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  1. who would have a better season ... Strickland or Alvarado?
  2. Is he injured from today’s game???
  3. is this guy healthy to start the season?
  4. This is a scoring point league setting ... Not category or roto league.. everything is 1 point... BLK/STL is 2 pts... TO/PF is -1 pt.. I made the move dropping THJ ... Need C at this moment.. hoping this doesn't haunt ...
  5. Is your league a daily or weekly lineup league? Have you made the moved yet ? Kanter minutes have been dropped significantly last 5 games... he doesn't worth much if he's not a starter... I'd go for Bryant and drop Kanter if this is the case...
  6. Richardson is having a great year so far... MIP imo...Butler is a headache case at time to deal with.... I'd stay pat help with mine?
  7. I'd side w/ Fox... since Conley has a chance of being shutdown and injury risk... help with mine?
  8. Depends on your needs ... I'd keep THJ for now .... is that Derrick White from SAN? help with mine?