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  1. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    Welcome to rotoworld?
  2. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Denver makes zero sense. They already have too much money locked into old receivers they’re just waiting to dump and Dez doesn’t fit the culture they’re trying to foster at all
  3. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    @Impreza178 I’ll keep an eye on this going in to the weekend, I’m just not able to commit to that Sunday time at the moment. Will probably fill up before then but that’s okay if so, appreciate the invite all the same
  4. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    I’ll check this out after work today, sounds fun. Stupid employment grrr
  5. De'Angelo Henderson 2018 Season Outlook

    In what little live action he got last year he looked absolutely electric. The only worry is how far he’ll be buried in the depth chart after Denver effectively added three more RBs. I still contend that Booker sucks and is not even worth a roster spot, but we’ll see how long the coaching staff decides to drag that out.
  6. Christian Kirk 2018 Season Outlook

    LSD? Okay grandpa. Probably molly if anything
  7. Christian Kirk 2018 Season Outlook

    what an absolute moron
  8. Kerryon Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    At the end of the day he’s still a Detroit Lions RB so temper expectations accordingly
  9. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    Well that is just laughably bad. They should cut him and bring in literally anyone else
  10. Lamar Jackson 2018 Season Outlook

    Outside of the numbers only. Inside he was fine
  11. Lamar Jackson 2018 Season Outlook

    That he was asked to go beyond the first read and was capable of doing so
  12. Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Outlook

    more irony
  13. Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Outlook

    Implying that the legs and the rest of the body aren’t important to good passing form, which is objectively wrong. Does Wentz appear to be in a much better position than Luck? Of course. But there is a non-zero chance that neither regain their pre-injury form. Or maybe they both make full recoveries. Only time will tell.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Outlook

    Then why did you troll the Luck thread with the exact same blurb?
  15. Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Outlook

    Throwing against air is completely different than an actual game. A lot of recovery will be mental, same as any injury. Ironic how you’re piling on Luck but reassuring everyone that Wentz is good to go