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  1. Williams. SF is undefeated thus far for a good reason. Their defense is great. This game may turn into the Rams trailing and throwing a ton, thus limiting Browns upside.
  2. Based upon your roster I would make this move. Allen is someone you can start every week. No more streaming.
  3. Howard. Yes Gurley is out, but SF may turn this into another 70 throw day for the Rams.
  4. I know, it's disgusting lol. Gurley is out and due to injuries I just haven't been able to get any trades for a better third option at RB. Who do you think is the best play for tomorrow?
  5. Really with Allen he's only had one bad game because he had that touchdown. This game script should have more passing and Moore's targets have increased every game since the two target one. His upside is probably limited until Cam comes back, but I'm rolling him out.
  6. I answered and misunderstood who was getting who. I would keep Chark.
  7. Bro,I was about to come here and ask you. Good choice man!!
  8. I would make this trade considering your other RB's
  9. There's a very little chance that he clears. I already dropped Howard so Knox.. Which ended up being a lateral move lol. Just sick of getting nothing out of my TE position.
  10. He's exactly what Lamar Miller was.. 10 points a game. Not amazing, but if I need to plug him in due to a bye week, or the flex due to injuries, at least you know what you're getting.