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  1. Just join and pay could be in the draft room in 15 mins and drafting in 45 mins
  2. Do they start him in Low A?
  3. 50 IP would be ten starts when the BABY him back in. We all know how this goes when they are coming back, 3 innings starts in the minors then to the bullpen in the majors when called up
  4. Could go 2 ways, call-up when super 2 passes sounds like the best bet
  5. Can only take 5 a year and the cost $5 a year to keep, but I hear ya
  6. My league is not that deep, but the order of the international guys was nice to see. It's unlimited minors but always some out their that are worth something
  7. Thank you for this, it is good stuff
  8. I could see a young high school kids doing that in Rok and low-A, but when college kids do that is it not a red flag?
  9. Puk got hurt 1 year McKenzie is the next Carl Edwards(way to light to be a SP'er full time). Has yet to stay healthy for a full season
  10. I don't see it either, didn't hit in the low minors where he shoulda raked and K's 44 times in 150 AB's
  11. Hope they start Adell in AA and keep him their till the Allstar break, as his number went down every jump, and he still needs to learn to take the walks
  12. Law is a turd, have yet to see him step out on a limb and miss yet back up his thoughts