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  1. Michael Gallup 2018 Season Outlook

    More of a threat than a rookie WR
  2. Stefon Diggs 2018 Season Outlook

    Then he should have went after a QB with an actual playoff victory
  3. Stefon Diggs 2018 Season Outlook

    Cousins was too scared to force the issue to WRs last season, and he’s suddenly going to open up with a better defense, running game, and TE? Alrighty then

    Predicting injuries is a fool’s errand
  5. Sammy Watkins 2018 Season Outlook

    Kelce is a good TE and young QBs tend to favor that position
  6. Robert Turbin 2018 Season Outlook

    How so? By being propped up by everyone constantly?
  7. Royce Freeman 2018 Season Outlook

    A ton of risk at that ADP. I have zero confidence in this coaching staff committing to a rookie
  8. Mohamed Sanu 2018 Season Outlook

    What team is he on again? Falcons?
  9. Sammy Watkins 2018 Season Outlook

    DeSean Jackson is more of a basement guy than floor
  10. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Don’t act all surprised when Cousins does the same
  11. Jameis Winston 2018 Season Outlook

  12. 2018 Biggest Busts

    neither has Case Keenum, checkmate
  13. 2018 Biggest Busts

  14. 2018 Biggest Busts