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  1. I'm holding for now. He doesn't have a high career K rate. He just isn't seeing the ball yet. The game will slow down for him
  2. Just took him in the 2nd round. 14th overall. J-Ram was my first pick.
  3. I pick 7th. Total points league and pitchers are huge with 10pts per win, 1 pt per inning, 1 pt per K, but also -5 per loss, -1 per run, -1 per walk. I usually wait on pitching, but looking at taking one in the first this year. Just depends on who's there.There's a good chance the top 5 pitchers will go in the 1st or early 2nd.
  4. He only had 10 wins last season, but had 15 the year before (if I remember correctly). And I agree that the Mets will be better. But I’m having a hard time putting him ahead of some of the other pitchers, I’ve seen him ranked as high as the #2 SP. But im pretty sure I’d rather have Sale, Kluber, and Verlander before him. Maybe even Nola. I don’t know.....tough call on i where to rank him.
  5. Anyone know what is velocity has been this spring?
  6. Crash Davis - minor league HR record.
  7. Not if Ted has another Spring Training like he did this past season. He won't be that deep
  8. How in the world did he get the win? The game was tied 2-2 after 5 innings.
  9. Just picked him up. Hoping they play him more often. These early lock days suck though.
  10. Lower body tiredness is being reported now.
  11. He's been in a slump and doesn't have a productive history vs Arrieta. But I'm shocked too. Maybe he can PH tonight
  12. Bum. Hopefully they can wake up his bat. lol
  13. On 7/15, he had a 3.12 era. He's allowed 4 runs in his last two starts. Maybe its a downward trend. Maybe its just because it was the Phillies and the Brewers. You're right, he's not a stud......but he's certainly a top 50 pitcher in my book...no matter what his current rank is. He has less than 100 innings so far. He's missed a little time.
  14. I'd pick up Calhoun vs trading either one.
  15. It was funnier when you said it. ?
  16. Hey, stop trying to contradict his opinion with facts! ?
  17. I didn’t think he was on the DL yet. Today he should be. Maybe we’ll get a Vlad call up as a result. One can dream, right? Lol
  18. Same on CBS. But I havent seen the report where he was actually placed on the DL. CBS has a habit of doing it after the game starts. So maybe today.
  19. I just read that he's swinging a light bat but can't get his thumb in his fielding glove. So it seems he could at least DH soon.
  20. Once he's reinstated, he'll still have to go through a minor league assignment, wont he? That's a long time off to not see any live pitching. I'm sure he's staying in shape and has someone pitching to him.....but still. By the time he adjusts and is ready, you might have been better off with another waiver wire option. Just a thought. I just don't see him as the guy that wins you the title.