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  1. Pretty sure I could make due with the money and endorsements he's already received
  2. He will now since I just picked him up.
  3. Another thought is Houston is pretty close to sea level. Is it possible the breaking pitches break more just like in Colorado they break less? I guess that would only work for home games though. Whatever it is. Strom for MVP
  4. That kid has some long arms.....how's his swing? Long swing or short to the ball?
  5. Absolutely. It’s just puzzling and I’m not sold yet that this isn’t part of a 3 team deal.
  6. While pitchers may have a higher era at coors than away from there, there’s plenty who don’t give up 11 runs in less than 3 innings to a team like SF
  7. Beer is suppose to be the Astros future DH. So depending on if he can hold down an OF spot, or Alvarez improving on defense.....but i can see the Stros trading one of them for pitching. I’d rather see Reddick traded. But I don’t know what we could get for him.
  8. Tucker has a great arm and is suppose to be an above average defender in the OF. I like that they’re trying him at different positions, but his future is RF.
  9. Hoping he’s on for tomorrow. But now they have a 6 man rotation to save innings for him.
  10. 2.2 innings pitched. This guy is killing me.
  11. The Astros wouldn't give him up when the Tigers asked for him in the Verlander deal....but times change. I can see it happening now and I like Boyd....But I'm hoping for more if Tucker is what we have to give up.
  12. My bad. It's Tuesday and Wednesday. then Sunday that's showing TBA. It would only allow me to edit the post once.
  13. CBS isn't showing anything. But I haven't seen where SD has named a starter for Monday or Tuesday.
  14. I'm rolling him out there in a pts league. Although, we do have negative scoring.....his era vs the stros is pretty good.