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  1. Checked out the league settings, I would be interested if the draft order was randomized rather than set by league manager.
  2. I am interested if this is a snake draft, I will email you.
  3. I love the opportunity to swap brown for derozan an still get doncic or ayton. I would.
  4. Who to drop for j-rich 100%WHIR

    I would be comfortable dropping Fultz
  5. Same here....and I have
  6. No others. Keep 2 late round guys from previous year's draft and complete re-draft after that. I have pick 3 in the re-draft.
  7. Bit of both compared to the others
  8. Jokic, no question for me
  9. 9 category ESPN H2H league with playoffs 12 teams Roster: Keep which 2 of these players for our draft? Elfrid Payton PG Taurean Prince SF Dennis Smith Jr. PG Joe Ingles SF Jonathan Isaac PF,SF Roster Positions: PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, Util, Util, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN, IL I was pretty confident that I would keep Ingles and Prince but now I'm second guessing and thinking maybe I want to keep a PG since they are more of a rarity in ESPN. Anyway, what do you think? WHIR!!