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  1. Diaz is one of the streakiest closers in the game. Hopefully this means he goes on another long streak of clean saves.
  2. He's easily an NA stash in all keepers. In redrafted, he's worth a hold if you have NA or room to spare.
  3. 1. Drop Ceasar Hernandez or Howie Kendrick for Cory Spangenberg? Kendrick's my Harper sub for now. 2. For Saves: Drop Neris or Bedrosian for Betances?
  4. still can't buy a win
  5. This is why no other team wants to touch him with a ten foot pole
  6. I think he likes his new team.
  7. Looks like Taylor's stuck in the 7th-8th spot. As long as he bats top of the order, Kendrick may be the answer for those who lost Harper.
  8. The Phillies are horrible but this guy is pitching his way to a keeper spot in my keep 3 league. I'd be ecstatic if he turns into Roy Halladay.
  9. reds-pitching only play
  10. Yahoo's screwing everyone over with the pitching schedule this weekend.
  11. Berrios is going tomorrow. Yahoo screwed everyone this weekend, especially those in weeklies.
  12. Crap. He's pitching tonight and not in my lineup. Did he get bumped up a game? Yahoo still shows him scheduled for tomorrow.
  13. Albies Manaea Nova J Gray K Hendricks Keep 3 league
  14. Yu Darvish (to a certain point) from where he was drafted due to his meltdowns