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  1. I might as well post this in all NE WRs thread, but he is a victim of too many mouths to feed. Great situation for Brady and the chance of getting another ring, but shady for fantasy purposes.
  2. The yardage is still not there but he is the bellcow for the team that should keep trying to make the game shorter by running the ball. No regret having Mack on the team.
  3. QB: Trubisky RB: David Johnson RB: Kamara WR: Eldeman WR: Dede Flex: Watkins TE: Waller D Begals K: Hauschka Undershoot weekly points by 60+ Great F’n week
  4. There goes Cook just cooking along. Adams is having a nice game already, need 1 TD and I’ll be happy with this game.
  5. Who were against Rodgers? Who were these so-called experts? If you drafted Arod and sit him, you’re an idiot, period.
  6. 25/51 is 49% for non-centers that percentage is elite. Kobe was elite but his FG% was not in his last game. My bad, derailing the thread and your post. Basketball is my prefer sport thats all.
  7. The game should have resulted in both teams starting 0-2. If not for fantasy and gambling...they would to pay money for people to watch the products of these two teams.
  8. Cam Newton comes to mind...not sure why. Seriously though, he sounds like Chris Broussard (?) when I had the TV on and was working at the same time.
  9. Dumbest call ever. You got a big QB that just need to do a sneak and the refs will call 1st down. And you went with a gadget play? Dumbest call ever. Deserved to lose.
  10. As a 100% fantasy share holder, I crapped my pants watching him in the spotlight.
  11. Jets have a Bye in week 4. Can we expect him back by week 6? Drafted him for the sole purpose of bye week filler and yet I might not even have him available by then.
  12. I don’t care if this is a reach... Any chance I have to post this video, I will use it.
  13. I was not able to watch the game. The dude doesn’t even have a profile picture on Yahoo and he is one of the top adds this week. Hopefully he can continue breaking out for all the buyers including me.
  14. I think highly of Gordon as a football player, but Ack balled hard definitely put a huge dent in Gordon’s leverage.
  15. I drafted him in all my leagues. Feel bad for the kid. He was doing great prior to got tackled in the legs. It was legal but unsafe football play by the defender so the injury could have happened to anyone. To call him injury prone or glass is a little too much. He did came back after the tackle and played total 55 of 59 snaps, which showed his toughness as well as a missed diagnosis by the LAC medical staff. Larry Fitzgerald often said that he would rather the defenders hit him as hard as they can up high than to go for his legs. Rooting for the kid in real life football to come back stronger than ever. In my fantasy leagues, there are no other TEs that worth picking up, I am forced to hold on to HH, for now.