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  1. Has Thames ever hit in the #3 hole? Might pay to try it out.
  2. Most of that power comes from the lower body. If he's playing through pain then numbers will drop.
  3. Slumping again. BA starting to drop under .300
  4. Lynn then Ross. The rest are toss ups. Harvey is done.
  5. Bump. Anyone else? Still leaning towards dropping.
  6. Trade Crush.
  7. Stick with Diaz.
  8. Bump. Dropping Russell right now unless there are any objections.
  9. I'd say it's too early to pick him up but I'm wondering if Taillon is worth keeping in a keep 3.
  10. Wait until he heats up in other categories then trade him. Don't just drop him.
  11. Does this carry over to next season? Also for Yahoo.
  12. Yes. Sell high and get a top 5 ace. Address your SS situation next.
  13. You don't have the pitching to give up your top aces. See if he'll take Sale + bats instead of Sale/Bum +.
  14. Bump. Last call to drop Addison Russell. Already dropped Zimmer.