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  1. Kenta Maeda 2019 Outlook

    Saw this in a Fantrax article this morning. Kenta is in some elite company if he could just stay in the rotation all year. (min. 120 IP), and you’ll see these familiar names.
  2. I don’t think they intended on putting these features in. I heard there was around 80% of leagues were expected to leave ESPN. Not sure where the number came from. Based on the auto replies to twitter from ESPN it is like they didn’t care much either until a few days ago when a real response came out stating definitely there would be several releases throughout the season and they first one would have the trade block. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day ESPN fantasy becomes a paid service.
  3. According to their twitter account the trade block will be back in there first release. They said they would be doing several releases throughout the season to bring features back. I think they need to work on the fixed first like having it sluggish and almost unusable due to the speed. I actually find the mobile app better.
  4. No Nate Lowe. Considering he should be up early this year I would say that is a miss.
  5. Random Question, who is Franco?

    Somebody who speaks French.
  6. 6 Player Dynasty Deal

    Remember he was injured in the second half so I would ignore the second half numbers when he was pitching in relief and right before he went on the DL. If healthy he is much better.
  7. Folty or Thor for.......

    Trade Folty and the scream start the car.
  8. 6 Player Dynasty Deal

    I would keep CMart. Best player in the deal and has the most upside. He was awesome when healthy.
  9. 1st trade of dynasty offseason

    Again I would hate to agree with rush but I would keep Conforto. Has power and hit over 300 on the final month.
  10. Do i make this trade in a 30 Team Dynasty

    In a heartbeat
  11. Troy Tulowitzki 2019 Outlook

    With the Jays taking on all of the salary anyways I am surprised they could not find a taker for Tulo. As many as 16 teams were interested after his showcase. Surely they could have netted a low A prospect. Made me think he was not healthy when he was let go.
  12. Sorry, picked up a nasty virus that caused blurred vision and nausea. I should be good to go now.
  13. Yasiel Puig 2019 Outlook

    Playing in a hitter friendly park and most importantly he is playing for his next contract to give him some extra motivation. If he can keep his head in it he should have a good season.
  14. I’m in. Is it possible to separate pitching into SP and RP? I notice on our precious mocks it is just a bunch of pitching slots.
  15. Ryan O'Hearn 2019 Outlook

    It just seemed like when I needed him he was benched in favor if Duda and Dozier which made him frustrating to own which is why I traded him this offseason.