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  1. This is where I am. Denver seems excited about how Freeman looks in the new offensive scheme. I think Lindsey gets the benefit of the doubt to start the season based on last year’s work, but Denver’s coaching staff seems intent on making Freeman a part of the offense. If Freeman takes off with his role, watch out!
  2. THIS. MET. IS. ON. FIRE!!!!!! Love riding the Conforto train. I feel like he's due for an MVP type finish the last two months.
  3. send him to driveline in the offseason, get the velocity up 2 ticks, and he suddenly becomes a top 20 prospect. How is it possible that a system that graduates Chris Paddack and Fernando Tatis is actually STRONGER than it was at the beginning of the season??? Preller is a Golden god.
  4. I was underwhelmed watching France in San Diego earlier this season, but he did have a very really good ABs where I remember thinking that there is something there. I know he has no shot at playing a role in SD’s future, but I think some team will trade for him and get a steal.
  5. In addition to giving him some rest, if he's on a roll I can see sitting him against Sale. Sale can end hot streaks. :shrug:
  6. I too appreciate differing opinions, and the nature of fantasy sports is similar to sports in general - if you play, you're going to win some and lose some. I think the backlash here is due to the certainty that FootballFan101 expressed in his preseason takes. "It's unfathomable that Xander is a top 50 pick" isn't simply an opinion that Xander is overrated, it's mocking those who saw Xander's upside.
  7. @FootballFan101 Any thoughts on Xander? You certainly weren’t shy about pontificating earlier this season.
  8. FWIW, the expectation amongst Padre diehards is for Gore to be in the rotation out of ST next year.
  9. I'm "tommygunZ" over there as well - more of a lurker than regular poster. My avatar is a pic of me in my authentic Wil Venable home jersey. :bag:
  10. This Golden Spikes from UT forums? I’ll have an authentic El Niño Jersey next year when the new unis come out, but let’s be real, he’s not going 40-40 and hitting .330 as a rookie. He’s a superstar, and barring injury problems probably will end his career surpassing Tony as the greatest Friar ever. But he’s going to slow down in the 2nd half. His peripherals scream regression.
  11. Huge Tatis homer, and nk a real regression is overdue. He’s never put up numbers like this. He can still be a superstar even with significant regression int the 2nd half.
  12. He and Machado are perfect for each other. Obviously Machado is a HOFer in his own right, but I think AJ Preller hit a grand slam bringing him in considering how he’a meshing with Tatis. They make each other better.
  13. He has a weird grip on his change, almost a “vulcan” grip, per Enos Sardis.