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  1. this dude worth a look at now that Middleton is out for up to a month? Very hard worker and has shown some glimpses of fantasy relevancy..
  2. the pick and roll with Kawhi/PG13 and Trez is going to be no joke this season. He's been working hard on his jumper and I don't think it's a stretch for him to hit 0.5 - 1 three a game - if you saw the preseason game yesterday you got a glimpse of his extended range. But it's the easy buckets (uber efficient) combined with his hard work ethic for stocks that make him valuable. In 14T mock drafts, he's been going anywhere from round 5 to 7. From 6-7, he's def a good value IMO but round 5 might be a reach. he's around a top 30 player if you punt FTs
  3. He won't excel as a WR1 so IMO this is bad news for Tyrell who relies on his speed in one-on-one situations. We'll see how this pans out..gonna be picking up Darren Waller though
  4. both are injury prone but I would go with Fournette by far. His ceiling is higher than Sony's and he doesn't have a James White caliber back limiting his upside.
  5. already ruled out for tomorrow...definitely looking like a lost year
  6. definitely thinks this helps his value, although he loses the amazing playoff schedule. Bulls have absolutely no talent at the wing. Only thing to watch out for is a potential shut down, but I would think OPJ plays heavy minutes
  7. Devonta Freeman Jordan Howard TURRIBLE
  8. SGA, better now and has a better ROS outlook. He's the type of player that doesnt need to be an integral part of offense to make an impact. Even with the logjam of guards on the Clips roster, he's proven to be their starter. Also, the team is bound to trade one of those guards before the deadline (and it aint gonna be Shai). Don't sleep on him and let another owner pick him up.
  9. highway robbery and stealing his wife if this trade goes through
  10. Glad I kept him. He's shooting with confidence after hitting that game winner a couple games back.
  11. gary harris, easily. he likes getting posted up on
  12. I have no doubt that Mehmet Okur would've made it rain all day in today's NBA
  13. dropped isaac instead of fournier for my streaming spot in a 14 teamer...hope i didnt make the wrong decision
  14. This trade is a steal for you and the upside for KAT is amazing if/when Butler gets traded. Like above poster said, top 3 overall potential...Oladipo will hover around 15-20. Vucevic, for the past 3 seasons, is a player who starts strong and always regresses (whether it is thru his play or via injuries). I like the trade big time for you.
  15. on the Dotson train, dropped Crabbe after that dud game he had. let's see how he does in this start against GSW - def going to be a tough game with blowout potential in the first half.
  16. Seriously, who you playin with lol? Dame went consistently towards the end of the first round...Kyrie a full round behind, towards the end of the second. You draft Kyrie because he's a perfect punt assists guard - solid FG%, great FT%, good 3s, steals and points. These cats aren't there so far this year, but like everyone else is saying, give it more than 5 games. I made the mistake of trading Butler for Myles Turner last year and it cost me the season. I'm stickin with Kyrie.
  17. probably need someone like Taurean Prince to get it done (who's been killing it so far)
  18. starting him over Larry Nance, we'll see how that plays out. Hopeful that the defensive stats and 3s carry over from the preseason (and after Kyrie's dud yesterday, I am in need of 3s) *edit* just saw that Larry Nance is out so this was a no brainer move lol
  19. if only he hit 3 or 4 more of those wide open shots, he would've had a decent line..chalkin it up to rust
  20. Clippers got pat beverly, avery bradley and Luc - why would it be a weird destination for defense? they're pretty damn stacked defensively.
  21. Dipo IMO. Producing 1st round value as a number one option with all the confidence in the world (did you see that game vs the Cavs?). Butler has turned it up in the last few weeks and I have to admit that I was one of his owners that sold him low after his dreadfully slow start to the season (so maybe a lil biased haha). Still, a lot more mouths to feed on that Twolves team compared to the Pacers.