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  1. I agree with this ^ and appreciate you posting the list.
  2. I did poorly with this in my roto league (5th place), leaving games and innings on the table. I ran out of games and innings (except for C) in my H2H league, but managed to eek out second place. I didn’t really do this. I did a little research for the draft, but not much, so I’ll check the forums for better intel next year. I think I did this for Vlad Jr., but only had to hold him for about a week. I closely attended my teams every day, but that brings us to number five. This is my biggest weakness: knowing when to ditch a player. I guess I should use the forum to help with my decisions. I tend to hold on to a player too long, after the damage is done, and when there are fewer alternatives to choose from. I need more info about this. Do I sacrifice a batter to do this? Do you have an example of players that did this well in ‘19? How many starting pitchers do you recommend on draft day? Throughout the season? I did this reasonably well, but only starting near the All Star break. See number five above. This is good advice. I picked up Mallex Smith for SB’s, but it backfired. He was too little, too late and it probably cost me in other categories. Not using this forum is probably my worst sin. Haha! I figured this out around the middle of September. Thanks for the advice.
  3. 2019 FANTASY THREAD STRATEGY CONCLUSIONS What strategy conclusions can be made now that the regular season is over? What worked for you? What didn’t? I’m more interested in Yahoo! standard, vanilla settings i.e. twelve team 5 x 5 roto and H2H. I’m returning after a few years of not playing, so I feel like a newb again. I found that: 1) as someone stated above, you can’t punt on SB’s and expect to win. 2) I had over 300 IP’s remaining at the end, so I’m an idiot if I don’t learn from that. There were some interesting strategies proposed here, so I’m anxious to hear what worked. 3) I dropped a player waaaay too early 4) It seemed like I had unlimited ADDS in the last week. I know I used over twenty in the last week, most of them to replace SP’s
  4. Thanks, tonycpsu. I’m going to check them out.
  5. I’ve been spoiled by the various choices of online fantasy baseball games; these internet leagues put my boardgame, Big League Baseball by 3M, to shame. Is there anything out there, especially online, that simulates baseball like the current games do but can be played throughout the year?