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  1. No my team is just great to be honest and I've been 1st place the whole season. This is a keeper league and in 5 years I have come in 2nd place three times, won last season and might win again now. I lucked up whenever anyone went down and was able to grab ppl who kept me afloat throughout the season. I was also able to do a 2-1 and got Devin Booker who's been paying off big time during the playoffs. I never lose points, 3's, steals, assists or free throw %.
  2. Wall, Nurkic, Warren, Ball, Markkanen, Dunn, Wendell Carter Jr, Jaren Jackson Jr. and even though he's not injured, let's just throw Anthony Davis into the mix too. What a disaster of a season. I'm actually going to win this week somehow, but I doubt I can win the championship with my current roster. Mike Conley will probably be shut down next.
  3. Nurkic and Lauri in the same week.... As a matter of fact, this has been worst season yet as far as injuries are concerned.
  4. If you're i a dynasty league, you are acting like an actual NBA GM. AD is 25. Lebron is 34. AD is going to be a top player for like 10 more years if he's healthy. Lebron's time is limited. Actually I'd say try t get your 1st round pick removed. Keep the 2nd pick and see what he says. Play up Randall's potential
  5. Who are you going to drop them Capela gets back? I would try to pull off a two for one and pick up Huerter.
  6. Drop Giles for Layman and then make some trades. I can't believe you have all of those Grizzly players lmao! If you can't get any players from other teams for them you might as well try to get Conley
  7. I wouldn't do it. Gary just needs to get healthy. If he does, he'll just be soo much more valuable during the playoffs.
  8. I would try to get that 2nd round pick off the table. but if it cam down to it, yes, take that trade. I would just try to finesse him a little bit.
  9. I would not do this. I'm assuming you need more boards and assists? What does your team look like?
  10. Who do you think will be better? Right now I have prince, but those steals and minutes are very tempting from Mikal.
  11. Maybe his poor play and facing being traded lite a fire under him. Playing really well today.
  12. Thank God. I couldn't drop him even if I wanted to because I have him in my two keeper leagues.
  13. There's a reason why Orlando and even the Suns who are desperate for a PG let him go.