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  1. Happy to have him as a bench stash - if he is leading off - chance he has more steals than expected?
  2. unless it is a straight points league you are going to have to calculate that across all scoring categories; This is what makes baseball great - because depending upon what you need, a player will be more or less valuable to you than your league mates
  3. His projections are directly tied to how healthy he stays. I realize you can say this about any players, but for Tulo the injury consideration is particularly high.
  4. Depth also gives them the chance to trade away the extra stick if PT becomes that much of an issue. Gleyber will get his AB's.
  5. 2 different kinds of WR's! Not sure how this plays out for Sutton as Sanders draws some attention, but it makes putting Sutton in your lineup this week more enticing for sure!!
  6. This should be just a maintenance day... lets hope!!
  7. Not if he gets a huge guaranteed deal... Personally, I do not think that is likely to happen, but all it takes is one buyer. I wonder if he doesn't get his deal if he screams collusion? The next several months of this are going to be interesting.
  8. Wow - drafted Conner hoping to create some leverage and get a starter for a few weeks and a valuable handcuff... getting this is better than any Conner owner could have imagined. Let's go close some deals and win some titles!
  9. Well, he made his point. The players union should thank him. Unfortunately, he is losing this battle in an attempt to win the war....
  10. It was a nice theory back in August that led me to drafting him everywhere, even the Tuesday after Labor Day when I was shocked the Bell owner kept letting him slide.... but to have it work out this way, even up until now, is the stuff of legends and stories leagues will talk about for years. 2 Hours, 42 minutes.....
  11. I would think it is not just laying new sod, it is getting workers into the country, getting sod that is up to NFL standards into the country, etc. It is not as simple as resodding a field in a US stadium, I wouldn't think.