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  1. Now, the question is how long they’ll keep him down in AAA.
  2. Please jinx and challenge him more. That 436 footer was a beauty.
  3. If leaguemates are buying the comeback and you’re cautious of whether he’s back, it’s the perfect time to sell.
  4. It’s still to be determined whether the last 2 games are indicative of anything. He faced lefties the last 2 nights. As his splits show, he struggles against righties. If he does well vs. righty SPs in the next 4 nights, he may be on the comeback train.
  5. He should get the Matt Carpenter treatment. Bench him for a series so maybe he could snap out of his funk.
  6. Well, the same generalization you made can also be incorrect. If we’re all playing in highly competitive leagues, then the last player on every team is pretty similar. It won’t be heaps better. There’ll be slim pickings. Why not make a move to get the extra edge on everyone else, especially since it’s your last player who doesn’t start most of the time. Trust me, I’m not a fan of overhyped prospects, but I do know that value can be leveraged to your benefit. Are you telling me you wouldn’t buy Twitter or Snapchat stock on its IPOs to flip it to the willing sucker who wants to pay for the bubble so you can make a killing on the pure speculation? That was the point to my post, not solely because I think Soto is the next Trout. Not that Soto will flop, but I hope you get my drift here. It’s all about increasing your value as a team, rather than predicting how much better one asset will be in your portfolio.
  7. I completely agree with you here. These kinds of decisions are what separates winners from the other contenders. Taking a risk on a player who has the potential of a higher payoff than the average replacement player. More likely than not, the last player on every team is marginally better than the next best player in free agency and with a lot lower ceiling than the hyped up and recalled prospect. If anything else if that prospect doesn’t end up working out, you could preempt the failure by utilizing the highly elevated perceived value as trade bait and get something of substantially better value than the average replacement player you previously had. Value is not derived in what you think, but what others think and what they’re willing to pay for it. Someone else in an 8- to 10- team league must value them to something equivalent to their last starting hitter at least, if you don’t.
  8. I benched him tonight for the first time this season. You're welcome.
  9. They might as well hit him 9th, so he can score more runs with the top half of the order right behind him. Lol
  10. Proceed with caution. If you've seen his splits the last few years, he'll show brilliance in some stretches and then there are other stretches where he will single handedly destroy your ratios. When he's good, he's extremely good. But when he's not pitching like an ace, his numbers make you wonder why he even has a rotation spot.
  11. There were posts on multiple occasions that Rotoworld said Percy Harvin would return on Week 12 (Seahawks bye week).
  12. I'd rather he come back Week 6 for the Vikings than a team who has no bye til later in the year. He'll have 3 weeks to prep for Week 6, rather than 2 weeks for a team with a later bye. Better he knows the playbook and gets back into top playing shape than to walk in clueless and screwing up.