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  1. Nola sucks against the Braunless Brewers...zero K's from this scrub
  2. My team has 3 HR's this week...none of my players are getting juiced balls
  3. Yeah Frazier is in love with popups so being on the Yanks will not help him hit a baseball
  4. OF is so easy to fill via FA and the Yanks have big purses. Better to block the Red Sox here when you have Judge and Hicks
  5. Nice...the Yanks can get Gray now and make a run at it this year. Hitting the jackpot on Judge makes some of their prospects expendable
  6. Nice...block a rival and fill a need at 1B
  7. Only issue here is that he may be platooned with the other 4 OF they have because that is how Zona rolls
  8. Nice info...bummer about your thumb
  9. Why would the Sox have to give up anything for Frazier? Arizona got JD Martinez for a bag of balls so the market has been set
  10. So they got JD off the wire for nothing...nice
  11. I will start him since yolo and no Correa will help
  12. Siegrist is the CLOSER because Rosie pitched the last three
  13. No one can even consider him close to an ace at this point. An ace can at least go five
  14. Unfortunate Injury to Correa might get him SS eligibilty in ESPN soon
  15. Make that trade ASAP...getting anything for Zimmerman at this point is money. As others have pointed out, Zimmerman is complete garbage now and basically worthless at this point. He will not be the Nats cleanup hitter for much longer as he probably leads the league in GIDP now