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  1. Sitting again against Price. Price just came off a horrible outing against the Orioles, get Lowe in there.
  2. 79% chance of rain in the Indians/Sox game. Pretty good odds. 40% for the Cards/Phil’s game as well. Lots of elite fantasy players could be sitting today.
  3. Gorman another Bomb and 2 RBI
  4. Biggio 1 for 1 with Hr and 2BB’s.
  5. R.A. Dickey isn’t looking too bad now.
  6. Vlad can do it from the bench, the on deck circle even in the hole. Why do you underestimate him?
  7. Or until they find out they need thicker netting in the 1st and 3rd base lines to protect the fans....or the stadium owners who never realized they would have to protect something 500ft away in a stadium. Foul poles will have to be extended, pitchers will have to start wearing goalie masks. Thicker cups for players. Only a matter of time before they will need netting in the outfield. Aw, was trying to reply to the comment about nobody caring about juiced balls.
  8. Nolan Gorman 2 gormbombs and 5 RBI
  9. On his spin rate I saw a Fantrax article that his CU spinrate ranked 4th in the league. Very cool watching his curve. His FB is mostly 95-96, didn’t see it get lower. Also throws a pretty good slider and change.
  10. He is playing regularily however until he can learn to hit a fastball he may not be very useful. He needs to make adjustments to his swing or stance before he will be useful. They spoke about him for about 10 minutes in the Fan590 this morning.
  11. Try the mobile app if you can. It doesn’t have these problems and is much faster.
  12. Lol Dante and Bubba.
  13. I would say they missed on that one any they would fix it if you emailed them it sent it to their twitter account. Now I say this before they made all these changes. They may have to shutdown for 3 weeks to change the status of a player now.
  14. I don't think he would be closing ahead of Hicks and Miller. He may be relegated to 7th inning duty until he can start again.