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  1. Is he for real? Looking for a potential Margot replacement.
  2. Hernandez was claimed as expected. Castro it is.
  3. He's prob a sit for me as well. I have an innings limit.
  4. Matz due to Happ's track record. OR
  5. +1 Motter who is SS/OF eligible and could remain in the lineup permanently.
  6. Why?
  7. Conforto for power. It's strange that he's batting leadoff. Keirmaier for speed.
  8. If you can get good value for Quintana try to deal him first. The White Sox are probably going to have a fire sale at some point.
  9. I grabbed Capps and Glover this morning, dropping Benoit and Rodon. Which SP (see above) should I drop for Devenski? We have a 1400 innings limit and I'm projected to surpass that by a ton. Should I drop Owings instead? I have Segura coming back and Russell as my SS and Castro as my 2B. That would leave me with 2 bench spots for bats. I'll need to skip some starts to bring my innings down.
  10. Can't do that until Segura returns from DL. Short bench.
  11. Who do I drop?
  12. It's April. Verlander should turn it around. I own him too. Segura + Margot should supply plenty. You also have Hernandez and Kiermaier on the bench.
  13. Your giving up way too much. Verlander's struggling but so has Villar. You dont need Villar.
  14. I'm currently down to Diaz and Benoit for closers.
  15. Last one for the night. I have too many SPs on my roster and need more RPs. I want to give Lackey the boot but can't bring myself to do it. No one's budging on trades right now so I'll have to drop someone. I think Nova and Santana are must holds for now because of ratios and QS. Just picked up Lynn but could drop him if I need to. Which SP do I drop for an RP? Also should I stash Carter Capps right now instead of Rodon? Darvish, Verlander, Lackey, Pineda, Nova, Santana, Ross, Lynn DL: Rodon 6x6 Roto Scoring: Wins (W), Saves (SV), Strikeouts (K), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP), Quality Starts (QS) Max innings: 1400