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  1. Lamb because 3B is a wasteland...he could also flirt with 25-30 Hr's
  2. He is garbage at home and now away too
  3. I think he plays the majority of those games since he only sits against tough lefties. Hes already got a hit tonight against a lefty
  4. Agreed...Gattis is the worst catcher in the league and gives you 0-fers everyday for weeks until you bench him
  5. If Danny Sucky can get a win out of this I will go back to calling him Duffy
  6. Will he back this year sans power?
  7. The real Duffy shows up with a bad case of homeritis
  8. I think Duffy is going to get destroyed and walk half the team...Tigers are too good
  9. ESPN says sore left knee
  10. Because he is pure filth
  11. Who is next in line for Houston? Feliz, Giles, back to Gregerson?
  12. Yeah Gattis owners got screwed on this one...hold him on your bench until C eligibilty and instantly becomes the worst hitter in the league. He will be back down in the minors to learn how to hit again
  13. WTF is Arrieta struggling against the Braves?!? No K's and they are scoring runs on him
  14. Ryan Braun sucks without the juice
  15. Panik is a marginal player at best and was playing over his head last year...not sure what all the fuss is about