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  1. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    Jones owners couldn’t be in a better position - neither Williams nor Montgomery flashed in week 1 and week 2 is perhaps the worst matchup of the season (Minn). Another low production game from the Packer RBs should cement Jones’ opportunity to step into practice on Tues with an open opportunity to takeover. A Williams fumble this weekend would be the cherry on top for us Jones owners.
  2. Michael Kopech 2018 Outlook

    5.1, 2 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 8 Ks
  3. Luis Patino - SP San Diego

    Lake Elsinore rotation is going to be unreal next year. Patino, Gore, Espinoza, and Osvaldo Hernandez.
  4. James Paxton 2018 Outlook

    What happened?
  5. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    I wonder if this isn't a case of boredom getting the best of Kopech. I have a feeling if the White Sox called him up, his focus and command would improve dramatically.
  6. Fernando Tatis, Jr.- 3B/SS San Diego

    Tyson Ross. Drew Pomeranz. Trevor Cahill. Kirby Yates. Brad Hand. That's just the last 3 years. The Padres have made plenty of smart signings recently. We'll be fine in year or two when the arms, Tatis, and Urias are on board and locked in.
  7. Fernando Tatis, Jr.- 3B/SS San Diego

    Tatis with an 850 OPS while being the youngest player in the Texas League, and having a disasterous April. Kid is a S.T.U.D.
  8. Chris Paddack - SP SD

    Cal Quantrill and Logan Allen are ready to move from AA to AAA. I expect Paddack and Baez to move to AA to take their place.
  9. Cal Quantrill - P SD

    Weathers and Gore have zero impact on the Padres plans for Quantrill. He was outstanding in his last start (7 shutout IP, 10 Ks, 1 BB) and Weathers is 3-4 years away, at the least. If Quantrill continues to look good, he'll be up in Aug/Sept.
  10. Shane Bieber- SP CLE

    Where? AAA or majors?
  11. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    Padre homer here and dynasty Urias owner. I think the Padres will absolutely bring Urias up the next time he forces their hand (i.e. gets hot). 819 OPS certainly isn't bad considering age/level, but it's he's not exactly beating the door down right now. Also, it wouldn't surprise me to see Pirela heat up soon - he's not a great player but he's a better hitter than he's shown so far. If Pirela heats up, it could delay Urias a bit longer.
  12. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

  13. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    I can't remember a minor league hitter that I felt more confident was going to turn into an All Star than Vlad Jr. How about you guys? Is he the bluest blue chip in decades? Since Griffey Jr?
  14. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    Future batting champion.
  15. Hudson Potts 3B - SD

    Agree on Potts; I think he'll be a top 100 prospect in 2019 rankings.
  16. Christian Villanueva 2018 Outlook

    CV throws the ball away after charging a soft grounder and cost the Padres 2 runs in the first. Again, my office literally looks into Petco Park and I watch 150+ Padre games per year, so I’d like nothing more than to find a 30 HR 3B seemingly out of nowhere. Hell - it’s probably the most shallow position in the whole organization, with their best prospect just arriving in High A. But this is getting old, fast.
  17. Christian Villanueva 2018 Outlook

    Padre homer here and also a Villanueva owner. He has too much pedigree (was highly thought of in 2 organizations) and good minor league performance to simpy write off as a Tuffy Rhodes clone. At the same time, he's an absolute butcher at 3B. I watch virtually every Padre game and I've been surprised at how bad he's been as some of the early scouting reports (low minors) suggested he was adequate at worst, and possibly a plus defender. Alas, that was in his early 20s and it's clear to me that the defense instincts aren't there. I bring this up because as soon as he cools off, he becomes a liability, and with Urias probably in San Diego by early May, Spangenberg/Asuaje are both superior defenders at 3B and won't have a place to play. That said, I'm along for the ride, and if that bat is 25-30 HRs, perhaps Andy Green is willing to sacrifice defense since he'll have plus defenders at the other 3 infield spots.
  18. Daulton Varsho - C/2B/3B/OF ARI

    is this Gary Varsho's son?
  19. Mitch Keller - SP PIT

    Most underrated SP prospect in baseball? I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Pittsburgh by mid-July.
  20. BPS Annual Early Catcher Rankings

    I’m a biased homer, but i’ll be stunned if Austin Hedges hits less than 25 HRs this year.
  21. Shohei Ohtani - Angels

    How would he be giving up $200M? Why can't he sign a 1 year deal for the $5M limit and then sign the $200M extension in 2019?
  22. Cal Quantrill - P SD

    First full season after TJ, so some adjustment period is expected. Cal League is obviously hitter friendly as well. Padres probably shut him down after another 8-10 starts in San Antonio, then Cal should start fresh there next April. If he makes the leap, he could be in SD by the end of 2018.
  23. Luis Urias - 2B SD

    I think those adjustments can be made in 2018 in El Paso. Or at least that should be the focus. Or perhaps he shouldn't focus on changing anything. Hell, he's a 19 yr old hitting .340 in AA with more BBs than Ks. WhoTF are we to criticize his approach?