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  1. Wilson Ramos 2018 Outlook

    Oh man!!!!!!!!!! I hope you're right. Does TB want Giles? lmao. Hopefully it wont cost up Forest or Alvarez
  2. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    Any news on Gray? I think I read he gave up 2 runs on two hits in his lone minor league start. When can we expect him back?
  3. Ken Giles 2018 Outlook

    Hopefully he gets traded. We could use a catcher in Houston. You can't tell the GM F U and stomp off the mound like that.
  4. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Or even wait for super two to pass again next season. Who knows what they plan. First thing first is he has to get healthy and get hot again. Force the team to call him up.
  5. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    you did. That's what happened
  6. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    I can't even imagine Tucker being sent back down. I mean, sure......but he'll outhit Jake on his worst day.
  7. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    lol, yeah....just edited after a quick check
  8. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    How fair is that when Soto was in single A ball? He was in AA for 9 days or so.
  9. Drop Dexter Fowler in Deep Leagues?

    I cut him a while back but my league isn't near as deep as yours. I'm sure he'll come around to at least be an average OF. But at what cost? What are you missing out on by waiting on him? Only you can answer that
  10. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    As long as he keeps hitting like this, I hope he wears it for the rest of the season anyway!
  11. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    Looks like he was getting squeezed last night. A few of those upper strike zone pitches were clearly in the strike box and he didn't get the call. I know that the box is just a reference, but these pitches weren't even touching the line. They were 100% inside the box. Seems like he didn't get a few calls last game either. He's going to get better, losing Longo hurts the team. Maybe Cutch and Panik will heat up and score some runs for him.
  12. Jon Gray 2018 Outlook

    I didn't drop him. But the 6.91 era over his last 3 games and the 5.68 era on the season has my patience wearing mighty thin! Especially with much better pitchers on the waiver wire. Today's game and next weeks start might be his last chance with me. I've got Archer and Foltynewicz on the DL, so I'll have to drop someone whenever they come back anyway.
  13. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Another team dropped him a month ago and I picked him up....then dropped him myself. Just added him back this morning......hoping to ride this hot streak through coors field.
  14. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Nice double
  15. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    Finally getting a QS though. Took him 112 pitches to make 6 innings though. lol I'm a bit worried, but I've got to ride him out.....unless he just tanks a few starts