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  1. Yeah...nothing to see here. Stream someone else next week. Ok to drop him since he could not even ball against the giants
  2. This guy is way ahead of kittle...all those guys are ahead of #kittlesucks
  3. Cmac going to beat me this week single handidly...thanks cards
  4. They are rolling all their coverage on obj ...wait
  5. Really...crap engram is better than kittle too?!?
  6. No worries...I play Barclays next week. Saquon is playing 100%
  7. Tevin Coleman is going to eat week 5 if this is his competition
  8. Mixon against the bills and pollard were better plays today
  9. This...zeke made the dolphins run d look good
  10. Zeke sucks hard...his backup outscored him. Zeke got paid and now is useless
  11. Yeah zeke is a bust...pollard owns this backfield and outproduced him on 13 touches and could score. Zeke sucks