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  1. This late in the year, plays like that one bounce people from the playoffs. Always remember.
  2. Is it me or is he ranked way too high this week? In most cases I can find him top-25 against the Falcons. I wonder if it that'll changed once Engram is cleared to play. After watching Eli and the Giants last Thursday I just don't know how someone is willing to risk it with that offense.
  3. I worry this will be a defensive game with ugly offense on both sides. The Vikings seem to always trip over themselves against lesser teams. Sam Darnold is a rookie with high peaks and equally low valleys. It's hard to predict when these games will happen with a rookie. There is also a high probability of the Jets playing from behind most games and being forced to throw. As a Jets fan I WANT to believe in the offense and Kearse (this week) but I've seen this song and dance before.
  4. Somehow (well, the Browns...) this team went into the season with a solid WR group and now they're plucking guys off the practice squad TO START GAMES. They need to get Duke more involved if they want to move the football. There's no excuse at this point (well, the Browns...)
  5. New Orleans did him DIRTY when he was there. He got suspended before the season started and when he returned from it week 5 Sean Payton gave him the depth chart treatment and never really made an impact and was released that offseason. Snead actually turned out to be a colossal bust in fantasy that year I remember taking him round 5 and the "experts" were all over him. You can take it to the bank, Snead will be out for blood. He's playing well, Flacco is playing well and targeting him and the Saints give up the most points to fantasy WRs so far.
  6. I sincerely believe the Vikings are leaving his return up to Dalvin and not the medical staff. He warmed it up today and just wasn't feeling it. I doubt it was a setback. Next week seems likely he's getting close. He's said many times he wants to be at 100% and nothing less.
  7. This will be Jared Goff's first cold weather game. Ever. Could be nothing, could be shriveling. We'll see.
  8. Usually, similar scenarios would warrant a bench for me. Too much risk. HOWEVER. This is THE worst run defense in the league so far and the Vikings want to establish a ground game. What a better time to do it, against the worst run D, with the return of their staring running back. Gotta get him into lineups.
  9. Volume is king folks. Sanders is getting his. Good floor, solid WR3. A middle class man's Golden Tate.
  10. Vikings really need to get the ground game going but rushing your best running back into the lineup is not the way to do it. Maybe he's just keeping up his conditioning and won't play until next week.
  11. That's what will happen because, Eli. It's quite possible Shepard becomes droppable once Engram returns which might be this week. Sure, you can keep him on the bench and make that determination later but I'm willing to bet against the Giants offense right now.
  12. Amari Cooper vs. Casey Hayward in 2017: Week 6 - shadowed on 80% of routes, 1 catch on 1 target for 7 yards Week 17 - shadowed on 75% of routes, 1 catch on 4 targets for 11 yards
  13. Great reminder that listening to your gut and shutting out the noise holds a big percentage of putting together a winning starting lineup.
  14. Howard easily but two weeks is overly optimistic. Three weeks is more reasonable with a considerable possibility of four.