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  1. Really thinking taking him at 7 and at 9 in upcoming drafts. It is about managing his load. Even with a handful of fewer touches per gsme, he is still elite and is the juice that makes the LAR go. I will be handcuffing him with Henderson just in case. Is that the right HC as far as the fantasy community knows?
  2. Pitched 2 scoreless yesterday 1 bb, 3 k's
  3. agree that he is still a dynasty hold, but you have to hope that he eventually gets healthy and fulfills his potential. I am starting to get concerned that he may have trouble staying healthy and am just hoping that this is just a run of bad luck and nothing more.
  4. Was handed 2 tickets to this game this AM. Looking forward to this.
  5. he is 16.......... sounds like someone to keep an eye on for certain
  6. Hand taken to pound town 13 pitches, 5 hits, 5 er's...😮
  7. Thanks - did not realize this was out there; Julio Rodriguez in low 80's versus Rotowire's high teens - not sure what to make of those differences other than Sickels must be ranking more on "on the field performance" versus Potential - what am I missing?
  8. Hitting .200 over the last 7 days, but .306 over the last 14 days. Took quite the jump up at rotowire to #18 overall. FYI
  9. seems to be scuffling in AA. Not sure if zero homers, and sub .200 is what we were hoping for. K rate seems to be in line with A ball. Anyone with any insight here other than he is adjusting to a tougher league??
  10. On his way, but his K rate is scaring me off of him.
  11. Mercado In longer term dynasty leagues: Austin Riley is the one that first comes to mind
  12. Chatwood starting for Hendricks... BOO!
  13. ready to bench - but he has 3 @ coors this week
  14. I think you were talking to me - I picked him up a few weeks ago mostly to keep him away from others rather than really needing a stick. He was highly rated, but had not done much with it - maybe he is a bit of a late bloomer ( at least compared to when he got to MLB)
  15. 1B eligibility could come - just not this year....