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  1. Which SP(s) should I keep?

    I want to keep Acuna for his generation-type talent and one more bat. Not sure which. Is there a third bat I should keep over these pitchers (or Nola)? See my other thread for keeper values.
  2. We keep 3 players (any position) in my 10-team Roto Yahoo format. Nola (keep at round 13-14) Verlander (keep at round 3-4) Darvish (keep at round 2-3) J Gray (keep at round 24-25) K Hendricks (keep at round 5-6)
  3. Keeper Q

    I like Verlander with the Astros. While velocity isn't an issue his control seems to be fading a bit with age. I just don't know if its worth keeping him at the early rounds (3-4).
  4. Keeper Q

    bump Kyle Hendricks is also an option at round 5-6.
  5. Keeper Q

    He finished 2nd in Cy Young voting in 2016. Wasn't drafted as SP1 in 10-team leagues in 2017.
  6. Keeper Q

    That's what I'm worried about. He'll be 35 before next season. How much longer can he hold up? I just can't justify keeping a pitcher at his age much less at round 3-4. He's not even a SP1.
  7. Keeper Q

    Verlander is old. At some point soon you'd expect him to break down. And, keeping him at round 3-4 might not be worth it? Albies over Castro or anyone else I've listed?
  8. Keeper Q

    Bump. I'm looking at Acuna and Nola (or J Gray) based on expectations for 2018 and keeper round, see above. Who should I choose for my 3rd keeper?
  9. Keeper Q

    Bump. I'd like to keep a SP. I'm considering Acuna and Nola (or JGray) so far. How real is the hype on Acuna? Seems like he could run away with ROY next season or he could turn into Buxton. Who's my 3rd keeper?
  10. Keeper Q

    Not sure about keeping a C outside of the top 5-10. His speed is nice but it would be more convincing if Realmuto hit 20+ HR this year. For me, keeping a C is like keeping a closer. I mean, I dropped Grandal (22 HR) a few weeks ago because I thought he was inferior and wasn't planning on keeping him. And guys like Zunino are free off the wire.
  11. Keeper Q

  12. Keeper Q

    Barring a miracle I'm out after tomorrow, when my league's regular season ends. We keep 3 (any position) in my Yahoo 10-team roto league but we can't keep anyone drafted in the first 3 rounds. I'm left with some lousy keeper options. Not sure if I'm going to stay in this league next year. If I do, which 3 should I go with? Hitters: *Acuna (keep at round 24-25) Castro (keep at round 24-25) Albies (keep at round 24-25) I Happ (keep at round 24-25) Moustakas (keep at round 24-25) Yelich (keep at round 4-5) Thames (keep at round 22-23) K Davis (keep at round 6-7) Baez (round 13-14) Segura (round 5-6) Realmuto (round 10-11) Pitchers: *Nola (keep at round 13-14) Verlander (keep at round 3-4) Darvish (keep at round 2-3) J Gray (keep at round 24-25)
  13. Mike Moustakas 2017 Outlook

    Nice comeback season but stick a fork in him... Major regression coming next year.
  14. Justin Verlander 2017 Outlook

    Does he stay in Houston next year?
  15. Ozzie Albies 2017 Outlook

    Looks like he'd carry decent value in a full season. Keeper in keep 3 10-team leagues?