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  1. I guess I will start the hate...Thames is on the juice and all his stats should be retroactively removed from fantasy matchups. Cheaters!
  2. Mark Trumbo is the worst hitter in the majors. Discuss
  3. He could just take walks...doesn't need to strike out
  4. Keuchel is the closer
  5. Trumbo sucks and Mitch is hurt...yeahhhhhh
  6. Yes...he is waiver fodder right now. Sucks for those that held onto him and missed out on Thames
  7. Is Capps the closer when he gets off the DL or will he have to work his way up the food chain?
  8. Scherzer owner is getting rooked...horrible trade and would upset the balance of the league. Veto worthy in a money league as it borderlines on collusion
  9. Is he even ready though? He is walking everyone in AAA so he will get shelled in the majors
  10. O-fer tonight
  11. Paxton cannot get anyone out and just leaving everything right in the middle of the plate. He is terrible now
  12. Noah is throwing BP to the Crap Phillies. Was hoping he would make the leap to ace this year
  13. Thor will be DL'ed after this game correct? he is terrible with his hands hurt
  14. They will just walk him and pitch to Markakis
  15. Man Lackey blows...he is pitching underhanded tonight