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  1. Stephen Curry 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Is this accurate? They went 67-15 last year, so you’re saying they were undefeated when Steph played? That would be amazing if true, but feel like we would have heard more about that if so.
  2. bump- anybody want the last spot? All 11 others are paid.
  3. 3rd year running, as legit as they come. All money held on leaguesafe, 100% payout. Roto style- 8 cats(no TOs), Yahoo, snake draft. Draft is Sunday at 730pm, 3 open spots right now. Let me know if you’re interested.
  4. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Again, if you are concerned with a slow start that is different than not reporting. With that said, even w a slow start he was the #2 RB overall in ppr. He is getting paid 1 million a game to play football this year, I’d bet a very very large amount of money he does not sit out games intentionally. The only report that mentioned this was Schefter, which just happened to come out before the contract deadline, meaning it’s very likely it was fed to him to try to motivate Pitt to pay him. He didn’t know going into last year that Pitt was definitely done with him, and has a different kind of motivation going into the season. This is my last post, no reason to convince people further. Feel free to take other players who don’t have more than 1 proven top season over him and see how it works out.
  5. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    All he said was he didn’t say anything- not that he would or would not report at any time. No reason to look into it any further. The more logical thing to consider is this- do you really believe he’s going to start sacrificing 1 million per game to sit out before reporting? Almost 0 chance. If anything at all, the concern would be if during the season he babies injuries, but again it’s in his best interest to put up his best season yet and demand a crazy contract.
  6. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    What writing on the wall? We actually saw the exact same situation last year, so you should be even less concerned. He’s also getting paid more this year- ~1mm a game, and also has a contract to play for. People are just reading too much into this.
  7. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    Anybody can miss games- ask the DJ owners who took him over Bell last year and felt great about it.
  8. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    This is rediculus. First, if you want to say you’d consider these guys over him, fine. To say you’d “comfortably” take 4 guys over him, is just plain silly and means you aren’t watching enough football. This guy has by far the best track record of producing top RB #s, plays in a dominant offense where they can’t stack the box due to also having not only the top WR in the game but also a great #2 and also a rookie WR who looks great, AND a dominant offensive line. Basically nobody else has this combo- not even Gurley since he does not have a guy like AB at WR who demands constant attention. The only real concern is the # of touches he has has had/wear on him. But, I don’t think his touches equate to a normal RBs touches due to his elsusiveness and way he runs, nobody runs the way this guy does. I also think the contract is certainly a positive for him- it’s very clear this guy cares a LOT about money and wants to get paid. Some people think he’s a shoe in to still get paid no matter what- but if he goes out and drops 2300 total yards with 80+ catches, he has a much stronger case to demand his money. Im taking this guy 1 overall in full/half ppr, he’s money in the bank and I think we see a guy who comes in ready to rock and get paid this year.
  9. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    People in this thread are handpicking numbers/stats to make their point. For example saying only >25 Home runs twice, meanwhile he has been over 20 Home runs every year of his career except one year. See how much differently that reads? That is the problem w these arguments- you can always hand pick stats to make your point, but they are not very accurate. The biggest and most accuracte “knock” on him is his injury history and struggle to stay healthy. But if you look at his career numbers- he is a .280 hitter w a .899 ops through 6+ seasons now, and at age 25. So outside of injury, to call that “overrated” is beyond silly. His OBP is a huge part of his game- even w his current struggles he is leading the league with 50bb in 65 games. It also limits his RBI totals as pitchers are very willing to pitch around him and he has a great eye. He has 169 home runs,464 RBIs, and 505bb in 833 career games. So if you avg that out- his full season averages are 32 Home runs ,90 rbi, and 97bb per 160 games. So again, very very hard to call him overrated per game in any way, especially at age 25. The only real thing you can say is that he has struggled to stay healthy- which is impacting his overall numbers.
  10. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    So you’re asking if the o/u for him is a 45 home run pace? You can prob figure out that one yourself.
  11. Freddie Freeman 2018 Outlook

    Fred McGriff spoke about this in ST- Guess I should have listened. https://www.myajc.com/sports/baseball/mcgriff-former-slugger-opines-freeman-braves-prospects/EAsTfzyY72OnYJNvTBgSaN/amp.html “ From a hitting standpoint, sometimes Freddie flies open (rotates shoulders toward pitcher) and his hands are exposed to getting hit by pitches. When teams are throwing inside, he makes a little move that exposes his hands (trying to get out of the way of a pitch). If you turn this way (McGriff demonstrates, turns his front shoulder and head toward the catcher) your hands are hidden and you never get hit on your hands. But if you expose them you get hit. That’s always the sticking point, because teams are going to have to pitch him in at times, because if you keep throwing him away he keeps hitting the ball out of the ballpark. So you have to try to come in. Most of the time when you go back and look at replays, most of the time when he gets hit they’re not trying to throw at him, it's just that the ball is a little bit off the plate, and he exposes his hands and they get hit. It’s probably hard to correct it now at this point. But that’s what happens to him when he gets hit. Because you’ve got to keep him healthy. If you turn this way (front shoulder flies open) you expose yourself to getting hit in the face, getting hit in the hands, stuff like that. If you turn the correct way, you protect yourself”
  12. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    You are also undervaluing his steals- he stole 46 last year in 98 games. If he plays 150+ games I’d day over 60 is a lock
  13. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    Couldn’t disagree more. First, you have no ideas after 60ab if he’s a bust or not, unless you are saying he can’t replicate what he’s already done in his first 2 years in the league. Second, saying he’s a slightly better version of Dee Gordon, is not an insult. Dee Gordon, especially in a 5x5 league, is a massive weapon. Getting a “slightly” better version of a .300 hitter who adds 60 steals and 100 runs every year, is a one of a kind asset. Trea is on a better team which should lead to more runs, and has 20hr upside. Hence he’s a first round pick, unless you are certain somehow that he can’t get to .300-15hr-100runs-60sb, which I don’t think anybody can say and actually back up with any meaningful data at this point.