimal. I got Hilton in my auction draft Sat night for $18 whereas Moore went for $17. I'd make the deal for sure.
  4. Yes, that's too high. I'd wait at least 3-4 more rounds before grabbing him as a handcuff. There are still a lot of stud players that should be available in the 6th rd.
  5. Just drafted last night in my 10 team 1/2 pt PPR league. My roster is as follows: QB - Aaron Rodgers ($11) RB - Derrick Henry (keeper $4) and Devonta Freeman ($49) WR - Michael Thomas ($60), Davante Adams ($50), and TY Hilton ($18) Flex - Sony Michel ($16) TE - David Njoku ($5) K - Jalen Elliott ($1) Def - Jacksonville ($1) Bench - Robby Anderson ($3), LeSean McCoy ($2), Delanie Walker ($1), Courtland Sutton ($1), Dion Lewis ($1), Jerick McKinnon ($1) and CJ Anderson ($1) My self-assessment is that it's a pretty strong starting lineup outside of TE, but that my bench is really bad. Not sure I'll be able to start any of my current bench players outside of maybe Robbie Anderson and Delanie Walker. My question is, do you think this is a good enough lineup to contend in a 10 team league? Also, would you trade Rodgers and Njoku for Jameis Winston and Hunter Henry? I'm considering making that offer to upgrade at TE. Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions. WHIR
  6. Who do you start in 1/2 pt ppr: Devin Funchess vs Dal Robby Anderson @ Det Randall Cobb vs Chi
  7. 10 team league - 1/2 pt PPR We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 Flex (7 bench spots) QB - Russell Wilson RB - Dalvin Cook, Derrick Henry, Lamar Miller, Mark Ingram, Rashaad Penny WR - Tyreek Hill, TY Hilton, Josh Gordon, Devin Funchess, Randall Cobb, Robbie Anderson, Kenny Stills TE - Jordan Reed and Delanie Walker I feel really good about my WR depth, but would like to try and add a second stud RB. The other owner has both Saquon Barkley and Mevin Gordon. I’m trying to get Saquon for Derrick Henry and Josh Gordon (which to me is a no brainer), but I doubt he’s going to go for it. If he declines that, I’m considering countering and asking for Melvin Gordon for those two. Just not 100% sure because I’m not sure Melvin Gordon is that big of an upgrade over Derrick Henry. M. Gordon caught a lot more passes last year, but I fear that a healthy Ekelar will cut into those those year. Henry doesn’t catch many passes at all...but he’ll be running behind a better line than last year and getting all the early work. Just not sure if it’s worth giving up Josh Gordon for that upgrade. Thx in advance for any responses. I’ll do my best to answer your questions if I can.
  8. I like it...although I think you’re going to be disappointed that you drafted Corey Davis in the 4th rd. I think you’ll end up starting Kupp and Stills more than you’ll end up starting Davis. Can’t complaint about the RB’s as I think you’ll be able to play matchups to start 2 of Drake, Carson and Hyde each week (or start 1 if the matchups aren’t great and play a WR at flex). If Jimmy G and Can both get off to hot starts, you could potentially flip one to a QB needy team (I assume there will be a few with that many players rostered). Good job overall! thx for helping with mine.
  9. If he slips, I agree that Hopkins is the pick. But I prefer Gordon, Fournette and Hunt over OBJ. Just don’t trust OBJ’s health to use a 1st on him.
  10. No doubt Collins is the pick. I think you can draft a QB that produces like Smith in the draft for cheap. Between Mack and Collins, there is no comparison. I’m really high on Collins based on what I saw last year and this go with him. Please help with mine if you have an opinion... Thanks!
  11. Drop Mahomes. No reason to hang onto a backup QB when you have Aaron Rodgers as your starter. I’d drop him for sure to pick up Jamal Williams. If you want to hang onto Mahomes, I’d drop Wilkins for Williams as well.
  12. I’d drop Ronald Jones for Peyton Barber. Why keep the backup when the starter is available. You fed already have solid RB’s, but I just don’t see Jones worth hanging onto in a shallow league like this.
  13. I like that you drafted both OBJ and Gurley in a 12 team league. That’s a great 1-2 punch if OBJ can stay on the field this year. I’d be nervous going into the year with J.Gordon as a starter. With Ingram out the first 4 weeks, I think you’re putting yourself at risk early having to likely start both Gordon and Jordy Nelson. They could have value, but I think they also have really low floors the first few weeks until we see their roles. Overall, I think it’s a decent squad.
  14. I like it overall, but if I were in your shoes, I’d be looking to move a WR for an upgrade at either RB or TE. I think going into each week starting both Lynch or Njoku will lead to frustration. Neither are solid starters and you don’t have backups at those positions that you can depend on yet. Could you move Landry or Josh Gordon and Lynch for an upgrade at RB? That’s what I’d be looking to do. Please help with mine: