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  1. OF help... WHIR

    I would go Inciarte in the improved Braves lineup
  2. Merrifield trade help... WHIR

    Wood and Merrifield for Springer. I would want one of those good OF
  3. Need two drops (WHIR tomorrow)

    Miggy, Acuna, and Brach are drops for Corbin
  4. I like these guys the best Eric Hosmer - Good hitter with nice young pieces around him Eddie Rosario - Power Ender Inciarte - Speed/Runs in revamped offense There are the must owns for me
  5. 5x5 redraft OBP instead of average My Scherzer for Votto and Gio What say you?
  6. Drop Ottavino for more bench bats

    I’m think long term...Ottavino will implode eventually and those guys will start raking soon
  7. 10 team 5x5 redraft Want to drop him for Chris Taylor and I already have Ender Inciarte and josh reddick. Ottavino has been lights out although I find it hard to leave guys like these on the wire
  8. Adam Ottavino 2018 Outlook

    Not sure of the value in mixed leagues that don’t count holds. The numbers are video game right now and will regress eventually
  9. Eduardo Nunez 2018 Outlook

    Maybe because they are facing a righthander and want more lefty bats?
  10. Ozzie Albies 2018 Outlook

    Inciarte was all luck last season so he will be moved from lead off soon so Albies will have someone on base for Xbh
  11. Jose Quintana 2018 Outlook

    Agreed. Worst pitcher in the majors right now and can be dropped in all leagues. Needs to go on the DL for an entire year and learn how to pitch
  12. 4/14 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Yeah why is q one of the worst pitchers in baseball right now?
  13. Matt Davidson 2018 Outlook

    Hottest thread right now...Matt Davidson?!?! If konerko can’t fix him , he can’t be fixed. He is who we thought he was
  14. Ryan Braun 2018 Outlook

    He is done and an easy drop in 10 team league. Hold in 12 in case he gets lucky but he is terrible and useless now
  15. Matt Davidson 2018 Outlook

    Paul Konerko fixed him so all previous data is null and void. 40 bombs to all