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  1. SOunds about right since I am done playing against him
  2. Schebler plays everyday although Marwin is the better overall contributor. Grab them both
  3. Judge, Billy Hamilton, and Conforto move into the 2nd round. These guys never slump unlike Mookie
  4. Nice...too bad he doesn't play everyday
  5. Keep the Hitter...pitchers go down too easily and their shoud be good options in a 10-teamer. Show us who's available
  6. At least you guys are still not blaming his flu in April as to why he cannot hit a baseball right now. Just admit that he is not a first or second rounder without his Papi
  7. I would stand pat...From my experience, trading for struggling players and hurt players around June almost never works out. If you can't hit a baseball by June, you are probably due for a down year
  8. His stuff is so filthy, he earned himself a paid vacation on the Disabled list
  9. If Alonso is healthy then this would probably answer itself, have to go with Bour because he plays right now even though I chose Alonso long term myself
  10. Maybe but his counting stats will be bad because the team around him is really bad
  11. Legit...He learned from Uncle Joey
  12. If a guy hits .435 with no counting stats then it might indicate the players around him suck. He has Odor behind him so pitchers don't have to even pitch to Lucroy to get to the automatic out
  13. Nothing...Fantasy is all luck.
  14. Never start anyone against Darvish
  15. ANd now Kinsler owners