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  1. 6x6 Roto format R HR RBI SB AVG OPS
  2. With Castro going down I'm short a MI. Should I grab his replacement Tyler Wade? Seems to be hitting well in AAA with great speed upside. Or should I pickup someone like Brandon Phillips, Jose Pirela or Whit Merrifield or Adddison Russell (smh)? The power production will be hard to replace and I'm slipping behind (went from 1st to 3rd/4th)
  3. They will use the 10 day.
  4. Strained hammy. hopefully it's not severe. I want to make him a keeper.
  5. In a pinch yes I'd do this trade. I'd rather have JD.
  6. Neither hit for power. But it looks like Mallex is hitting for high avg. Not sure if that's sustainable. Deshields has been running a lot more lately. Looking for runs, avg, and most importantly SBs.
  7. I haven't been following his rehab. Where is his FB currently sitting?
  8. Which one would you go with ROS and as a potential keeper? 6x6 Roto Keep 3 W K SV ERA WHIP QS
  9. I'd do this trade for Murphy who can help your team now + a decent pick for next year.
  10. Thanks. I'll be sure to remember that since BB is a relevant category in all fantasy leagues.
  11. Actually I'm planning to drop him for Devenski.
  12. CSB. Just scooped him up since Barreto was taken. I think a call up is coming any day now. Also read that there's a possibility he sees time at 3B.
  13. For your needs I'd go Broxton
  14. Bench Coach Forum: "Don't use a high waiver on Schoop..." "Schoop won't be hitting like this ROS..." Once again. Don't quit your day jobs.
  15. No but he's not hitting anything else either.