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  1. Toronto Blue Jays 2018 Outlook

    They pretty much hit the skids after the Osuna pending suspension. Donaldson injuries are hurtIng the offense. Seems they have a key person out everywhere with Stroman as well. Basically there best hitter, best pitcher and best RP are all out for significant amounts of time.
  2. Toronto Blue Jays 2018 Outlook

    At this point Happ might bring in a bigger haul than JD. As far as up and comers don’t forget about Reid-Foley, had a great outing a couple days ago.
  3. 5/15 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Thor facing the team that drafted him. Think this is the first time.
  4. Jonathan Schoop 2018 Outlook

    Why does he need 4 AB? why can’t he just swing a bat 12 times and declare himself strike out.
  5. 2018 Call Up Watch Thread

    Dalton Pompey up for the Jays. Looks like Granderson is down with a hammy so he should be the new lead off hitter.
  6. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    If I hit one 420 ft I would be expecting to be able to trot around the bases too, it would be out of the park in 90% of ball parks. I get it that you hustle every play but he didn't need to get grounded. I am sure he realized his mistake when the ball didn't leave the yard. He has been one of the better players on the team. From a fantasy perspective I hope it causes a riff and he gets traded to an AL east team. A guy can dream.
  7. 4/26 - GAME DAY THREAD

    See the crazy guy running away with the HR ball? No way he was giving that ball back without it being in eBay.
  8. 4/25 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Fans got to be bored, no base runners in the game through 3 innings.
  9. Willy Adames - SS TB

    He is close now, think they would have moved him already if he wasn't coming up as a SS. oh yeah, he hit for the cycle tonight. He looks to be going now.
  10. Willy Adames - SS TB

    Grand slam yesterday. Absolutely crushed a no doubter. Just his first HR of the season so hopefully this gets him going.
  11. Lourdes Gurriel 2018 Outlook

    Except it will be Vlad at 1st, Biggio at 2B, Warmoth at SS, Bo at 3B. Gurriel will will most likely be the utility guy that can play infield or outfield like a Marwin Gonzalez. OF is already taken by Hernandez, Alford and Pompey.
  12. Tyler O'Neill - OF SEA

    Lol due to the cold. There was shrinkage Jerry!
  13. Tyler O'Neill - OF SEA

    He is replacing Pham isn't he? I am assuming the right groin is a little more than tight.
  14. Bo Bichette - 2B/SS TOR

    Also forgetting Kacy Clemens.
  15. Bo Bichette - 2B/SS TOR

    No way he gets called up this year. ESPN does add if he plays a game. They used to add a group of prospects before the draft and before September call ups but they stopped doing it. Now you have to wait until they play or until the beginning of he next season if they are close.