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  1. It is only March and this guy already got 37 pages thread. Crazy. Don’t ever remember anyone else generate this much discussion. Ever.
  2. A little surprise that Wade is not on that list. But goddamn 6 is beastly for any position.
  3. Congrats LBJ. Next stop is Kobe. I am a little sad that he passed Jordan, and will be even worse once he passed Kobe. But he have earned every single one of those points. Congrats.
  4. Al Horford more than earned, and deserved the All-star spot same as Middleton this season. Need to watch more than the boxscores before making these posts man.
  5. Tell me you are kidding. You are saying Brad Stevens can’t coach. Either you are trolling or you just don’t know basketball. People are so easy to forget that he suffered what could have been a career ending injury. Coming into a brand new team that no longer have to centered around his skills set like Utah. Of course he struggled, is struggling, and will be struggling. Be realistic. If you are expecting Utah days stats you are delusional. If you reached for him in the 5th round then you should know high risk high rewards and sometimes those picks don’t pan out. The closest someone have suffered similar injury would be Paul George and he said it took him more than 2 years just to feel normal again. Come on people, be realistic.
  6. Lebron is to blame for any of this mess? Can’t believe people are saying this. People are forgetting that LBJ put this team on his back and carried them to the 4 seed. It is not his fault that he went down because of injury and the team suck to a point that there is no recovery. Stop blaming LBJ just because it is the popular thing to do by the media.
  7. I don’t know there was a play last night where Marc was guarding Alridge. And Alridge was able to easily overpowered Marc and get to the basket said a lot about his ability at this stage. A little bit sad to see as I truly miss the great playoff battles between the Marc Gasol, Allen, Conley, Zbo combo versus SAS. Those series were great.
  8. They should have at least engaged in talks with the Lakers. I mean there is no way they are going to get anything even remotely close to what the Lakers offered. They could even ask for more and LAL might even give it to them. Then they know for sure their direction is rebuilding through young potential stars...Ingram, Cuz, Ball...or whomever the future first rounders that they were getting from LAL. They can even let the young guys go out and play at 100% and still tanking by losing those games anyway. And if I am a season ticket holder that would make me a lot more happy. To know that they play at 100%. Instead, they keeping Brow for a few more games and not playing him. Not playing Jrue. Getting on the league radar for being the team that went Mark Cuban on them. Upset the fan base with no directions for the future. I could go on and on. But will stop there for now because you probably know the rest of why they botched this situation. Honestly, they should have anticipated this situation and should have been more prepared. Imho.
  9. Look here man. I don’t know who is the elf but I know and everyone know Sam is the real primary protagonist.
  10. Honestly, it is all about the coaching staffs. Talking about players development, nobody can even comes close to the Spurs. Because of Pop. DeDe is already an allstar, but once Pop gets his hands on him, he is a bonfire Superstar, in real life and in fantasy. He is not making the Allstar this year because the West is loaded but his numbers are better across the board and he is responsible for all the W in SAS playing along Alridge. White will be fine, as long as Pop is the coach and he continues to play the way Pop wants him to play. He will keep getting the playing time and that will convert to fantasy numbers.
  11. So none-paying, it is Yahoo! and nothing else even comes close.
  12. I like it. I have been posting on these forums since 2009 (just realized that it is almost 10 years. Holy ishhhh) and went thru quite a few changes to the forums. From admins, mods, posters, and layouts. And always hated changes. But for some reasons this new layout is appealing to me. I am in the minority here I know. But hey I’ll give props where they are due.