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  1. Because I am playing against the Giants D
  2. Giants D will stop them...they are elite in London
  3. WTF am I being destroyed by the Giants defense...they average like 3 points a game until I play them. Rotoworld killed harambe
  4. McKinnon and Henry. Eagles cannot stop anyone and Henry will get fed
  5. I would drop Hunter and Merideth for Mckinnon and Coleman
  6. I would go with the Red Rifle
  7. I would keep GIO as well
  8. I like Doyle easily here with Allen out
  9. I think you are giving too much if Charles ever returns to form
  10. 12 team .5 PPR redraft Just traded Eifert for Dez Bryant so that is one piece of dead weight gone ( Always hurt Eifert ) Ok to drop Big Ben or Edelman for any of these FA? Dak Prescott - outscoring famous Jameis and combo wuth Dez Dion Lewis - White concerns me Corey Coleman - Excellent young receiver who should get volume Donte Moncreif - Best talent available QB Jameis Winston, TB QB RB DeMarco Murray, Ten RB RB Melvin Gordon, SD RB WR Julio Jones, Atl WR WR Brandon Marshall, NYJ WR TE Coby Fleener, NO TE FLEX Jacquizz Rodgers, TB RB D/ST Eagles D/ST D/ST K Steven Hauschka, Sea K Bench Matt Forte, NYJ RB Bench Ben Roethlisberger*, Pit QB Bench Giovani Bernard, Cin RB Bench Dez Bryant, Dal WR Bench Doug Martin, TB RB D Bench Michael Thomas, NO WR Bench Julian Edelman, NE WR What say you?
  11. Woods for me
  12. I would pickup Britt and start if available...I like Coates otherwise Help with mine
  13. No way...Martin may be done for the season with his paper hammies Help with mine
  14. I would keep Britt and drop Snead...I think Thomas will be the WR2 there soon Help with mine
  15. Keep Olsen...Ware may take over anyways Help with mine