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  1. Jaquizz is the new starter now?...critical drive to kill the clock and he is in there
  2. If he was any good, BB and Brady would implement him in the gameplan. He stinks
  3. Dougie benched for ineffectiveness or injury?
  4. I would only take David Johnson, Zeke or Leveon Bell over him...he will go in the first round next year with this kind of volume and O-line.
  5. This guy is useless...can't catch balls in the endzone
  6. you guys are about to get kuhn'd
  7. Oops...I always assume the Thursday night game thread is the vent thread
  8. As soon as I drop Fleener, Brees has decided to make him the focal point of the offense and will throw to him regardless of coverage
  9. So Brees will not throw to Thomas because of fumbleitis and he fumbles himself...classic fantasy football
  10. That sucks about Michael Thomas...was trying to trade Thomas before last game as well...I guess he will be back to the wire in a few weeks
  11. Eli Manning looks great tonight...guess there is no more bad ELI this year
  12. I like that package to get Ware if he accepts
  13. Nice trade and I would keep Dez...
  14. Hoarding RB is en vogue right now...too many good WR out there on the wire